How To Write An Out-of-Office Email

Learn how to create the best out-of-office email template for your workplace or business. In this article, you will also learn more about the Clean Email solution and how it can organise and declutter your mailbox.

What Is An Out-of-Office Email Reply?

An out-of-office email message is a way to inform others of your absence. Within your message, you tend to include when you are returning, a reason for your absence, and whom to contact instead.

Use an out-of-office response to ensure your business or work continues to run smoothly, and recipients don’t think you're ignoring them! Out-of-office emails are used for sick leave, vacations, or any other long or short absence you may have.

It's best to let others know some detail of your absence and when you can reply to follow work etiquette; otherwise, it may seem unprofessional that you're not responding to important messages.

However, always be safe when sharing information, you never know who may read your message.

When to Use Out-of-Office Email Replies

It’s a good idea to use an out-of-office email message if you won't be able to respond during your normal work hours. This includes short and long absences, from doctor's appointments to parental leave.

Think about how urgent your messages usually are, and how important it is for you to respond straight away. If a response can wait whilst you're on a short absence you may not need to create an out-of-office email.

However, if your responses are usually important and urgent, set up an out-of-office email to be safe. Include why you are absent (sparing the details, keep it professional), when you plan on returning, and whom to contact instead if applicable.

How to Create an Out-of-Office Email

Your out-of-office email doesn’t need to be long, and you don’t need to stress about it being perfect. All it needs to be is to the point and hold the right information.

Easily done!

Three things you must include in your out-of-office template are:

  1. The dates you will be unavailable to the date of your expected return.
  2. Why you are absent, but keep it short and professional.
  3. Whom the recipient should contact if they need a response sooner than you can give one.

Your recipient can then decide if they can wait for your return, or if they want to contact someone who may be able to help sooner.

Learn more about how to set up an automatic reply in Outlook and how to set an out-of-office in Gmail.

Tips for Writing an Out-of-Office Email

What to Avoid in Out-of-Office Email Templates

With any message you send, it can always go wrong…

So, here are things you should remember when writing your out-of-office email template to ensure everything runs smoothly:

You can find many useful out-of-office email templates to suit your needs online.

An example of an out-of-office email template example is:

[Insert personal/professional greeting]

“Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office until [insert dates and reason]. I can respond to your message upon my return.”

“If you need a response before my return date, please contact one of my colleagues.
[Insert colleague name, job title, and appropriate contact details]

[Personal email closing and signature]

Look at these links to see more about templates:

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Out-of-Office Response - FAQs

What do you write in an out-of-office email?

Always include the dates you are gone and the date of your return. Give a brief explanation for your absence and whom to contact within your absence.

How do I put out of the office on my email?

You can usually find the out-of-office reply within your email providers' settings, under auto-replies.

How do I write a good out-of-office reply?

To write a good out-of-office reply, keep it short and to the point, always stay professional, and add relevant information. This includes dates, reasonings, and whom to contact instead.

When should I use an out-of-office message?

You should use an out-of-office message if you feel your response is urgent. You can set up a message for short or long absences.

How do I set up an out-of-office without an automatic reply?

To set up an out-of-office without an automatic reply in Outlook, disable the out-of-office automatic replies under where the message would go.

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