How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

It’s important to have a good level of workplace productivity to ensure your team and your business is benefiting. By improving productivity in the workplace, you will enhance performance and increase your profits.

Why Improve Workplace Productivity?

Workplace productivity means the amount of work your employees can deliver over a set period.

The more work they can produce, the better the productivity must be. If they aren’t completing their task-list, then you need to make some changes.

How to measure productivity in the workplace:
Measure the total output of your product or service, vs the total input from your team.

If you find your team is working slowly and your measurements don’t weigh up, then you need to improve your overall workplace productivity. This way, the benefits are:

How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Here’s how you can improve workplace productivity.

1. How Your Workplace Currently Operates

Look at how your business currently runs. Can you already spot changes you need to make?

Talking to your employees is an excellent way to get an insight into what they would like to improve, or what could help them increase their productivity.

2. Declutter Digital Workspaces

If your digital workspace is cluttered, you're likely to put off cleaning it yourself and miss important emails. By decluttering your emails, you will reduce any email stress or anxiety and increase email productivity.

The Clean Email app is a great email management tool to effectively clean and organise your emails automatically.

Clean up your inbox with Clean EmailClean up your inbox with Clean Email

Learn more about how to make your team more productive with a digital workplace.

3. Reduce Stress Levels

Although some people work well under pressure, too much stress can have an overall negative effect on the workplace.

You can begin to reduce stress by encouraging your team to talk about any problems or concerns and offer some solutions.

4. No Distractions

Cut out any unnecessary distractions in the workplace to increase productivity. For example, you could implement a rule for turning off mobile phones or any notifications from devices.

5. Better Resources

Your team won’t be able to work effectively if their equipment is not up to standard, or they are entirely lacking in useful resources.

Have the right tools for the job to increase workplace productivity and eliminate any frustrations. For example, if the computers run slowly due to poor connection, less work will be done.

You can also download workplace productivity software to help figure out what changes need to be made and track progress. Here are some of the best productivity apps and organisation apps we have found.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

Promote holistic healthy living in the workplace by offering healthy lunches, water supplies and maybe even team-building exercises.

By encouraging your workforce to eat healthy, exercise and stay hydrated, you will increase their energy and motivation.

7. Environment

The workplace environment makes a huge difference in performance. If the workplace is messy, cluttered, and dull, your team will probably feel the same way, reflecting on their work.

Ensure the space is at the right temperature to increase comfort, use natural lighting, and keep the space tidy.

8. Employee Reviews

By reviewing employee performance and giving goals to work towards, you will increase their motivation and therefore, improve productivity.

Give praise to employees and offer support for areas they are struggling with when trying to reach a goal.

9. Provide Opportunities to Progress.

Make sure you delegate the right amount of work to the right people. This ensures no one feels overloaded, but employees will also feel satisfied with their work.

Give opportunities to increase and learn new skills, and chances to progress in their career. This will not only benefit themselves but the whole business.

10. Breaks are Important!

Work within 90-minute sessions with 10–15-minute breaks. This decreases fatigue and procrastination in the workplace by helping employees feel refreshed and ready to work.

Ways Clean Email Can Increase Workplace Productivity

Clean Email is a bulk email cleaner to help you manage your emails and reach Inbox Zero. Not only can this app declutter your mailbox, but it can also automate email tasks, organise emails, and reduce email stress.

Clean Email can help with improving email productivity with its handy tools and features:

With Auto Clean, you can create automated rules to organise your mailbox, without having to do any manual work.

Auto Clean feature in Clean EmailAuto Clean feature in Clean Email

Once your Auto Clean rules are set up, they will begin to work immediately. You can always remove, pause, or edit the rules you have created within the Auto Clean dashboard.

Unsubscriber makes it easy to remove unwanted mailing lists and subscriptions. With one click you can unsubscribe, block senders, keep or move emails to the Read Later folder.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

Smart Views uses predefined rules to organise your emails into their own groups. For example, all social media-related emails and all finance emails will be in separate groups, respectively. From here you can quickly choose to archive, move, star, or trash these emails.

Smart Views email bundles in Clean EmailSmart Views email bundles in Clean Email

This makes it easy to sort and organise similar emails without having to search for them or scroll through your mailbox. You can then choose to apply actions to multiple emails from here.

Send Smart Views bundle emails to Trash in Clean EmailSend Smart Views bundle emails to Trash in Clean Email

The app is available on iOS, Android, Mac, and on web. It supports all major mail service providers with IMAP.

Here at Clean Email, we do not analyse, sell, or keep any data. User credentials are all encrypted, Clean Email staff cannot access your account, and data is only kept for 45 days.

Wondering to get more productivity tips? Check out our guides on how to be more productive and what effective email communication and email etiquette rules are.

How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace - FAQs

What is productivity in the workplace?

Productivity in the workplace is when you measure how much work your workforce is doing, vs the profit your business is making. For example, if your workplace productivity is great, your business will be making more profit, and your workforce will be completing valuable work.

Why is productivity important in the workplace?

With a low level of productivity in the workplace, you will see your employees procrastinating, not reaching targets, and your business failing. With good workplace productivity, your employees will be enjoying their work, and the business will receive the benefits too.

How do you measure workplace productivity?

To measure workplace productivity, calculate the total output of products and services vs the total input of work your employees are doing. You can also speak to your employees about their feelings and how you can support them.

How do you increase productivity in the workplace?

There are lots of ways to increase productivity in the workplace. Some great tips are to improve the environment, encourage a healthy lifestyle, communicate effectively with your team, and ensure you take breaks to reduce the risk of burnout.

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