The Best Email Security Software In 2024

Due to phishing attempts and data breaches, email security is more important than ever before. Thankfully, email security software can help keep your inbox, and all of the personal data in there, safe from hackers.

Email Security Tools Are A Necessity

When most of us hear the term "email security," we think about things like password security and questionable mail attachments. Unfortunately, even the most secure email provider out there doesn't offer protection against every mail threat that comes your way. This is why everyone needs the best email security software they can afford — it keeps your personal data and your inbox safe from hackers and other cyber attacks.

Best Email Security Solutions

Since email security best practices are important to nearly every individual with an email address, there are hundreds of options for mailbox security. However, not every company offers the same quality tools, so it’s important to find the best solutions based on your budget and needs instead of waiting until you have been pwned to act.

1. Avanan

Avanan Email Security offers protection against viruses, phishing, malware, data loss, and account compromises. Avanan also analyzes each user’s email history, which allows it to quickly detect mail fraud and user impersonations, which can be a serious issue if undetected. The tool offers protection for nearly any mail service provider, plus other collaborative apps like Google Drive, Slack, and more.

Avanan email security software

Avanan’s pricing starts out at just $3/month per user for their basic plan, and their Complete Security package starts at $6/month per user. However, enterprise customers with more than 500 mail users will need to obtain a custom quote directly from Avanan.

While Avanan is one of the more sophisticated email security solutions out there, it is also one of the most complicated to operate. For this reason, you may need a very tech-savvy person on your team to help with setup and regular use.

2. Barracuda Email Security

Barracuda is a cloud-based security software that protects users against malware, phishing, denial-of-service attacks, and spam. Barracuda also offers encryption and mail attachment protection, meaning you don't have to worry about an email data breach.

Barracuda Email SpamTitan email security solution

Barracuda offers three different plan options: advanced, premium, and premium plus. Unfortunately, the company does not publicly provide their pricing information, which makes it hard to compare apples to apples with other top email security software providers.

3. N-able Mail Assure

N-able Mail Assure offers protection against viruses, spam, malware, ransomware, phishing, and nearly any other type of email threat. The system offers protection both for incoming and outgoing emails, and features like the system’s authentication techniques help keep everyone’s inbox safe. N-able Mail Assure also offers integration with Office365 and unlimited mail archiving.

N-able Mail Assure email security service

Although N-able offers a free email security software trial without any required payment methods, they don’t offer up their pricing without getting a direct quote from their sales team. This can be a turn off to some customers, but it really just depends on what you’re looking for in terms of mail security.

4. Proofpoint

Proofpoint Email Protection offers a robust amount of mail security, including antivirus and antispam protection. The company includes data loss prevention and outbound filtering as well, not to mention other email management features. Furthermore, Proofpoint offers tools like email encryption, imposter mail protection, and report features.

Proofpoint Email Protection service

Proofpoint protection starts out at $2.95/month per user for the base plan and goes up to $6.95/month per user for their highest level tier. However, the company also offers a free trial of their product, which is great for users who like to test drive a new software before buying it.

However, Proofpoint doesn't offer mail attachment protection at any tier, which is something that some of its competitors do offer.

5. SpamTitan

SpamTitan is an advanced email security software that's specifically designed for businesses and other large organizations. It offers protection against malware, phishing, denial-of-service attacks, spam, and more. Additionally, SpamTitan includes custom filtering tools, data leak prevention, and email encryption.

SpamTitan email security software for 2024

Although pricing for SpamTitan starts out at a hefty $37.50/month, it's features are well worth the premium. This is especially true for organizations that use Office365 since it easily integrates with this mail service provider.

About the only thing SpamTitan doesn’t offer is phone or web-based tech support, which is a bit disappointing considering that mail attacks require fast action.

Spam Filtering
Denial of Service Attack Protection
Phishing Protection
Integration with Office365
Email Attachment Protection
Data Leak Prevention
Avanan Barracuda N-able Proofpoint SpamTitan

How To Choose The Right Email Security Service

Even after comparing dozens of email security services, you may still feel like you don't know how to choose the right mail security software for yourself as an individual or for your company. While mail security is anything but a one-size-fits-all solution, there are some factors that can help anyone decide which solution to choose.

When selecting security services for your mailbox, you want to look for a solution that:

Protect Your Inbox Even More With Clean Email

Although Clean Email is not an email security tool, it does offer several useful features that can help you avoid phishing attacks and protect your inbox from hackers.

The Privacy Guard feature lets you check if your mail account was compromised. If a data breach is found, the Privacy Guard will advise you on what steps to take in order to re-secure your account.

Privacy Guard feature in Clean EmailPrivacy Guard feature in Clean Email

These steps may include changing your password, enabling two-factor authentication, or using a password manager to diversify passwords on each of your accounts. Privacy Guard is completely free for all Clean Email users and meets all privacy and safety requirements.

Even if your mail account seems secure, the app offers additional features to keep your inbox clear of unsafe emails. For example, our Unsubscriber feature can help you reduce the number of newsletters and promotional emails you receive.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

Also, our Block feature stops spam and other unwanted emails from specific domains. Best of all, the Auto Clean feature can help automate common mailing tasks to keep your inbox completely clear.

Automate email tasks with Clean EmailAutomate email tasks with Clean Email

Best Email Security Software - FAQs

What are email security services?

It is a company who keeps your mail accounts safe from cyber attacks. These companies usually offer a combination of services in a single, easy-to-use package.

What security is used in emails?

Emails are typically encrypted data, which means it requires some type of authentication to be read.

What is the best email protection software?

Mail security isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, which means there isn't a single best email protection software out there. Instead, users should look for a solution that meets all of their needs for an affordable price.

Why do I need email security?

Over 90 percent of all cyber attacks now start from a single email. This means that mailbox security is more important than ever before to keep your inbox and personal data safe.

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