How to Create a Gmail Alias Email and Use It

A Gmail alias email is used to send or receive emails using a different address. This is handy for groups, businesses, and schools. Throughout this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the alias for Gmail.

Why and When Should I Use Gmail Email Alias?

Using a Gmail alias is handy for many reasons. Most admins will set up a Gmail alias email for those within their team if they work within a business, group, or school.

Using Gmail aliases enables you to keep your mailbox organised by sending relevant messages to the corresponding place. This way you won't have to scroll through to find what you're looking for.

It doesn’t cost any extra to create a Gmail alias email, admins can create up to 30 for each account. Once a Gmail alias has been set up, the user can enable themselves to send from this address.

So, if you have many roles within your business, or would like your emails to be filtered depending on the role, create an alias in Gmail!

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How to Add Alias to Gmail

An admin can set up Gmail email aliases for people within a team or any other kind of group. Once the aliases are created users will begin to receive emails.

To send emails using the alias, users will have to add it to their mail account themselves. If you wanted to, you could set up your temporary alias.

How To Create an Alias In Gmail On the Web

Admins can add up to 30 aliases for each user. Here’s how to set it up on the web:

  1. Sign into the Google Admin Console.
  2. Head into users via the homepage.
  3. Click on a user, then Add Alternate Emails.
  4. Click on Alternate Email and type the part before the @ sign. If you need to, select a domain here.
  5. Click Save.

Users will receive emails from this address within 24 hours.

How users send emails from alternate addresses.

Users will have to add an alias to Gmail by setting up a custom ‘from’ address to send mail using the alternate address.

  1. Open your account on the web.
  2. Click Settings, then All Settings.
  3. Head into the Accounts tab.
  4. Click Add Another Email Address within Send Mail As.
  5. Enter name and the address.
  6. Next, send the verification.
  7. For work accounts, you need to enter the SMTP server, username, and password.
  8. Finally, add an account.

You will then need to confirm the address within the message you’ll get.

To change the ‘from’ address when composing a message, click the ‘from’ line and select the account to send from.

Anyone can create a temporary Gmail alias within their own mail account:

  1. Open your mailbox on the web.
  2. Click the drop-down in the search bar to open search options.
  3. Type your temporary address in the To field.
  4. Click create the filter.
  5. Scroll to find Choose category submenu. Click on the category you want to send from.
  6. Create the filter.

How To Set Up Alias In Gmail On Mobile

The mobile app for Gmail doesn’t currently support adding an alias email. Hopefully, this feature will be available soon. For now, it must be done via the web (learn more about Gmail features).

How To Use Email Alias In Gmail

To use your alias all you need to do is select a different email address when composing a message.

You will then find all emails sent and received from this address in its folder, making it easier to organise and use.

How to Remove an Alias from Gmail Account

To remove it simply follow these steps.

  1. Sign into Google Admin Console.
  2. Go to users.
  3. Click on the user, then Alternate email.
  4. Click the X next to the email to remove it.
  5. Finally, click Save.

Google Workspace Email Alias

Only Google Workspace admins can create Gmail alias domains for those within the company or team. You can also use Google Workspace for creating email aliases for multiple users at one time.

An alias domain works alongside the primary address that you need to sign into your account.

Having a Gmail alias domain is useful when you run different companies and still need multiple aliases. For example, you can have and

Any email aliases that can be created for the primary domain will be matched to the secondary domain. For example, if you have, you will also have

Users will be able to send and receive from both addresses.

So, not only can an alias email be created by changing the details before the @ sign, but you can also create an alias domain for the same user (check out how to add another email address to Gmail.)

Organize Your Inbox With Clean Email

Although Clean Email cannot help with creating or using email aliases in Gmail, it can help you create a clean and organised inbox to enhance your productivity and remove email distractions.

You can use the app on your mobile phone or computer. It is super easy! Some features you may find useful are:

Auto Clean

Auto Clean allows you to automate any routine tasks to finally stop you from wasting time manually sorting emails!

Automate email tasks with Clean EmailAutomate email tasks with Clean Email

To set up an automated rule simply select emails or a group you want to apply an action to. A pop up will appear asking you to set this rule for future emails.

Automatically move emails with Auto Clean in Clean EmailAutomatically move emails with Auto Clean in Clean Email

You can also edit your Auto Clean rules within the view in the left sidebar.

Smart Views

Smart Views will automatically organise your emails into handy bundles.

For example, all emails related to social media will be within one view, and all promotional emails will be in another.

Smart Views feature in Clean EmailSmart Views feature in Clean Email

This is useful when you want to archive multiple emails, or to locate something specific.


Unsubscriber enables you to quickly remove yourself from unwanted mailing lists which are clogging up your inbox.

Unsubscribe from anything you no longer read or have no interest in. This saves so much space and creates a cleaner mailbox.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

You can also choose to Read Later, this sends emails to a separate folder, or you can choose to keep receiving the subscriptions.

Privacy Guard

The Privacy Guard feature helps keep your account protected by running checks to see if your account has been compromised.

Privacy Guard feature in Clean EmailPrivacy Guard feature in Clean Email

If you find your account has been compromised, the Clean Email service will urge you to change your password immediately and create multi-factor authentication to avoid it happening again.

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How to Create a Gmail Alias - FAQs

Can I create an email alias in Gmail?

Yes, you can create a temporary email alias in Gmail. Head into the search options to type in a new address and save changes.

What is an email alias in Gmail?

It allows you to send and receive emails from a different address. This is useful for those with multiple companies or teams.

What is the purpose of an email alias?

The purpose of an email alias is to keep your mailbox organised by sending and receiving emails to different places within your mail account.

Can multiple users have the same alias Gmail?

Multiple users will need to have different aliases otherwise they will all receive the same emails. However, a group of people can have similar aliases to work within a team.

How many Gmail aliases can I have?

It allows you to have up to 30 different aliases.

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