Best Unlistr Alternative: Clean Email App

Are you looking for the best Unlistr alternative to unsubscribe from junk email across all email services—not just Outlook? If so, then you can stop searching because Clean Email is exactly what you need.

Not All Inbox Cleaners Are Created Equal

Spam and unwanted messages, in general, have become a huge problem. Every day, 320 billion spam emails are sent to email users who would much rather focus on emails that actually matter instead of wasting time on emails that contain no useful information whatsoever.

Because manual inbox organization is a time-consuming activity, there's a huge demand for inbox cleaners capable of automatically getting rid of junk messages to help you maintain a nicely organized inbox.

Unlistr is one such application, but there are other Unlistr alternatives that are worth exploring as well, including Clean Email. Let's take a closer look at both Unlistr and Clean Email to explain why inbox cleaners are not the same.

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Unsubscribe FeatureYes Yes
Auto Clean RulesYes No
Cleaning Suggestions (easy-to-select actions) Yes No
Smart Folders (grouping relevant emails) Yes No
Block SendersYes No
PrivacyWe do not access the content of emails or attachments. Unlistr looks for key information in the header and body of your emails
Email providers supportedGmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL, and any IMAP email service Only Outlook on Microsoft 365 is supported
PlatformsWeb, macOS, iOS, Android Web, macOS, Windows
Multiple accounts supportYes Yes
Available in the EU & EEAYes No data
Sharing data with third partiesNo No

With the right inbox cleaner, you'll be able to easily unsubscribe from emails on Outlook and other services and use the saved time for something more productive and enjoyable.

What Is Unlistr?

Unlistr is an unsubscribe app for Outlook on Microsoft 365. You can download it from Microsoft AppSource and use it to declutter your inbox with a few simple clicks. Unlistr tracks all email addresses that you've unsubscribed from, and it helps avoid suppression lists and other malicious sources of email that abuse unsubscribe requests to distribute even more spam.

When you install Unlistr, you will see a new Outlook unsubscribe button. You can click this button to open Unlistr and tell it to identify all email messages originating with a subscription list. All found subscriptions are then displayed in an easy-to-use interface, making unsubscribing from those that are unwanted effortless.

The Outlook unsubscribe plugin lets you add multiple email accounts and target folders/archives, so you can go back to inbox zero regardless of if you're using one Outlook on Microsoft 365 or several.

The good news is that Unlistr respects the privacy of its users and doesn't access email messages for any reason other than providing unsubscribe and junk email related services through its applications.

You can download and try Unlistr for free, but the free version lets you unsubscribe only from 5 subscriptions.

What Is Clean Email?

Just like Unlistr, Clean Email is an inbox cleaner that can unsubscribe from emails without a link, but it can do so much more than that.

To start with, itl recognizes that unwanted subscriptions are just one of many causes of inbox overload. Even when you receive nothing but legitimate messages, your inbox can still become cluttered and unusable simply because it takes a lot of time to manually organize each and every email message.

Clean Email solves this problem with its Auto Clean rules, which let you automatically perform email management actions (Delete, Archive, Move, and so on) on emails arriving in your inbox without any manual work required. Unlike traditional email filters, Auto Clean rules can be created with a simple click and managed from a user-friendly panel.

In addition to Auto Clean rules, the app can also block any sender without notifying them, move messages that you want to read later out of your inbox so they don't take up space, and check your email against known data breaches and security incidents (Privacy Guard), just to list a few noteworthy features.

Best of all, the tool works not only with Outlook on Microsoft 365 but also with all major email services with IMAP support including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, iCloud, Yandex, and way more.

Because Clean Email is a dedicated app that works across all platforms and not an Outlook unsubscribe add-in, you can clean every inbox you depend on every device you own. It is a freemium application, and all you need to do to give it a try is to sign in with your email account.

Verdict: Clean Email Is the Best Unlistr Alternative

Unlistr is a capable inbox cleaner, but it can help you only if you use Outlook on Microsoft 365. Clean Email, on the other hand, supports not just Outlook on Microsoft 365 but all other email services that use IMAP, including, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and more. What's more, this tool has an assortment of extra features to help you keep your inbox organized in the long run.

For these reasons, we believe that Clean Email is the best Unlistr alternative currently available. In fact, we would go as far as to say that it's also the best Unsubscriber alternative and the best alternative.

But instead of listening only to what we think, we recommend you give Clean Email a try so that you can see what it has to offer for yourself.

Best Unlistr Alternative - FAQs

Is Unlistr free?

No, Unlistr is a paid application that requires an additional purchase to unlock all features. The good news is that the free trial version lets you unsubscribe from up to 5 emails, so you can get at least some idea of how well it works.

How do you use Unlistr?

To use Unlistr, you first need to download the application from Microsoft AppSource. Then, launch Outlook on Microsoft 365, open an email message, and click the Subscription Center button. Unlistr will give you the option to unsubscribe, and all you need to do is click the corresponding button.

What is the best way to unsubscribe from emails on Outlook?

As an Outlook user, you have three main options on how to unsubscribe in Office 365. First, you can use the unsubscribe links that should be included with all subscription emails. Second, you can download an Outlook unsubscribe add-in like Unlistr. Third, you can use a universal inbox cleaner like Clean Email, which supports not just Outlook on Microsoft 365 but most other major email services as well.

What is the best alternative to Unlistr to opt out from Outlook newsletters?

Based on our experience and testing, we believe that the best alternative to Unlistr to opt out from Outlook newsletters is Clean Email. That's because the app is easy to use, secure, and packed with extra features that can help you keep your inbox clean.

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