ProtonMail Email Settings: POP3, IMAP, and SMTP

Now more than ever, dependable, convenient, and secure email services are crucial in today's increasingly competitive world, which is where the ProtonMail Mail app enters the frame. This quick guide will show you how to use the ProtonMail email settings to exploit and get the most out of it.

ProtonMail SMTP Settings

ProtonMail is a simple, secure email service with built-in end-to-end encryption and cutting-edge security features. It aims to create an internet that respects privacy and is protected against cyberattacks by automatically encrypting and decrypting email as it enters and leaves the computer.

With this ProtonMail email configuration, you can access your ProtonMail account from any desktop or mobile app that supports SMTP.

Option Description
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 1025 TLS
SMTP Username: Your full email address (
SMTP Password: Passwords get automatically generated from the Bridge. Do not use your Login or Mailbox password.

ProtonMail Email Receiving Settings

ProtonMail also supports IMAP settings in addition to SMTP. Thus, users must also know the necessary IMAP settings to set up an email account, which allows it to send notification emails to any mail address you provide. Plus, it will notify you when messages arrive in your ProtonMail inbox and custom folders.

💡 Note: ProtonMail does not support POP.

ProtonMail IMAP settings

Option Description
IMAP Host:
IMAP Port: 1143 TLS
Requires SSL: No
IMAP Username: Your full email address (
IMAP Password: Passwords get automatically generated from the Bridge. Do not use your Login or Mailbox password

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Key Points to Remember for ProtonMail

The ProtonMail Bridge app allows you to import and export email with relative ease.

💡 Note: The Bridge software is presently only available to ProtonMail subscribers who have paid for the service.

ProtonMail Bridge is a program that initiates the encryption and decryption of your messages as they enter and leave your computer. Moreover, the ProtonMail Bridge lets you fully integrate your ProtonMail account with most IMAP and SMTP clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Apple Mail.

The Bridge also allows you to import emails from other email accounts connected to the same client into your ProtonMail account, as well as do full-text searches on your ProtonMail emails.

💡 Note: If you are looking for a secure email management app for your second email account (Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, etc.), the Clean Email app will help you organize and clean your emails automatically. The app doesn't collect or share user data with any third parties. The app doesn't work with ProtonMail but will be helpful for decluttering the other IMAP-based email accounts you may have.

Although ProtonMail does not support POP3, Bridge addresses this issue as it allows users to download all of their mail into their clients and then export it.

Ultimately, ProtonMail is a more recent email service that focuses on the security and privacy of email users on top of a competitive email service. They encrypt all email messages and store them on extremely secure servers. It has gained some popularity in recent months due to its focus on security and new innovative approach to email messaging.

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