What Does Queued Mean in Gmail?

What is queued in Gmail and why is my Gmail outbox queued? You will learn how to solve your queued email issues by the end of this article, keep reading! Also, learn how the Clean Email app helps to keep Gmail inbox decluttered.

What Does Queued Mean?

Queued meaning in Gmail is simply a waiting list for emails that currently cannot be sent.

Emails queued in Gmail occur when there’s an issue with sending the message. This can be due to the mail service provider itself, or an issue on your end. For example, your mobile device or even a disrupted internet connection.

If a message cannot be sent immediately, the mail provider will queue them automatically. This of course is incredibly frustrating if you are trying to work or send urgent messages.

There are ways to fix the issue with queued emails, and you will learn how to solve the problem throughout this article.

Why Are My Emails Queued?

Your emails are queued within the Gmail email queued list due to several different factors. You just need to work out which one is causing your queued emails.

Some obvious reasons may be:

If this isn’t the case, then check the following scenarios:

How To Get Emails Out Of Queued

You can only get emails out of Gmail email queued by fixing an issue you have. If none of the above worked, here’s how to send queued emails using different methods.

1. Clear Gmail Cache

Sometimes cache can accumulate causing problems with your applications. To fix this, you will need to clear it.

  1. Head into Settings on your Android device.
  2. Click Apps (from here you can manage default apps and app permissions)
  3. Choose All. Scroll until you find Gmail.
  4. Click Storage.
  5. Click Clear data and Clear cache buttons to clear the app’s cache.

You will have to log back into your Gmail account once you have done this. If it doesn’t work and you still have queued emails, try the next option.

Learn more about how to clean Gmail inbox and how to clean up Gmail storage.

2. Check Gmail Can Use Background Data

A queued email may not be sent due to the lack of data. You can enable Gmail to use background data to avoid this.

  1. Head into Settings on your Android device.
  2. Click Apps. And choose All.
  3. Find Gmail and click Mobile Data.
  4. Make sure the ‘Allow background data usage’ and ‘Allow app while Data saver on’ toggles are on.

3. Make Sure Gmail Isn’t In Offline Mode

Of course, if Gmail is in offline mode, emails will be sent straight to your Gmail queued outbox.

Here’s how to check if your Gmail is in offline mode:

  1. Open Gmail on the web.
  2. Go into Settings. Click See all settings.
  3. Select the Offline tab and make sure the Enable offline mail checkbox is unchecked.

Clear Your Gmail Mailbox With Clean Email

Clean Email cannot help you with sending queued emails; however, it can help you create that organised mailbox you keep dreaming of. If the reason your Gmail emails aren’t sending is due to a lack of storage, Clean Email can help clear out your mailbox to free up more space.

Clean up your inbox with Clean EmailClean up your inbox with Clean Email

With the Auto Clean feature in Clean Email, you can create automated email rules to stop you from wasting time manually performing email tasks.

Auto Clean feature with Clean EmailAuto Clean feature with Clean Email

For example, you can create a rule to send emails to Trash or Archive as soon as they hit your inbox, automatically clearing out and organising your mail.

Automatically block incoming emails with Clean EmailAutomatically block incoming emails with Clean Email

With Smart Folders, you can see all related emails in their own folders (the app doesn’t sort your messages, it serves more like ‘labels’ just to show how the app can organise your mail).

All emails related to the same topic can be viewed and sorted via different criteria from oldest to newest or other options.

Smart Views feature in Clean EmailSmart Views feature in Clean Email

For example, you can view all finance-related emails dated from newest to oldest with a couple of clicks. From here you can start sorting and cleaning your messages.

The Unsubscriber feature allows you to quickly get rid of all unwanted marketing newsletters or send subscriptions to a Read Later folder to get back to them later.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

The Read Later feature clears your inbox and creates a space for you to view your subscriptions in one place when you're ready.

Read Later feature in Clean EmailRead Later feature in Clean Email

Having more issues with your Gmail emails? Check out our other guides that may help:

Queued Email - FAQs

What does queue mean in emails?

Queued in Gmail simply means your emails cannot be sent, and they’re waiting in a queue until they can.

Why are my emails being queued?

Your emails can be queued for a variety of reasons, from internet connection to sending an email with an attachment too large.

How do I fix my outbox queued in Gmail?

To fix your outbox queued in Gmail you need to identify your problem first and use the methods within this article.

Can I delete a queued email?

Yes, you can delete a queued email in Gmail. Click the checkbox next to the message and select Delete.

What happens if you delete an email in your Outbox?

When you delete an email in your Outbox, the recipient won’t receive this message.

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