Stop Emails Going to Spam in Gmail. Mark Emails as Not Spam

Are important messages ending up in your Gmail spam folder? Then you need to learn how to mark emails as not spam in Gmail using its native features and Clean Email, a third-party inbox cleaner with useful automation features.

Mark Emails as Not Spam Using Gmail Native Features

Are you wondering, “Why are my emails going to spam in Gmail?” Well, Gmail relies on a sophisticated spam filter to tell apart legitimate messages from junk. But despite its sophistication, the filter can make mistakes and move important messages to the spam folder. Legitimate emails going to spam in Gmail is a huge problem because they get automatically deleted after 30 days.

To prevent this from happening, you need to manually mark messages as not spam so that Gmail’s machine learning algorithms can better understand your preferences. Here’s how to do so:


  1. Log in to your Gmail inbox.
  2. Navigate to the Spam folder.
  3. Select the message or messages you want to mark as not spam.
  4. Click the Not spam button.


  1. Open the Gmail app.
  2. Navigate to the Junk folder.
  3. Tap the icons next to the messages you want to mark as not junk.
  4. Tap the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner.
  5. Select the Not spam option.

Unfortunately, there’s a chance that Google inbox will still keep recognizing the same messages as junk because its spam filter doesn’t always update itself right away. The good news is that you can create rules to manage your incoming mail so that it always ends up in the right folder.

Gmail rules can also be conveniently created using third-party inbox cleaners like Clean Email, which comes with many extra features to help you win your war against spam.

Mark Emails as Not Spam Using Clean Email

Clean Email is a bulk inbox organizer with easy-to-use automation features. You can use it to effortlessly move all multiple messages from senders to your inbox or any other folder created by you.

  1. Go to:, and sign in with your Google mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Auto Clean feature and click the Create Rule icon.
  3. Enter email addresses.
  4. Select the Move to action and specify where you want to move the messages.
  5. Click Create Rule.

All future messages from the sender will now be moved to the specified folder. Best of all, you can select multiple senders at once to create rules for them in one go.


The junk folder in Gmail is there to protect your inbox from malicious messages, but it can be a double-edged sword because legitimate messages may end up in it by mistake. That’s why you need to learn how to stop emails from going to spam in Gmail by following the steps described in this article.

Stop Emails Going to Spam in Gmail - FAQ

Is Clean Email free to unmark spam messages?

Yes, you can unmark up to 1,000 Gmail messages in Clean Email for free.

Can I create a filter in Google mail to stop emails from going to spam?

Yes, you can create a filter in the web version of Gmail to prevent Gmail emails from going to spam:
1. Log in to your Gmail inbox.
2. Click the Show search options button in the search bar.
3. Enter your filter criteria and click Create filter.
4. Choose what you want the filter to do.
5. Click Create filter.

Can I avoid the junk folder in Gmail by adding a sender to my personal contact list?

Yes, you can avoid the spam folder in Gmail by adding a sender to your personal contact list.

Is it possible to whitelist senders in Google Workspace?

Yes, Google Workspace administrators can create an allowlist and add all domains and addresses they want Google inbox to always mark as not spam.

How to create unmark spam rules using the Gmail mobile app?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create filter rules using the Gmail mobile app. To create a rule on your mobile device, use Clean Email instead.

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