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Clean Email – an email cleaner – offers several options how to defeat inbox junk, so every user can select his or her preferred inbox cleaning strategy.

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Email Cleaner

Researchers estimate that spam accounts for over 50 percent of all email messages worldwide. That means that one of the most valuable tools we have is constantly bombarded by unsolicited messages, inappropriate content, and malware.

A single click on the wrong email attachment could lead to a disastrous computer infection capable of bringing down the entire company network or stealing sensitive personal information. And with the inbox full of spam emails, it’s nearly impossible to find old, important messages and stay organized.

A solution is needed. One that would be able to intelligently distinguish spammy emails from legitimate messages and automatically remove all spam with a click of a button. Fortunately, such solution already exists, and its name is email cleaner.

Why Use Email Inbox Cleaner?

An email cleaner app has become an essential maintenance tool for people who rely on email on a daily basis. With companies selling gigantic databases of email addresses to advertisers, marketers, and malicious scammers, even advanced spam filters have problems handling the intense barrage of spam they are subjected to.

Long gone are the days when every spam email stood out like a sore thumb. Spam authors have become much more creative, and many spam emails look completely innocent until you open one and infect your computer with dangerous malware.

As your inbox grows larger and larger with every new spam email you receive, it becomes more difficult to find specific email messages and read every new email without losing valuable time that could be used in a much more productive manner.

Soon, you start leaving emails unopened simply because you assume that most of them are spam. While this saves time, you risk missing important messages from friends, family, and coworkers. While switching to a different email provider may solve the situation temporarily, it takes a lot of work, and it won’t take a long time before spam emails find their way to your inbox again.

An email cleaner app is a permanent solution to the obnoxious problem of spam email. In the next chapter, we go over some of the most common and useful features of email cleaner apps. At the end of this article, we recommend what we consider to be the best email cleaner app currently available.

What Can an Email List Cleaner Do?

The purpose of all email cleaners is to rid your email account of unneeded messages. Most cleaners come with a bulk email cleaner functionality, allowing you to delete hundreds of emails with a single click. You can, for example, instantly delete all emails from selected senders or throw away all emails sent to you before, let’s say, 2015.

Email cleaners also commonly feature a duplicate email cleaner functionality, which can instantly help you reclaim dozens, if not hundreds, of megabytes of storage space by finding and deleting duplicate emails. Duplicate emails usually come from automatic email bots that are configured to send the same email over and over again until you pay attention to it. They may, however, also come from real people who lack the patience to wait a while for your reply.

Some of the best email cleaner apps can intelligently categorize emails by analyzing their content. If you, for example, receive most emails from your social media accounts, you could use an email cleaner app to easily sort them all into a folder to separate them from your personal and professional communication. The same can be said about travel emails, finance emails, and emails from various online stores and services.

Just like it’s important to get rid of spam and old emails that are no longer needed, you should also have the ability to differentiate important emails from ordinary emails. Imagine you receive an email containing an important legal document that you absolutely can’t afford to lose. A good email cleaner lets you mark all such emails as important and move them all at once to a special folder, away from ordinary emails.

If an email cleaner app takes this even further and has the ability to apply labels to multiple emails at once, that’s even better. In that case, there’s really no limit on how you can sort your inbox. You can group senders according to various criteria, you could mark emails according to their priority, or you could mark emails according to their type.

Last but not least, it’s great to have the option to display inbox statistics with information about your top senders. You may discover that you spend most of your time dealing with emails from just a handful of senders even though you communicate with hundreds of different people every month.

Unsubscribe from Junk Mail vs. Blocking

The spam button and block functions should be used for real spam. Just marking a legitimate email as spam or junk won’t actually unsubscribe you from that mailing list. On the other hand, illegal spam might often seem to feature a legitimate unsubscribe link, which only serves to lure users into visiting potentially dangerous sites.

Clicking on a fake unsubscribe from emails link is equal to notifying the spammer that your email address is actively in use. This works as a validation to the spammer, who can then forward your address to his spammer associates. Moreover, by visiting the spammer’s site, you are effectively giving them details about your geographic location (through your computer’s IP address), your browser and your operating system! Scarier of all, by clicking such links, you are in danger of malware infection.

Therefore, while you should not block or mark legitimate email as spam, you should be careful not to click unsubscribe email links from emails that might be from non-legitimate senders. When in doubt, it is best just to mark an email as spam and move along. If it is from a legitimate sender, you will be given the option to unsubscribe from this email again at a later date.

What’s the Best Email Cleaner?

The one bulk email cleaner solution that has all the above-described features and much more is Clean Email.

With Clean Email, you can quickly and easily regain control over your email accounts and, finally, enjoy email to its fullest potential. Clean Email employs sophisticated auto-clean scripts that can intelligently distinguish automated emails and spam from communication with real people.

These scripts analyze the headers of your emails and organize them for easy cleanup. An email header is the part of email message that contains information about the sender, the recipient, and the email’s route to get to the inbox. The other important part of email message is called body, and it contains the actual content of the message. Emails may also come with attachments, which are separate entities.

Here is an example of what an email header looks like in its raw form:

Received: from mail.guerrillamail.com (mail.guerrillamail.com [])
by freeharaka120 (Haraka/2.8.24) with ESMTP id DF4391CD-9B38-4B66-AC32-19ABA755682F.1 envelope-from ;
Sat, 28 Sep 2019 04:20:52 -0500
Received: by with HTTP; Sat, 28 Sep 2019 09:20:50 +0000
MIME-Version: 1.0
Message-ID: <62b1317f23caea7bd8cc9f0d1829514ba037@guerrillamail.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2019 09:20:50 +0000
To: "bagato@amailr.net"
From: "i15r1w+eysm21k6yj6hg@sharklasers.com"
Subject: Test email
X-Originating-IP: []
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

As you can see, email headers contain the subject line, sender and recipient information, dates, email size, and similar metadata. What they don’t contain is the actual content of emails or attachments. However, even this limited amount of information is enough for Clean Email to automatically bundle related emails, making it easy for you to manage hundreds or even thousands of emails with a few simple clicks.

Clean Email offers several options how to defeat inbox junk, so every user can select his or her preferred inbox cleaning strategy. You can also specify which emails you consider to be the most important and valuable to help Clean Email automatically categorize them for you.

Despite its powerful features, Clean Email is extremely easy to use because of its modern user interface, which follows the latest usability principles. No need to read lengthy, boring manuals just to figure out how to use features that shouldn’t require any explanation. Besides being accessible even to people who aren’t technically inclined, Clean Email is also secure enough to meet all cybersecurity challenges. With 128-bit encryption provided by Comodo and first-class customer support, your private data are as safe as they can be.

Best of all, Clean Email runs from all major web browsers and supports all popular email services. With a single Clean Email subscription, you can use Clean Email with all email accounts across all your devices.

The most straightforward way how to start using this capable email cleaner software is the Quick Clean feature, which groups some of the most common rules for added convenience, including older emails, social notifications, emails from dead ends, and others.

  1. Log in to Clean Email.
  2. Wait until Clean Email downloads headers of your emails and organizes them for easy cleanup.
  1. Tap or click the Quick Clean card.
  2. Select from the pre-sorted groups of emails and choose the action you would like to apply to each group.

With the free version of Clean Email, you can clean up to 1,000 emails, which is enough to give you a taste of why Clean Email is such an indispensable email management tool.

Those who upgrade to the premium version of Clean Email gain the ability to use Clean Email for up to 5 email accounts and unlock additional features, such as Unsubscriber, which prevents marketing emails and newsletters from ever reaching your inbox even if they don’t contain an option to unsubscribe.

Start using Clean Email right now!

Clean Email is built to work from any device and for all email clients, with additional functionalities and support added on a regular basis as new services emerge and new devices become available. One Clean Email subscription covers your mailbox across ALL your devices!

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