Email Spam Checker: Your New Ally

This guide reveals the power of email spam checkers. Discover what they are, how they work, and how to choose the best one. We'll review top options for 2024, ensuring your emails reach your audience's inbox successfully.

What Is an Email Spam Checker?

An email spam checker is a tool that evaluates and verifies your emails against known spam filters and issues that may hinder their deliverability. It's designed to provide insights and actionable recommendations to improve the likelihood of your correspondence landing in the recipient's inbox rather than the dreaded spam folder.

Why Use an Email Spam Checker?

With the tough filters used by today's mailing services, some messages can accidentally be flagged as junk. Mail spam checker helps protect the time, effort, and money you've put into your marketing campaigns. It ensures your important messages avoid landing in the spam folder and reach their intended audience. Additionally, it builds your reputation as a trustworthy sender, fosters increased responses, and ultimately elevates the success rate of your campaigns.

Key Features of a Reliable Email Spam Checker

When searching for a reliable junk mail tester, consider these key features to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your email campaigns:

When choosing a spam email checker, beyond these essential features, also consider factors like ease of use, customer support, and pricing. The tool should be user-friendly, even for those who aren't tech-savvy. Quality customer support can be a lifesaver when you encounter problems or have questions. Lastly, pricing should match the features offered, and ideally, a free trial should be available to test the tool before committing.

Remember, no single tool can guarantee 100% deliverability, as spam filters of mail providers (like Gmail or Yahoo) have their own algorithms and constantly evolve. But using a mail spam checker can significantly increase the likelihood of your emails landing in your recipients' inboxes rather than the junk folders of a secure service provider.

Best Email Spam Checkers

Let's dive into some of the best checkers available today, both free and paid:

Free Options

1. Spam Checker by Mailmeteor

Mailmeteor is a mass emailing platform that integrates with Gmail, and it offers a free tool to check your emails for spam. Just copy and paste your email to detect and remove spam words.

Spam Checker by Mailmeteor

This user-friendly tool checks the spam score of your emails, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns without any additional cost.

2. ISnotSPAM

This tool is an email address spam checker that provides a straightforward method to test if your correspondence can bypass unwanted email blockers. All you have to do is send your mail to a given address, and within minutes, you receive a detailed report.

ISnotSPAM the best email spam checker

It inspects spam-like content, sender credibility, and email configurations. However, the absence of real-time checks and content suggestions may leave some users desiring additional features.

3. Mailgenius

With Mailgenius, you can identify and fix potential deliverability issues before sending your email.

Mailgenius the best free email spam checker

It provides a detailed report on your letter's 'spam score', sender reputation, email settings, and more. But, its interface can be a bit complex for beginners, and it lacks blacklist monitoring.

Paid Options

1. Mail-Tester

Mail-Tester, available in both free and premium versions, is renowned for its quick and comprehensive checks on DKIM/SPF, content, and blacklist status.

Mail-Tester the best paid email spam checker

The free version allows you to test up to 3 email addresses per day, while a one-time $19 license grants unlimited tests and access to the API in the paid option. It offers user-friendly reports but lacks some advanced features like DMARC analytics and spam scoring.

2. Glockapps

Starting at $79/month, Glockapps does a whole lot. It verifies if your emails can bypass spam filters, examines sender reputation, and lets you test how your letters appear on various email providers.

Glockapps the fine paid email spam checker

It's a bit pricey, and all the data might be too much if you're new to this.

3. MailTrap

Starting at $9.99/month, MailTrap does more than just an email spam check. It's like a safe place to spam test your letters for layout, content, and more. But if you just need a simple spam checker, this might be too much.

MailTrap one of the best paid email spam checker

Choosing the right tool depends on your needs and expertise. While free options provide a good starting point to check email content for spam, they may not have the advanced features of paid tools. If you're a seasoned email marketer looking for in-depth analytics, the paid tools might be more up your alley. No matter what, it's important to pick an option that suits your budget, experience level, and unique needs.

Reduce Spam and Optimize Your Inbox With Clean Email

A spam checker monitors your outgoing emails; however, it's equally crucial to manage the incoming ones. Here's where the Clean Email app steps in, ensuring your inbox remains neat and efficient, without any unwanted mail.

While Clean Email is not an email spam checker, it is an indispensable tool for managing and minimizing clutter in your mailbox. It's especially handy when dealing with unsolicited letters arriving from email spammers, newsletters, and unwanted subscriptions that crowd your inbox.

One of the app's standout features is its Screener tool. It acts as a first line of defense by moving all messages from new senders out of your inbox. Before these emails reach your inbox, you get the chance to approve or block them, ensuring that only messages you consider legitimate get through. This tool helps in reducing the risk of falling into phishing attacks and creating a safe inbox.

Protect your inbox with ScreenerProtect your inbox with Screener

Privacy Monitor, another important feature, alerts you whenever your email address is found in a data breach. If such an incident has occurred, you will be advised to take additional security measures allowing you to go about your day without a second thought of who may be trying to gain access to your funds or data (check out our guide on the email security best practices).

Protect your inbox with Clean EmailProtect your inbox with Clean Email

To use Privacy Monitor, just sign into your mail account in Clean Email and choose Privacy Monitor on the left panel of your home screen. It will perform the checkup and let you know of the results immediately. If your credentials are stolen, make sure to change your password and enable multi-factor authentication.

Privacy Monitor feature in Clean EmailPrivacy Monitor feature in Clean Email

Check out what the best email security solutions are and why emails are going to spam.

The magic of Clean Email doesn't stop at security. It also offers smart automation capabilities, such as the Auto Clean feature. Instead of manually organizing your emails, Auto Clean allows you to create and apply automatic rules to incoming mail, which means that it's constantly tidying up your space even when you're busy with other tasks.

Auto Clean feature with Clean EmailAuto Clean feature with Clean Email

Another impressive automation tool is the Unsubscriber, designed to reduce email clutter. It enables you to effortlessly unsubscribe from unwanted email subscriptions with just a few clicks. Simply select the subscriptions you no longer want, press the Unsubscribe button, and the app will take care of the rest.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

But what makes Clean Email truly special is its compatability. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of email providers, making it a versatile tool for managing your emails wherever you go.

Last but not least, Clean Email is committed to prioritizing your security and privacy. It puts your data's safety at the forefront, providing peace of mind as you navigate your email management journey. Opt for Clean Email, and you'll step into a more secure, organized, and stress-free email experience.


Email spam checkers are indispensable tools for any business that utilizes email campaigns for promotions. You can never be too careful about where your emails are ending up. Utilizing spam checkers will give you technical details on how to best optimize your emails.

What Is Email Spam Checker - FAQs

What is email spam?

Spam is also called junk emails. These are unsolicited letters that are sent in bulk or individually for promotional purposes. Junk emails can be messages from cybercriminals with phishing links, business newsletters you didn't subscribe to, and people trying to force sell you.

Why do I need a spam checker?

Spam checkers are used to identify if your email campaigns are being read as junk messages by mail servers or mail filters. This tool is needed to identify possible mishaps in your domain, IP address, mail content, and your spam score.

How to check if my email is going to spam?

To check if your emails are going to spam, you can use an email spam checker tool. These tools test your email content, subject line, and sender reputation against known junk filters. If the tool flags potential issues, it means your emails might end up in spam folders.

How to check if your email is on a spam list?

You can use an email blacklist-checking tool or service. These tools will cross-reference your email or IP address against known spam lists to see if you're flagged as junk.

What are the best email spam checker tools?

Our recommended list of the best checker tools includes free options like Postmark, ISnotSPAM, and Mailgenius. For paid services, GlockApps, Mail-Tester, and MailTrap stand out for their comprehensive features and user-friendly interface.

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