What Is Email Spam Checker And Why To Use It

Statistically, email is the third most influential source of communication for B2B and B2C companies. Ultimately, this makes it the primary source of marketing for the majority of brands out there. However, the worst thing that can happen to any business is having your email campaign hit the junk folder of the user’s secure service provider. This article will define what an email spam checker is and how it can help you avoid spam filters.

What Is Email Spam

Spam or junk emails are unsolicited messages sent mostly for the purpose of commercial advertisement or for phishing user information by cybercriminals. As mail spamming gets more sophisticated, so has early detection systems evolved in tracking, and effectively dealing with junk emails appropriately. However, as spam filters evolve, some genuine emails are sometimes sent into junk folders. This has become a money pit for businesses that spend fortunes on mail campaigns and are dealt with by the short end of the mail filter stick.

What Is Email Spam Checker

Email spam checkers are tools that help you analyze your emails before they are sent out. The results tell you where your emails will land when they are sent, flaws in your content, and other technicalities you should fix for higher ROI.

This tool conducts an email spam test in order to determine compromised IP addresses or domains, and every other factor that will cause your message to go straight into the junk folder, and most likely deleted. Imagine spending a fortune on creating the perfect mail ad copies, the best designs money can buy, only to have your messages go straight into junk. Certainly a waste of investment, and one that can be avoided simply with the use of the best email spam checker.

Why Use Email Address Spam Checker

Outright, mail spam checkers will help you know where your emails are ending up. Instead of spending a fortune on marketing campaigns with no ROI, conducting an email spam check on your emails will ensure you make the necessary adjustments to your campaigns before sending them out (learn more about how to send a secure email). This will improve your email deliverability, making sure people get the opportunity to click on your messages. An email spam tester will also increase sender's reputation as well as the overall quality of the messages for both sender and receiver.

Here Is What An Email Checker Does

These are how mail checkers mostly perform their analysis on your emails. A copy of your message is sent through the mail checkers accounts on popular service providers and data received is analyzed. Below is a closer look at their practice.

  1. Testing authentication: Email spam tester checks for domain keys identified mails (DKIM), sender policy framework (SPF), and domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC) which are set up. These are verification principles created to prevent email phishing and spoofing. If anything is out of place, except you use a checker tool, you wouldn't know.
  2. Runs your IP/domain through blacklists servers: The checker tool runs through various blacklist sites and servers to verify if any blacklist mentions your IP-address or domain as spam. If they did, you will be notified after the check.
  3. Deploy checks on Spam Assassin: Spam Assassin is an advanced spam filtering program, which is either used as an independent junk filter tool or in addition to other junk filtering programs for maximum output.
  4. Runs check on message content: Email address spam checker analyses the message text in search of spammy words and ensures mail size is appropriate.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Checker Tool

These are the qualities to look out for when purchasing a checker tool for your business.

Best Email Spam Checkers

These are our list of recommended checkers businesses can acquire without breaking the bank.

1. Postmark

Postmark is a free email spam checker that allows users to know their mail spam score. Though ineffective as it doesn’t give recommendations, it is a great checker if you are looking for a free tool to check your spam score.

2. Mail-Tester

Mail-Tester is one of the best email spam checkers out there due to its extra features. The tool verifies authentication details, runs emails through SpamAssassin, checks messages for viruses, ensures the use of the right mail format, proves that your domain or IP is not mentioned in any blacklists, and detects broken links. This tool is multifunctional and gives your mail a score from 0 to 10 points while providing lots of useful insights and details to improve on your mail.

3. ISnotSPAM

ISnotSPAM is another free spam email checker that allows you to check the spam quality of your mail. Though free, it offers quite the number of useful details on your mail quality. Test message is sent to a given address, and a report is shown within a minute. Although fewer than when using paid tools, it is all the same effective.

How the Clean Email App Can Help

Identifying and removing spam from your inbox is a great way to ensure that you are more efficient and productive. Spam isn’t just an annoying part of life – it can be dangerous. Certain spam messages may come from phishing accounts, email spammers, or potential hackers who want to steal your identity. However, it is not the only threat that can happen to your email account. It can be also compromised in data breaches caused by stolen or weak credentials. This is where the Privacy Guard feature from Clean Email can come in handy.

Clean your emails with Clean EmailClean your emails with Clean Email

Privacy Guard will quickly recognize if your address was found in any known security breaches. If such an incident has occurred, you will be advised to take additional security measures allowing you to go about your day without a second thought of who may be trying to gain access to your funds or data (check out our guide on the email security best practices).

Privacy Guard feature in Clean EmailPrivacy Guard feature in Clean Email

To use Privacy Guard, just sign into your mail account in Clean Email and choose Privacy Guard on the left panel of your home screen. It will perform the checkup and let you know of the results immediately. If your credentials are stolen, make sure to change your password, enable multi-factor authentication, etc.

Check out what the best email security solutions are and why emails are going to spam.


Email spam checkers are tools every business that utilizes email campaigns for promotions should use. You can never be too careful about where your emails are ending up. Utilizing spam checkers will give you technical details on how to best optimize your emails.

What Is Email Spam Checker - FAQs

1. What is email spam?

Spam is also called junk emails. These are unsolicited messages which are sent in bulk or individually for promotional purposes. Junk emails can be messages from cybercriminals with phishing links, business newsletters you didn't subscribe to, and people trying to force sell you.

2. Why do I need a spam checker?

Spam checkers are used to identify if your email campaigns are being read as junk messages by mail servers or mail filters. This tool is needed to identify possible mishaps in your domain, IP address, your mail content, and your spam score.

3. Why do I receive email spam?

Spammers are businesses trying to sell you or cybercriminals trying to steal your personal and transactional details. Junk emails are received if your address was purchased from email sellers or if it was found online.

4. How to stop getting email spam?

Mail filters help identify and delete junk emails as they hit your mailbox. This will not permanently stop junk messages but reduce it to its bare minimum. You should also avoid leaving your contact address in places where it can be compromised.

5. What are the best email spam checker tools?

Our recommended list of the best checker tools is: Postmark, Mail-Tester, ISnotSPAM, and others.

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