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The Next Web
"Clean Email kann für Sie E-Mails archivieren, Spam Mails loswerden oder mit Labeln versehen, und auch mit allen anderen Nachrichten, die dieses Kriterium in Zukunft erfüllen. Es erkennt auch Newsletter und Benachrichtigungen aus sozialen Netzwerken und Projektmanagement-Apps wie Slack. Ich hatte es bisher noch nie einfacher mit dem E-Mail Management von ganzen Gigabytes von E-Mail."

Abhimanyu Ghoshal, The Next Web

"Clean Email macht einfach Laune. Der E-Mail Management Service wühlt sich für Sie durch Ihre Inbox, so dass sie sich auf die Nachrichten konzentrieren können, die wirklich wichtig sind."


"Clean Email ist ein Stapel-Email-Cleaner, der leistungsstarke Filter und Regeln nutzt, um Ihre Mailbox in relevante Gruppen zu gliedern. Das heißt, Sie können die wirklich wichtigen Sachen zuerst lesen und Spam Mails loswerden mit nur ein paar Klicks."


Daring Fireball
"Clean Email scheint eine gute Wahl zu sein. Sie müssen Ihre persönlichen Daten nicht verkaufen, da sie einen ehrlichen Preis für Ihren Service berechnen."

Daring Fireball

“Pretty awesome, used a lot of tools to tidy up my inboxes, this is the only one that isn't tedious or confusing to use”
“As a freelancer, I have more than a few email addresses to keep track of. Putting all of my ducks in a row was starting to become a hassle until I came across Clean Email. I can literally sort hundreds of messages in just a few clicks and clean a crowded inbox in no time at all. If you're inundated with email – or managing several accounts – do yourself a solid and get Clean Email”
“HOLY SHIT! This is the best app I have ever used, and I am a app-whore. Ive been trying to get to inbox zero for my whole life and have only made small dents here and there. This is a game changer and has seriously made my day.”
“Clean Email is a fast and easy way to sort and remove your long forgotten emails”
“GREAT. I'm a senior citizen with computer know how and adult attention disorder. This results in years of email and lack of management. Now I have categorized all of it in the first 20 minutes. Afraid to just mass delete stuff, I now can just open the folder of my choice a delete as long as I want, folder by folder. Learning curve is quick because the site directions are simple and direct. It solves the problem, "Where do I start?" In addition selecting groups of things is easy and you don't have to plot through one by one (which is proven to drive people up the wall!)”
“I love that Clean Email have adopted a business model that works for those of us who actually care about the content of our emails NOT being for sale. Remember - if you are not paying for the product, you are the product! Great service, and with excellent and helpful responses to questions, too.”
“So after the @Unrollme dust-up I deleted that account & signed up for Clean Email for a year. So far very, very happy! Loved using Clean Email to plow through some old items clogging my inboxes.”
“Cleaning my mail is really annoying. For years I was dreaming about the assistant who would do this for me. Now this assistant is Clean Email!”
“Love Clean Email. It's allowed me to safely remove the redundant email piling up in my various inboxes and get myself functioning again. It's has a beautiful UI and it's killer feature is that it allows you to start the deletion process and log out. Later in the day when you log back in again, the process is complete”
“Super exciting stuff! I'm in love with its simple UX and does an awesome job. Looking forward to more addition to this and permanent integration to Gmail and other email clients available. Kudos:)”
“Clean Email helped me tidy up my mailboxes, unearth useful emails that I thought lost and pay attention to the really important ones. And all that with a sleek and super easy user interface. I signed up even before the trial ended. Awesome tool!”
“As a developer that uses email every day, I think that you've done a great job on a very important subject. I've been using Clean Email for a few minutes now, and I think it should have existed from the day one.”
“The best way to clean up your Unwanted emails from the inbox and have it for the most important ones. It categorises the emails,helps to decide which one to delete and which one to keep. Highly productive and useful app.”

Clean Email wurde in Kalifornien entwickelt und wird von einem kleinen Team aus aller Welt betrieben . Lesen Sie unsere Geschichte