Best Fake Email Address Generator in 2020

Unless you enjoy receiving a never-ending stream of subscription emails and spam, you should use a fake email address generator when signing up for online services you don’t completely trust. If you’re not familiar with fake email address generators, this article will teach you everything you need to know about them and recommend several reliable options so you always have multiple alternatives to choose from.

Why Use a Fake Email Address Generator?

Have you ever experienced a sudden influx of spam emails a few days after you shared your email address with some website? Well, that wasn’t a coincidence. Many websites today collect information about their users only to sell it to the highest bidder.

Unless you carefully read terms of service contracts before you click the submit button, you can never be sure how your personal information will be handled. The unfortunate fact is that even large companies share user information with third parties, so the solution isn’t to simply avoid lesser-known online services.

If you want to keep your inbox clean, it’s a good idea to create fake email addresses using a fake email generator and use a different address for each website you sign up to. That way, you can use your main email address only for personal and professional communication and know exactly which websites have shared your personal information with other parties.

To protect your inbox from spam even more, you can take advantage of an email organizer like Clean Email and use it to unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions, block unwanted senders, and automatically apply selected actions to emails as soon as they arrive.

5 Fake Email Address Generators

A simple online search reveals hundreds of fake email address generators, but you would be wrong to think that it doesn’t matter which one you click on.

For starters, some fake email address generators are a waste of time because most websites have already blacklisted them. Then there are malicious fake email address generators that scan your emails and extract personal information from them. Finally, you should avoid fake email address generators with horrible usability and intrusive ads.

Listed below are 5 best fake email address generators that you can use to easily create an unlimited number of fake email addresses without having to worry about your privacy or security. That said, we don’t recommend you use fake email addresses for anything important because that’s just not what they’re meant for.

1. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is one of the most polished fake email address generators you will ever come across. It generates fake email addresses with believable domain names like and offers an app for iOS and Android devices. The mobile app comes with in-app purchases that let you unlock several premium features, including custom domain names, ad-free experience, multiple fake mailboxes, extended email storage, premium support, and more. Temp Mail is available in multiple languages, and it periodically deletes old email messages from its servers, allowing its users to rest assured, knowing their past activity won’t come back to haunt them.

Temp Mail best fake email address generator



2. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is easily one of the most popular fake email account providers out there. The service lets you choose from more than 10 different domain names and generate as many fake email addresses as you want with the press of a button. Unlike most fake email address generators, Guerrilla Mail can also be used for sending email messages with attachments. The upload limit is 150 MB per email, and all uploaded attachments are automatically deleted after 24 hours. To prevent hackers from using the service to distribute spam and malware, Guerrilla Mail includes the originating IP address in email headers.

Guerrilla fake email address generator tool in 2020



3. Dispostable

While most fake email address generators generate email addresses automatically, Dispostable lets you generate any fake email addresses you want, as long as it ends with All you need to do to generate your own custom email address is fill in the address field and press enter. In less than a second, your email address will be created and ready for use. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to send fake email messages with Dispostable because the service wants to help email users avoid spam-not spammers distribute it.

Dispostable fake email address generator in 2020



4. 10minutemail

10minutemail is based on a simple concept: the service automatically generates a fresh fake email address every 10 minutes. Because email messages can sometimes become delayed and arrive much later than expected, 10minutemail also gives users the option to reset the countdown with a simple click. Sending emails is not allowed with 10minutemail, and you also won’t get to enjoy custom domain names. The service is free and supported by ads and donations.

10minutemail best fake email address generator for 2020



5. OwlyMail

OwlyMail is one of the youngest fake email address generators, but it’s already being compared with venerable email generator services like Guerilla Mail. Perhaps the main thing that makes OwlyMail so attractive is the fact that it works even with Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, and other services that block fake email addresses. As a user, you can choose between two domain names ( and and enter a custom email address. When you receive an email message, OwlyMail can send you a notification alert if you let it. Received emails are automatically deleted after 3 days, but you can also delete them manually earlier. Firefox and Chrome users can download a handy web browser extension that makes OwlyMail even easier to use than it already is.

OwlyMail fake email address generator for 2020




Fake email addresses are an excellent defense against unwanted emails, especially when you combine them with a smart inbox cleaner like Clean Email. When you successfully avoid distracting spam messages, your productivity will reach new heights, and you will find it much easier to complete any objectives you set out for yourself.

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