How to Run Filter Rules in Yahoo Mail

You can create Yahoo mail rules to help organise your mailbox. Email rules enable you to automatically clean your inbox without having to do any manual work! Keep reading this article to learn how to run filter rules in Yahoo Mail and how Clean Email can assist you with keeping your mailbox spotless.

About Filter Rules in Yahoo

Email filtering is a feature that allows you to create automated rules instead of having to manually perform email tasks. Therefore, keeping your mailbox spotless, with less work!

With Yahoo mail rules you can set filters to move emails to specific folders, or the trash. These actions will happen as soon as a new message hits your inbox.

This is so you can spend more time doing important tasks and being productive, rather than wasting time sorting through emails and creating more stress.
You can create up to 500 filters with Yahoo!

How to Set Up Email Rules in Yahoo Mail

A top tip is to create the folders you need to organise your mail first. For example, create folders for important emails, tasks, work, and personal life.

When it comes to creating filters, you will already have the folders ready!

Here’s how to set up a rule in Yahoo Mail:

Creating Folders

  1. Login to your Yahoo mail account.
  2. Locate the Folder drop down within the left panel.
  3. Then click + New Folder.
  4. Create folders in Yahoo MailCreate folders in Yahoo Mail
  5. Give the folder a descriptive yet simple name.
  6. Confirm.

Adding Filters

  1. Head into Settings by clicking the Gear icon next to your profile name. In the drop down menu tap More Settings.
  2. Adding filters in Yahoo MailAdding filters in Yahoo Mail
  3. Click Filters within the settings menu.
  4. Here you can see all existing filters, click on them to see the rules applied.
  5. To create a new filter, click the Add new filters button.
  6. Click Add new filtersClick Add new filters
  7. Give the filter a name.
Give the filter a nameGive the filter a name

Configuring Filters

  1. Now you need to set the filters rules following these parameters so the filter knows what to look for: Sender, Recipient, Subject, Email Body.
  2. Choose the destination folder for the filtered emails.
  3. Click Save to complete.
  4. Click 'Save'Click 'Save'
  5. Repeat the process to create more filters!
  6. You can sort emails by priority by clicking the up and down arrows found at the top.
  7. You can sort emails by priorityYou can sort emails by priority
  8. Once you are done, click Save to leave the settings menu.

💡 Note: You can also create a filter inside the open email. Click the three dots to open more options and select a folder to send this email and future emails to.

How to Create Rules to Filter Emails in Yahoo Mobile App

You cannot create Yahoo rules on mobile within the Yahoo mail app, however, you can with the Clean Email app.

  1. Open the Clean Email mobile app.
  2. Press and hold the email you want to apply a rule to.
  3. Click the Auto Clean icon.
  4. Choose action, for example ‘move to trash’.
  5. Click Apply to existing and future emails to move emails already in your mailbox, and any future emails.
  6. Click Create rule.

Most Common Yahoo Mail Rules

Here are a few common Yahoo Mail rules you can create to organise your mailbox.

Move emails from a certain sender to their folder.
When creating the rule, type the email address of the sender in the From line.
Make sure the “Match Case” box isn’t checked.

Move emails from mailing lists.
You can automatically send emails from lists within Yahoo. When creating the filter enter the name of the mailing list in the subject line and choose a folder for the future emails to go to.

An urgent or To-Do folder.
Keep all important tasks in one place by moving emails from certain senders, businesses, or even certain subjects to their folders. Either type in the sender's address or fill out the subject line. Then choose a folder to send emails to.

Create Yahoo Mail Rules with Clean Email

You can create Yahoo Mail rules within Clean Email using the Auto Clean tool.

Auto Clean is super easy to use and you'll have organised your mailbox in no time.

Auto Clean works by automatically sorting your mail as soon as it hits your inbox. Meaning you no longer need to waste time or stress about organising your mail manually!

To create rules in Clean Email for your Yahoo Mail account, simply log in with your Yahoo email to start the process.

Clean Email Predefined Rules

To use one of the predefined rules, click the Auto Clean tab in the sidebar. All predefined options will be visible and all you need to do is click one, and then follow the criteria.

Some predefined Clean Email Auto Clean rules are:

How to Create a New Rule with Clean Email

  1. From the Smart View select the email or emails you want to create a rule for.
  2. Smart Views email bundles in Clean EmailSmart Views email bundles in Clean Email
  3. Choose an action within the action bar located along the top of your messages. For example, click the Trash icon.
  4. Delete emails with Clean EmailDelete emails with Clean Email
  5. When the pop-up appears on screen click the ‘Selected and future similar emails’ box. This creates the rule for these emails, and future emails.
  6. Delete emails automatically with Clean EmailDelete emails automatically with Clean Email
  7. Click Create advanced Auto Clean rule to apply any more detail to your rule.
  8. Finally, click Move to Trash and Create Rule.

You can also create an Auto Clean rule by clicking the Auto Clean icon.
Click Create Rule → Fill in details → Choose an action → Click Create and Run Rule button.

Block emails automatically with Clean EmailBlock emails automatically with Clean Email

How to Run Filter Rules in Yahoo Mail - FAQs

Why are yahoo mail rules not working?

If your Yahoo mail rules are not working, you will need to check your filter settings to ensure everything is correct. Sometimes emails can be mistakenly marked as spam first, before being marked by your filters.

Where are Yahoo Mail rules stored?

You can edit and remove your Yahoo rules within your Yahoo account. Click on the settings to locate your filters. Here you can edit them or click the trash icon to remove them.

How to redirect emails to a new email address?

Unfortunately, you can no longer use the Yahoo mail forward rules unless you upgrade to Yahoo pro. This is also only available in the US.

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