How to Make a Professional Gmail Signature

Gmail is an advanced web-based email client with many useful features. In this article, we explain how to make a professional Gmail signature so that you can automatically include your contact information with every message you send. We also describe how you can keep your Gmail inbox organized using Clean Email, an easy-to-use inbox organizer with almost as many useful features as Gmail.

10 Tips on How to Make a Professional Signature for Gmail

Just like your business card, a professional Gmail signature, or just sig for short, is an important part of your professional image. When done right, it can help you leave a positive impression on those who receive your messages. On the other hand, an amateurish mail sig can make others think less of you or cause your messages to become unreadable.

To create a mail sig others will want to look at, follow these 10 tips:

How to Create a Professional Signature for Gmail

Now that you’re aware of basic mail signature dos and don’ts, it’s time for us to explain how to create a Gmail professional email signature, and there are three methods you should know about, so let’s take a look at them.

Manual Creation

Even the most complicated mail sigs in the world can be created manually using a basic text editor. For example, this is what a simple sig can look like:

Simple Gmail signature example

While fine for simple sigs, we don’t recommend the manual approach if your goal is to create a sig with a photo, social network icons, clickable links, and so on. Why not? Because you would have to write it using HTML, and that can take a lot of time even if you know the markup language already.

Word Templates

You can also create a Gmail professional signature based on a readily available Word template, and the process is simple:

  1. Download a suitable template.
  2. Download professional Gmail signature example from Microsoft email signature gallery
  3. Open it in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  4. 💡 Note: if you don't use Microsoft Word you can open the downloaded dotx file with Google Docs.

  5. Edit the signature to include your contacts.
  6. Edit the email sig downloaded from Microsoft gallery
  7. Copy the signature and clean it up using a Word to HTML converter.
  8. Clean up HTML signature code using third party converter
  9. Paste the signature into Gmail.
  10. Insert your created professional signature into Google Mail

That’s it! Your mail sig should now be ready for use!

Online Generators

For most Gmail users, online generators are typically the best option because they feature an intuitive step-by-step signature creation process to make it easy for everyone to create something great.

One popular online generator is WiseStamp because it has an impressive collection of Gmail email signature templates that can be customized in minutes. Here’s how to get started with it:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose if you want to create a personal or a company-wide sig.
  3. Create your professional Gmail signature with third party services like WiseStamp
  4. Use the provided sig editor to customize your signature.
  5. Click “OK, I’m Done” when you’re ready to export your signature.
  6. Customise your email signature in WiseStamp service
  7. Copy and insert the signature into Google Mail.
  8. Copy and Paste professionally created signature with WiseStamp into your Goole Mail

To remove branding from your WiseStamp sig, you need to purchase WiseStamp PRO (starts at $5.8/mo when billed annually).

The Best Tool to Clean Your Gmail Inbox

As a Gmail user, you should strive to keep your inbox clean and well-organized, and Clean Email makes this easy.

Clean up your inbox with Clean EmailClean up your inbox with Clean Email

How? By automatically grouping your messages into thematically similar bundles (social media notifications, emails older than 1 year, emails larger than 10 MB, and so on), making it possible to organize multiple messages with a single action.

What’s more, Clean Email lets you perform common email management actions automatically, saving you precious time that you can better use for other activities.

You can also take advantage of the Unsubscribe feature to stop unwanted messages from mailing lists, or you can enhance your Gmail security by regularly checking your email against known data breach incidents using the Privacy Guard feature.


What is the best Gmail signature generator?

According to many independent reviewers, WiseStamp is the best sig generator for Gmail because it can produce clean, optimized sigs in minutes.

Will my sig looks well on mobile devices?

That depends on how well you optimize it. Generally, plain text sigs don’t need any optimization at all, but more complicated HTML sigs may need lots of it, which is why it’s best to create them using online generators that do everything for you.

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