Best Productivity App for iPhone In 2024

Whether you're using your iPhone for professional or personal use, you need to have some sort of iPhone productivity app. These apps help you stay organized, accountable, and give you one less thing to worry about. That's why we're sharing the 8 best productivity apps for iPhone in 2024.

Top 8 Productivity Apps for iPhone

1. Clean Email

How many times have you opened your email just to close it again because of all the clutter? With Clean Email, the best productivity app for iPhone, you can create rules to automate your inbox filing system without having to manually sort the emails with rules again.

Clean your inbox with Clean Email on iPhoneClean your inbox with Clean Email on iPhone

This iPhone productivity app works with a variety of email providers on your mobile device to help you figure out what's spam, what can be read later, and what needs your attention now.

Although it has an intuitive tutorial, you may need time to get used to how the app works and test all its features.

Price: Free to download; Free up to 1,000 emails, Subscription.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based software that makes it easy to view and share files from its iPhone productivity app to your computer or send them to colleagues. Dropbox is useful offline and will help businessmen and women scan receipts or documents by using your iPhone's camera to capture the information instead of using a printer's built-in scanner.

The plans get pricier the more space you need individually or with a larger team. Attaching documents through your email provider isn't seamless.

Price: Free to Download; Standard Plan $150/user/month, Advanced $25/user/month, Enterprise must contact Dropbox for a quote.

3. Evernote

Evernote is a top-notch note-taking productivity app for iPhone. Evernote allows you to add visual notes making it easier to add important sticky notes or pictures you'll need to refer to later. Busy business professionals also have access to templates to make note-taking more efficient during meetings.

Most note-taking productivity apps for iPhone don't have a way to scan documents, but Evernote uses your iPhone's camera as a scanner so you can share and refer to the information later.

We wish that this note-taking system used tabs to create sections within notebooks to keep information separate within one category. Another opportunity would be to eliminate the note-taking storage limit users have every month.

Price: Free to download; Free Basic Plan, $7.99 monthly for Premium Plan.

4. Grammarly

Business professionals who don't have time to or aren't good at checking spelling and grammar every minute should try Grammarly. It's the best productivity app for iPhone to solve this problem with smart-prediction that uses context clues to figure out what you'll say next and being accessible over a variety of platforms from email to social media. You'll save time by not having to constantly check your grammar and spelling when writing proposals because Grammarly will check and auto-correct through the whole process.

It would be nice if the iPhone app included the emotion indicator to make sure your tone doesn't get misinterpreted when emailing a colleague or client.

Price: Free to download; Free Basic Plan, Premium for an individual $29.95/month and Business Plan $25/member/month.

5. Todoist

Todoist is a productivity app for iPhone that allows your team to add new tasks to customizable lists and assign them to each other. With Todoist, teams can integrate tasks, their due date and priority level into their Google Calendar, Slack accounts, and other apps to create a more efficient process.

You have to notify each team member outside of the app that a new task has been added if it wasn't assigned to them.

Price: Free to Download; Free Starter Plan, $36/year Pros Plan, $60/year or $6/month Business Plan.

6. Toggl

If your work requires you to track billable hours and create reports of how long you or the team has worked on a project to be exported, then we recommend Toggl as number one out of the best productive apps for iPhone that time track and manage your work log. Toggl makes it easy to stay accountable during your busy work week by syncing to your calendar and being accessible across devices and web browsers.

We found that there is a huge learning curve because of its many components.

Price: Free to download; Free Basic Plan for up to 5 Members, Starter $10/user/month or $9/user/month for yearly billing, Premium $20/user/month or $18/user/month for yearly billing, Enterprise needs a custom quote.

7. Productive - Habit Tracker

If you find yourself unable to stick to a routine then the Productive - Habit Tracker app can help with that. Productive allows you to easily set reminders for the time you want to complete the habit and also track your progress of how often you do them. You can either use the preset habits or create your own to cater to work.

The free plan is very limiting so you'll have to buy the Premium version if you want the full experience.

Price: Free Basic Plan; Productive Premium $6.99/month or $29.99/year.

8. MindNode - Mind Map

MindNode - Mind Map creates a visual note-taking system that makes it easier for professionals to visualize their ideas and track tasks to complete the project. We like that you can share your work with your team and add stickers to help notes or tasks pop and increase functionality.

Every member of the group must have the Plus version for collaboration.

Price: Free Basic Plan, MindNode Plus $2.49/month or $19.99/year.


These are the 8 best productive apps for iPhone in 2024 that will help your professional life thrive. You'll build a stronger team and a more organized workspace. We believe that it starts with a cleared inbox because it's one of the most frequent tools used on a daily basis and can take up all of your time if you aren't organized. That's why we recommend using Clean Email if you're not sure which productive app to start with.

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