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Why use Clean Email

Seeing the number of unread emails growing every day is stressful, and taking the time to go through everything is a waste. Clean Email organizes all of your emails into smart views, so you can quickly take care of those thousands of emails in your mailbox. Set up Auto Clean filters and use Smart Unsubscriber to keep your mailbox clean from newsletters and noisy marketers.

Save time searching for important emails

Save time searching for important emails

Remove unwanted messages automatically

Use Auto Clean to automate repetitive email tasks.

Open up more free space in your mailbox

Remove and organize years of emails

Improve productivity with a clean inbox

Great set of tools for achieving Inbox Zero

Let's get on the same page

Clean Email is built as a tool for you — not to collect data for third parties.

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  • We’re not sharing your data
    We charge a fair price for our service and we’ve chosen to not share your data with any third parties in any form. All of our free competitors make money by selling your data to other companies.
  • We're driven by your feedback
    Our product roadmap is informed by your requests and we’re here to help you save time by making sure Clean Email does what you expect it to in the way that’s convenient for you.
  • We’re building Clean Email secure by design
    From hiring security consultants since day one to going through a third-party security assessment we’re doing everything possible to ensure your data is private and secure.
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