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Devices and Email providers

Funktioniert mit allen Geräten und E-Mail-Anbietern

Sie können Clean Email auf Ihrem Desktop- oder Laptop-Computer, Ihrem Telefon oder Tablet verwenden, ohne dafür extra zu bezahlen. Clean Email funktioniert mit jeder E-Mail-App, die Sie nutzen, indem Sie eine direkte Verbindung zu Ihrer Mailbox herstellen und E-Mails in der Cloud analysieren und bereinigen.

4.4 out of 5
1011 user reviews

Happy with Clean Email's functionality

My reason for upgrading was really the state of my gmail inbox. I have never done anything to manage it before other than use Google’s Important category so I have 1000s of unread emails. I quickly found that to do what I wanted to do I had to upgrade. Further I have 5 e-mail addresses I want to manage in an integrated fashion. So far I am happy with Clean Email’s functionality.

Clean Email is excellent

I wanted to upgrade because Clean Email’s app is excellent, has amazing reviews, and I have so many emails that seem impossible for me to organize and sort that I got excited to see what can happen with Clean Email. I felt like all my emails are out of control and to have something help me take care of all of it sounds pretty awesome.

Love what you guys are doing!

The ability to clear out a few email accounts that have tens of thousands of emails and take up GB of my disk space once sync’ed with my email client is pretty important. I have an older MacBook that tI use regularly that I’m constantly battling for disk space. I love what you guys are doing!

Clean Email as a way to do clean up my email

It was time and more than time for me to get a realistic handle on my ever-growing bucket of multiple emails from a common sender. Gmail does not offer a clean way to do that, so after doing some research, I selected Clean Email as a way to do clean up my email and maintain ongoing control.

Great Unroll.me alternative with more features

I was an Unroll.Me Subscriber and it just recently became a giant hassle to log in through Google with them (requires me to turn on 2 step Google verification for all things which doesn't work for me). I decided to find an alternative. Seems like your system does a lot more than theirs.

It appears to be working quite well

I saw your product on PCWorld and right away I was able to see the value. I have an unruly personal mailbox and this is exactly the type of product I need to get it under control. I just started using it a couple of hours ago and it appears to be working quite well.

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