Top 3 Best Email Archiving Solutions

More individuals and businesses than ever before rely on email archiving solutions such as Clean Email to archive emails in a safe and searchable manner. If you’ve never used an email archiving solution before, this article will explain to you why you should consider using one and recommend you three best email archiving solutions that are currently on the market.

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What Does It Mean to Archive an Email?

It’s estimated that the number of email users worldwide will increase to over 2.9 billion by the end of 2019. This creates a huge opportunity for cybercriminals, who collectively send about 14.5 billion spam emails every single day.

The massive number of emails sent every day creates an equally massive problem for individuals and businesses that rely on email for communication with friends, family, colleagues, business partners, and others: how to archive emails that are important in a safe and searchable manner and distinguish them from spam messages at the same time.

The solution to this problem is email archiver software, which has been around for nearly 20 years but has got significantly better, more complex, easier to use, and more affordable in recent years thanks to the rise of user-friendly email archiver software solutions such as Clean Email.

Email archiver software solutions can filter email messages based on certain specified criteria and safely and securely store them away from unimportant emails and spam messages. This helps businesses whose servers are reaching capacity, individuals who are tired of feeling like they’re searching for a needle in a haystack every time they need to retrieve an older email, and also those who simply like to stay as organized as possible.

How to Choose Best Email Archiver Software?

There are certain features that every email archiver software solution should have. To start with, you should always choose email archiver software that’s compatible with your email client or service of choice. There are many enterprise-grade email archiving tools with a plethora of advanced features and excellent security, but if you use Gmail or Yandex you might want to choose something that has been developed with Gmail and Yandex in mind.

Before you spend money on any email archiver software solution, you should also evaluate how efficiently it can archive emails, especially if you’re looking for an enterprise-grade email archiving tool to help you archive thousands and thousands of emails.

Last but not least, you should always choose an email archiver software solution that’s easy to use and designed with casual users in mind. Even if the solution ends up being used by skilled IT professionals, simplicity and usability help reduce user errors.

The following email archiving solutions comparison includes three popular email archive software products, starting with Clean Email, the most user-friendly email archiver Mac and Windows on the market today.

Top 3 Best Email Archiving Solutions

Clean Email

Our favorite email archiver is Clean Email. This modern and easy to use inbox cleaner is a perfect companion for anyone who relies on email and wants to be more organized. It can automatically categorize emails based on various criteria into easy to review bundles. Each bundle can then be individually removed, labeled, moved, or, of course, archived.

Clean Email web solution to archive emails

Because Clean Email wants to save you as much time as possible, it comes with a useful Automation feature, which can be applied to new emails without any manual input. Clean Email never reads the content of your emails, so you can trust it even with very sensitive and personal information. It works with all email services and can be tested for free.


IceWarp is a complete email storage solution, aimed at businesses that need to store large quantities of email messages in a secure and searchable way. Besides email archiving, IceWarp’s solution also includes robust anti-spam protection with auto-learning filters, adaptive greylisting, and charset filtering. IceWarp is typically used as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange, but it’s also compatible with the mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft.

IceWarp best email archiving solution

Because of its scope, price, and focus, IceWarp can only be recommended to businesses that are looking for a complete email storage solution and email archiving is one of their main requirements. Individuals and businesses that are satisfied with their current email provider or server should choose a more focus email solution, such as Clean Email.


Aid4Mail is an email migration and archiving solution for the Windows operating system. It supports over 40 different email clients and services and comes with an assortment of built-in tools that cover everything from email discovery to email conversion to email forensics to email archiving.

Aid4Mail solution to keep emails in archive

Aid4Mail can archive emails to a number of different formats, including Outlook PST and MSG files, non-proprietary formats like mbox and EML files, formats that don’t require an email client program, like plain text, XML, or PDF, intermediary formats like CSV, or Aid4Mail’s highly compressed ZIP archive format. When compared with Clean Email, Aid4Mail noticeably lacks behind when it comes to design and usability. It also hasn’t been developed with popular online email services such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail in mind, making it somewhat less suitable for casual home users.


The more we rely on email for communication, the greater the importance of email archiving becomes. These days, it’s not just large enterprises that have to store old emails in a safe and searchable manner. Small and medium-sized businesses and even regular home users should familiarize themselves with available email archiving solutions and use them to protect important emails.

After testing many different email archivers aimed at the business and home sector alike, we’ve selected Clean Email as our favorite because of its efficiency, usability, and attractive price. Where other email archiving software solutions fail to be intuitive and efficient at the same time, Clean Email manages both flawlessly.

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