Best Paid Email Service 2019

Since the invention of email in the 1960s, this form of online communication has only gained in popularity.
Today, you can choose among countless email tools like Clean Email, whose purpose is to help you use your mailbox to its full potential.
In this article, we introduce the top 4 best paid email services available in 2019 and explain why you should use them.

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Benefits of Paid Email Services

Considering how many free email services there are, you might think that paid email services are a waste of money. For some people, that’s actually true. If you use email a few times every month at most, even the best paid email service probably wouldn’t be a good investment for you.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who uses email on a daily basis, any tool that allows you to use it more effectively and efficiently is guaranteed to pay for itself very quickly.

When you pay for an email tool, you typically receive professional support, which can be crucial if you use email to generate business leads or communicate with your customers, clients, or partners and can’t afford to waste hours trying to solve a problem or figure out how to use a certain feature.

What Is the Best Email Service?

While it’s impossible to pick a single best paid email service, there are several email services that have managed to stand out over the years and gain popularity. We have selected four such services, making sure to include something for individuals and businesses alike.


Tutanota is a privacy-oriented email service that automatically encrypts all data, making it impossible for someone to snoop on your email communication. The service is licensed under an open license and its source code is freely available on the internet for anyone to view and evaluate. Tutanota is accessible from the web, but you can also use its mobile app for Android and iOS.

Many would pick Tutanota as the best paid email service for individuals, but Tutanota also offers an affordable business version that enables companies and organizations of all sizes to easily secure their email communication, making it one of the best business email services out there.

The basic version of Tutanota is available for free, but it includes only a very limited set of features, which is why most long-term users eventually purchase either the Premium or the Pro plan and gain access to such features as unlimited search, expandable aliases, inbox rules and filtering, custom domain login, and priority support.


Even in the era of mobile devices, email marketing remains just as relevant as ever, and when it comes to email marketing services, MailChimp is at the very top. Each month, MailChimp users send over 10 billion emails, and around 14,000 new customers register every day. What attracts so many users to MailChimp is the simplicity with which it’s possible to create an email marketing campaign with a personal touch and integrations with all the major e-commerce providers.

New users don’t have to pay anything for MailChimp as long as they send less than 12,000 emails per month. When they exceed this number, they are required to purchase either the Growing Business plan or the Pro plan. The biggest difference between the two premium plans is the inclusion of Pro Support with the Pro plan. MailChimp’s professional support team is trained to help users troubleshoot even the most serious and unique problems, and it’s one of the main reasons why so many businesses consider MailChimp to be the best paid email marketing service out there.

MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is an affordable alternative to MailChimp and other email marketing solutions. It features a drag and drop email builder, supports custom tags, features over 500 customizable email templates, offers readily available sign-up forms for websites, and can import email contacts using CSV files.

Like all other best email services on this list, MailGet Bolt comes with professional support, and it’s trusted by some of the largest companies in the world, including Cisco and Avaya. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or the owner of a large enterprise with international presence, MailGet Bolt has multiple price plans to satisfy everyone.


It takes time to write persuasive marketing emails, so every email service that makes the task easier and makes it possible to follow up leads and customers automatically is welcome. Sendloop is one such service, and some go as far as to call it the best private email service out there.

Sendloop handles everything from email marketing to marketing automation and email delivery, providing an all-in-one digital marketing platform fit for the 21st century. Its features include an email slicer, Facebook lead ads, list management, fast subscriber import, mobile apps, reporting, email templates, integrations with other best email services, and much more.

Clean Email Can Help You Keep Your Mailbox Under Control

The most email services you rely on, the sooner email management turns into a huge problem. How do you manage the deluge of emails that arrive on a daily basis from various email services and other places? One possible solution is Clean Email, a modern inbox cleaner that uses intelligent algorithms to make your life easier.

Clean Email is a popular email cleaner that supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Fastmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Office365, AOL, or any IMAP service. Clean Email can quickly organize thousands of emails into easy-to-review bundles without reading the content of the emails, and you can then decide what to do with each bundle.

For example, you can instantly delete all spam emails, move emails from email marketing services to a separate folder, apply labels, unsubscribe from unwanted emails, or block certain senders, just to give you a few examples.

Clean Email can also apply actions automatically to new emails coming to your mailbox, which means that you can automate your entire email management workflow with a few clicks and never worry about your inbox running out of space ever again.

Clean Email has a simple pricing structure with absolutely no fine print. If there’s one best paid email service tool that’s definitely worth the money, it’s Clean Email, and you can learn more about it here.


Best paid email services can enhance your email experience and save you valuable time by automating certain mundane and repetitive tasks. There’s a wide range of paid email services to choose from, and it’s up to every individual to evaluate his or her needs and decide which paid email services are worth the money.

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