Best Professional Email Templates for Business

Learn how to create a professional email template by the end of this article. No longer worry about the quality of your formal emails! Also, learn how the Clean Email app can optimise your mailbox to keep it organised and clean.

Why Do I Need Professional Email Templates?

Although social media is an extremely popular form of communication, emailing will always be the preferred method for businesses and professionals.


Because you can compose a detailed but to-the-point message to an individual that gets your message across perfectly, without the need for slang or any back-and-forth texting.

You can use professional email template examples to help write emails for any occasion. So, if you want to send emails that transmit the right message and receive the feedback you are hoping for (long-lasting readers or customers who end up converting to your business), you will need to learn how to write professional email templates for your business.

Professional Email Templates for Business You Should Use

Here is a list of different professional email examples and scenarios.

  1. Responding to general emails
    Always keep emails professional, even if it’s a simple response!
  2. To welcome new subscribers to your mailing list
    This professional email example is useful and used for everyone, you can customise it for their names and specific details.
  3. Thank you for your purchase or a payment reminder
    Emails thanking purchases or asking for payment always need to stay formal, don’t slack here!
  4. Event invites/reminders/follow-ups
    If you are inviting someone to an event you are probably going to need to send a follow-up email.
  5. Webinar invite/reminders/follow-up
    The same as event emails.
  6. Feedback/review requests
    Once someone has used your product or service you can request feedback.
  7. Booking appointments
    If you are reaching out to a potential client to book an appointment, keep your messages professional and formal.
  8. Promotions and offers
    Even little emails that land in mailboxes need to be professional if you want more chances of people buying your product.
  9. To join referral or reward programs
    To convince recipients to join your referral program you’re going to want to make them feel part of the team.
  10. Downloading content
    This could be an automatic message sent to someone who has entered their email to download content. Keep this short and formal.

Useful Tips in Making a Professional Email Format

Here are some helpful tips when writing a template for professional emails.

  1. Try to address the recipient using their name in the subject and the body! This makes the message more personal.
  2. Use emojis if it matches the brand voice… Using emojis in the subject line can lead to more openings, but only if that works for your business.
  3. Only include one CTA (call-to-action) per email; otherwise, it’s confusing.
  4. Include the link to the CTA within the body text and the desired button.
  5. Keep the body text short and to the point. Most people skim over emails and won’t read all the rest. You want the emails to be easy to read otherwise the recipient may unsubscribe.
  6. Think about whom the message is coming from. Use different senders for professional mail templates when appropriate.
  7. Include a contact method within your signature. Make it easy for them to reach you.
  8. Include a headshot in your signature, this makes you seem like a real person, and more likely to get a response from someone who doesn’t know you.
  9. Use bullet points in the body text when you can, this adds to the ease of reading.
  10. Always be polite, you want these recipients to stick around, so don’t be rude or forthcoming.
  11. Make sure you spell-check and proofread your work before sending it.
  12. Add the recipient's mail address LAST, so you don’t accidentally send an unfinished message.

Read more about what the main email etiquette rules and email mistakes are.

What to Avoid When Creating Business Email Templates

When creating professional email templates, you want to avoid the following things, just to save yourself from any embarrassment, lost readers, or extreme unprofessionalism.

Now you know what a professional email template is, when to use one, and what to avoid!

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Professional Email Templates - FAQs

What makes an email professional?

Professional emails are well written and well thought through. They are straight to the point but polite at the same time. Always use a formal greeting and salutation in professional emails.

What are examples of professional emails?

To find examples of professional emails, look at your own inbox. Have a look at the messages you have received when you have signed up to a mailing list or even purchased something from a company.

What is the proper email format?

A proper email format uses easy-to-read fonts, has plenty of spaces between paragraphs to make it easier to read, and is proofread before sending.

How should a professional email look?

A professional email should look simple but to the point. Your message should be easily portrayed without the use of abbreviations, text message style writing, or too many emojis.

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