How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail

Because there isn’t a dedicated archive folder, a lot of people don’t know how to find archived emails in Gmail. Here, you’ll learn where to look for your archived messages and how Clean Email’s dedicated Archive folder and other features make the entire process simpler.

What Are Archived Emails in Gmail?

When you archive Gmail messages, it doesn’t delete them — it simply hides them from your inbox. You can still find these messages in All Mail or by searching for them as explained below. In other words, archiving is a way to set an email out of the way without removing it forever.

How to View Archived Emails in Gmail

As we have already mentioned, the Gmail archive folder isn’t in the main folder list on the left side of your inbox. However, you can learn how to see archived emails in Gmail, both from All Mail and through using the Search function.

Find archived emails from All Mail

  1. Visit Gmail on the web.
  2. Press More in the left folder menu.
  3. Once the additional options populate, find and click on All Mail.
  4. This will now display all emails in your account, including Gmail archived mail.
  5. You can easily identify archived emails as archived emails lack the Inbox label.

    Find archived emails from All MailFind archived emails from All Mail
  6. Another hint that will help you identify archived emails is by selecting the email and checking the status of the archive button above. For archived emails, the archive button is not active.
For archived emails, the archive button is not activeFor archived emails, the archive button is not active

Where is the Archive in Gmail: Use the Search Field

You can display the archived emails separately from emails in other folders using Search.

  1. Visit Gmail on the web.
  2. Click the Search bar.
  3. Type in:archive and hit Enter.
  4. Type in:archive and hit EnterType in:archive and hit Enter
  5. This will display all your archived emails, but sometimes the feature doesn't work properly.

However, the Clean Email team has tested this feature across different Gmail accounts and noticed that Gmail mixes archived emails with unarchived ones from the Inbox, as well as with emails that you haven't archived at all. You may spot the archived emails by the Inbox label at the beginning of the subject line.

Gmail mixes archived emails with unarchived ones from the InboxGmail mixes archived emails with unarchived ones from the Inbox

⚠️ Warning: Sometimes the feature works incorrectly, and you might see emails under this label that you haven’t archived. We recommend using Clean Email’s Archive folder for convenient and fast management of archived emails.

Find archived Gmail messages fast in Clean Email

Here is how to easily find all your archived emails in just two clicks using Clean Email both on desktop and mobile.

On desktop and tablet

  1. Go to and sign in with your account.
  2. Expand the Mailbox section in the left-hand menu and choose Archive.
  3. Here you’ll see all archived Gmail emails.
Archive folder feature in Clean EmailArchive folder feature in Clean Email

On mobile

  1. Download the Clean Email app for Android or iOS.
  2. Sign up for free or log in with your email address.
  3. Open the left-hand menu and scroll down to the Mailbox section.
  4. Expand the dropdown and tap Archive.
  5. Archive folder feature in Clean Email Mobile appArchive folder feature in Clean Email Mobile app
  6. Here you’ll see all archived Gmail emails and will be able to manage them just as conveniently as on desktop.

That’s it, you’re all set to manage your archived emails! Keep reading to find out what options are available for handling archived emails in Clean Email.

Manage archived emails in Clean Email

  1. At the top, use the drop-down menu to filter by newest, oldest, size, or number of messages.
  2. You can then retrieve or delete a message by doing one of the following:
    • Retrieve an email: Click the arrow next to Trash on the right, select Move, choose Inbox, and pick Confirm.
Retrieve an archived email in Clean EmailRetrieve an archived email in Clean Email
  • Delete an email: Select Trash on the right or use the arrow to pick Delete.
Delete an archived email in Clean EmailDelete an archived email in Clean Email

💡 Note: Keep in mind that Trash stores the message and makes it recoverable whereas Delete permanently removes the email.

With the Archive folder in Clean Email, you don’t have to jump through hoops just to find an email you need. You can view archived Gmail messages with a click.

Search by keyword or another criteria

Simply skimming through All Mail can make it hard to find all your archived emails. Depending on how many emails you have in your account, it may be easier to search for the archived message you’re looking for.

However, there isn’t a search feature that just shows only the messages in your Gmail archive folder. Instead, you can learn how to view archived emails in Gmail through a search by taking these steps:

  1. Visit Gmail.
  2. In the search bar at the top, type in any criteria about the message you can remember, such as the subject line, the sender, or any labels you applied to the message.
  3. How to search in GmailHow to search in Gmail
  4. Look through the search results to find the message you’re looking for. You will be able to identify the archived messages easily among others as they don't have the Inbox label.
Search by keyword or another criteriaSearch by keyword or another criteria

Archive vs Delete

While archiving an email hides it from the Inbox, deleting an email moves it to your Trash folder. Although this doesn’t permanently remove it from your account, it does move the message out of your inbox and you won’t see deleted emails when you search.

For more information, you can check out this guide on Gmail archive vs delete.

Archive vs Mute

Even though when you archive an email it disappears from your inbox, if someone replies to the original thread, the message will reappear.

If you don’t want the message to ever return to your inbox, an alternative is to mute the message. When you mute a message in Gmail, even the replies stay out of your inbox. You have to search for the message thread to see or read any replies.

How to Retrieve Archived Emails in Gmail

Once you know how to access archived Gmail messages, you may decide to move these emails back into your inbox or another folder instead of archiving them. But, without an Archive Gmail folder, you can’t just go and quickly move archived messages back to your inbox.

On computer

  1. Open your web browser to Gmail.
  2. Go to All Mail or use the Search feature to find the archived email.
  3. Right-click or select the message(s).
  4. Select Move to Inbox from the menu options.
Select Move to Inbox from the menu optionsSelect Move to Inbox from the menu options

On mobile

  1. Open your Gmail App.
  2. At the top left, tap the hamburger menu icon and then All mail.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu icon and then All mailTap the hamburger menu icon and then All mail
  4. Find the archived email and tap to open the message.
  5. Tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  6. Choose Move to Inbox.
Choose Move to InboxChoose Move to Inbox

How to Delete Archived Emails in Gmail

Even when you archive an email, it isn’t removed from your mailbox. Therefore, if you want to delete an archived message in Gmail, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. Click on All Mail and look for your archived messages.
  3. Select the messages you wish to delete.
  4. Press Delete (trash can) in the top menu bar.
Press Delete (trash can) in the top menu barPress Delete (trash can) in the top menu bar

How to Automatically Archive Emails in Gmail

Although archived messages reappear in your inbox when someone replies, you can change this so that emails automatically archive when someone replies. To do this, simply:

  1. Open Gmail in your web browser.
  2. Click Settings, then See all Settings.
  3. Click Settings, then See all SettingsClick Settings, then See all Settings
  4. Click on the General tab.
  5. Go to the Send and Archive section.
  6. Click on the Show "Send & Archive" button in reply.
  7. Click on the Show Send & Archive button in replyClick on the Show Send & Archive button in reply
  8. Click Save Changes.

Clean Email for Easy Inbox Management

For a complete email management tool, apps like Clean Email offer email archiving solutions along with many other handy tools to keep your mailbox under control.

Automatically Archive Emails in Bulk

Unlike Gmail, Clean Email makes it easy to automatically archive messages and do so for multiple emails at once. This is thanks to the Auto Clean feature — it lets you automate routine email tasks, like archiving messages based on age, sender, or subject.

For instance, imagine you want to automatically archive emails older than six months to reduce clutter. You could set up an Auto Clean rule to do just that. Alternatively, if you receive a lot of newsletters, you might want to archive them after a month, keeping your Inbox focused on more critical messages.

Auto Clean feature with Clean EmailAuto Clean feature with Clean Email

To set up automatic archiving in Clean Email:

  1. Open the Clean Email app at
  2. Log in to your Gmail account.
  3. Once you go to Inbox, select any email that meets the criteria you want to archive messages.
  4. Click on Create Rule in the menu bar. In the pop-up window, select Archive for the Apply Action section.
  5. Archive emails automatically with Clean EmailArchive emails automatically with Clean Email
  6. Finish selecting other options, then click Create Rule.

If you wish to automatically archive emails that are older than a specific time period, simply click on the Old Mail filter located above the search bar, and select the desired time frame for your search (e.g., emails older than one year). Afterward, follow the steps outlined in the previous guide.

Archive old emails with Clean Email automaticallyArchive old emails with Clean Email automatically

Now messages that meet the criteria you set, such as those older than one year, will be archived.

Enjoy Effortless Mailbox Organization

Remember that archiving messages in Gmail still counts toward your storage. So, although your inbox may be clutter-free, those tucked-away emails can take up space. In addition to the Auto Clean feature, Clean Email offers other tools that make it easy to organize your inbox.

Unsubscriber: Stop receiving newsletters or promotional messages you no longer want. With Unsubscriber, you can unsubscribe from mailing lists with a single click.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

Screener: Review messages from unknown senders before they arrive in your inbox. Using Screener, you can check out messages from new senders and decide to allow, block, or unsubscribe immediately to avoid inbox overload.

Stop spam emails with Screener feature in Clean EmailStop spam emails with Screener feature in Clean Email

Smart Folders: See related messages in pre-made folders and then act on them all at once. With Smart Folders, you’ll find emails related to travel, shopping, social media, and more, all automatically filtered into folders for you. You can then delete or even archive emails in bulk.

Smart Folders feature in Clean EmailSmart Folders feature in Clean Email

All Clean Email premium features are available to you during the trial period, giving you a risk-free way to see how well they help you control your mailbox. Whether on your desktop or on-the-go, Clean Email enhances your Gmail experience so that you can find what you need, keep it organized, and reduce the clutter on any device.

For more, check out our guide on how to archive email on iPhone. And if you read your Gmail messages in Apple Mail, look at our guide on Mac mail archiving.


Where do archived emails go in Gmail?

When you open an email message in Gmail and click the archive button, the message is immediately moved from your inbox to a label called All Mail, where it stays until you either manually move it back to your inbox or receive a reply to it.

Where to find archived emails in Gmail on phone?

To find your archived emails on a phone, access the "All mail" folder in the Gmail app or quickly locate them using Clean Email's dedicated Archive folder feature for an organized view.

What is the fastest way to find an archived email?

The fastest way to find an archived email is by using the Clean Email’s dedicated Archive folder, which allows for easy sorting and filtering of archived messages.

How to find archived emails in Gmail using the Clean Email app?

To find archived emails in Clean Email, click the “Archive” folder in the “Mailbox” section on the left sidebar.

How to search archived emails in Gmail?

If you’re trying to figure out how to access archived Gmail messages, you just need to use the Search feature to locate the message. You can enter criteria like the sender’s address, subject line, date, size, or keywords within the email.

How to retrieve archived emails in Gmail?

You need to know where is the archive in Gmail before you can find these messages. To retrieve them, open the archived message and choose Move to Inbox from the toolbar. This will remove the “Archive” label and, you’ve guessed it, move the message to the inbox.

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