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Clean Email includes a variety of powerful tools and features to help you quickly clean out an overloaded mailbox, then easily keep it clean going forward by automating email cleaning tasks as you go. It's designed as a bulk email cleaner and works with groups of emails.

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Use filters to find emails you want to clean.Use filters to find emails you want to clean.
Groups of Emails
Groups of Emails
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Smart Folders

Clean and Organize

Clean emails from every corner of your account with tools designed to manage or delete thousands of emails at once.

Quick Clean

Quick Clean

Quick Clean combines the most commonly cleaned emails into categories like Social Notifications and Emails Older Than 3 years, which can then be moved to the trash or archived in bulk with a single click. Quick Clean is the best way to get started when first cleaning up your email Inbox.


Smart Views

Smart Views are predefined filters applied to your entire mailbox — a great email organizer. Clean Email uses Smart Views to group similar types of emails together, making it easy to go through all your emails in minutes, sort and clean emails you don't need, or even delete all emails from your mailbox.



Email Groups

Rather than working with emails one by one, our email cleaner app allows you to work with groups of emails based on things like sender, email address, subject, label, date, recipient, or size.

For example, you can group emails by sender to get rid of emails related to a project or everything from a particular sender.

Filters and Sorting

Apply various email filters like "Status" (Read or Unread), "Age" (how long ago was email sent or received), or search by keywords. Then sort emails by age, sender, or size to find and clean emails you no longer need.

For example, combining filters, sorting, and groups helps you quickly find and delete all large emails from a sender received more than a year ago.



Easily see mail from people, mailing lists, or both

A simple filter helps you distinguish emails sent by real people and by automated systems – even if they are pretending to be manually sent!

Find out if your personal information was stolen

Every year millions of email addresses and other sensitive data is illegally obtained by hackers from large websites, banks, and other systems.

Privacy Guard by Clean Email regularly checks your email against known data breaches and security incidents.

Privacy Guard

Automate tasks with Auto Clean

Keep your Inbox clean going forward by automating your email cleaning routine.

Read Later

Declutter your Inbox by having emails automatically moved to a dedicated "Read Later" folder by simply selecting “Read Later” within Unsubscriber and Auto Clean. This feature is great for newsletters and similar mail.

Selected emails will be delivered to Read Later without notifications keeping you focused until you choose to catch up. Combine with "Keep Newest" to only keep latest editions of your favorite newsletters.

Read Later

Keep Latest

Keep Newest

"Keep Newest" will automatically remove older email once a new similar email arrives. This helps you keep only relevant mail in your Inbox or other folders.

"Keep Newest" can work across multiple senders or subjects allowing you to set it up in the most convenient way.


Looking how to block an email? This feature allows you to discreetly stop any emails from a sender or a group of senders. Unblock at any time.




"Mute" emails from any sender, by subject, or other parameters. Great to avoid being distracted by frequently updated threads.

Auto Archive and keep Inbox clean

Auto Clean emails as they age or become irrelevant. Automatically archive emails older than 3 months, delete mail in "Read Later" after you read it, or delete it as it becomes older than 7 days, or create any rule based on lots of parameters and filters.

Clean Email can apply different rules to the same email (for example, you can choose to move an email to "Read Later" and then delete it after 7 days) and offers both simple and advanced Auto Clean rule builder to create rules quickly or target mail with advanced filters.

Old Email

Regular Summaries

Clean Email will send you a summary of all the activities to make sure you never miss anything important.

Supports all email providers

Clean Email supports major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and Outlook and any other email provider using IMAP.

As a trusted provider, we are verified by Google and are audited annually by independent security companies like Leviathan and Bishop Fox.

Supports all email providers

Works alongside your favorite email client

Since Clean Email connects to your mailbox directly, you can continue using any email client you like.

Supports all email providers

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