How to Change Outlook Email Address

Throughout this article, you will learn how to change your Outlook email address. You may want to change an email address due to different circumstances, such as a new name, a new job, or maybe your old teenage mail account doesn't cut it anymore!

Changing Your Email Address

You might want to know how to change your email address in Outlook because you have a new name and want to update your personal Outlook email or you'd like it to sound more professional.

Instead of creating a new mailbox, you can change your Outlook email account by using different methods.

One of the easiest ways to change your address is to create an alias. You can add up to 10 alias addresses within Outlook. Each one can be used for a different purpose. You can send and receive emails from alias email addresses.

Another way you can change your address is to edit your display name or your reply-to address.

💡 Note: you cannot change your primary email account unless you create a whole new mailbox. If you want to do this, you will lose all data, emails, and information from your older account.

How to Change Your Email Address in Outlook

1. Create an Email Alias in Outlook web

Using an email alias in Outlook allows you to keep your primary mail account but send and receive emails from an alias address.

All alias addresses will have the same contacts and the same information, and emails will be viewed in the same mailbox. However, it’s a great way to differentiate between work and home.

So, here's how to change your Outlook email address by creating an alias:

  1. Sign in to your mail account on the web and click the Profile icon.
  2. Click My Microsoft account under your mail address.
  3. Select Your Info tab.
  4. Search for Sign-in preferences in the Account Info section.
  5. Select Add Email in the Manage how you sign in to Microsoft page.
  6. Type in a new mail address and select the ‘Create a new email address and add it as an alias’ box. You can also add an existing email address here.
  7. Click Add Alias.
  8. Sign in again for security purposes and you’re done.

Now when you are writing a message, select your alias account from the drop-down menu under the From section.

2. Change Display Name in Outlook 365

You can change the name that is displayed to your recipients. Your display name is what can be seen in the From field when sending a message.

You may want to change your display name for any personal or business reason. Here's how to do it:

  1. Click File in the top left corner → Info.
  2. Click Account Settings → Account Settings.
  3. Choose an email account you want to edit → select Change.
  4. Edit Your Name within the Your Name text box.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Done.

Now when you send a message from your Outlook client application, the name should be there. If not, the name you have added will show within the From the drop-down menu when composing a message.

3. Change Reply-to Address in Outlook 365

Another way you can change your Outlook address is by changing your reply-to account.

This means the replies will be sent to another mail account. This is good if you are changing over to a new mailbox or if you want to organise your emails.

  1. Click File in the top left corner → Info.
  2. Click Account settings → Account settings.
  3. Choose an email account you want to edit → select Change.
  4. Type in the address you want to use in the reply-to address box.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Done.

Now responses to your emails will be sent to the new reply-to address. For example, if you are moving over to Gmail, you can add Gmail to Outlook.

Declutter Your Mailbox with Clean Email

Unfortunately, the Clean Email app cannot help with creating, changing, or removing email addresses. However, if your reason to create a new mailbox is to start fresh and avoid the clutter, Clean Email can help revamp your existing account.

The app has many helpful features to support you with creating an organised, easy-to-use, and manageable mailbox. Learn more about how to achieve Outlook Inbox Zero.

Auto Clean

Auto Clean allows you to create rules to automate any manual tasks. For example, you can create a rule to automatically send all emails from a certain sender straight to a specific folder. You can edit and remove any rules at any time.

Auto Clean feature allows you to automate routine email tasksAuto Clean feature allows you to automate routine email tasks

Creating rules saves you time and allows you to be more productive within your workday.

To create a rule, select the message you wish to apply an Auto Clean rule to, choose an action like ‘send to Trash’ from the action bar on the top, and click the ‘Selected and future similar emails’ option. Then click the ‘Move to Trash and Create Rule’ button.

Move to Trash emails in Clean Email automaticallyMove to Trash emails in Clean Email automatically

Smart Views

This feature will automatically bundle emails within the same type. For example, all social media emails will be under one view, all emails older than a year - in another view, all finance emails - in the third view, etc.

Smart Views feature in Clean EmailSmart Views feature in Clean Email

Smart Views makes it easy to find, organise, and manage the emails you want to focus on. It cuts out time searching for mail since it's already within the relevant place.

You can also narrow your search further by choosing to sort by different options like unread, oldest first, and more.


Do you have tons of subscriptions just clogging up your mailbox? Unsubscriber makes it easy to remove yourself from unwanted mailing lists to declutter your mailbox instantly!

The Unsubscriber feature in Clean EmailThe Unsubscriber feature in Clean Email

You can also choose to Read Later, which moves subscriptions to a separate folder, making sure your main inbox doesn’t become cluttered. Or you can always choose to Keep your subscriptions.

Just so you know, Clean Email works hard to ensure your privacy and security are protected and remain important. The app never shares any personal information with third parties.

Follow our other guides if you want to learn about how to create a group in Outlook, how to create folders in Outlook, and how to encrypt email in Outlook.

How to Change Outlook Email Address - FAQs

Can I change my Outlook email address?

You can change your Outlook email address by using an alias or by changing your display name. If you want to change your primary mail account, you will have to create a new mailbox.

Can you change your Outlook email address name?

Yes, you can edit your Outlook display name within the account settings. Your display name is shown when you send a message.

How do I select a different email address in Outlook?

When composing a message, click the drop-down menu next to the From section. Here you can choose the mail account you wish to send from.

Can I rename my Outlook email address?

You cannot change the primary email address in Outlook. However, you can change your display name and use alias addresses.

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