Changing the way we do emails with the best email cleaner

CleanEmail is an online bulk email cleaner that empowers you to take control of your mailbox. It relies on powerful rules and filters you can define to efficiently segment your mailbox into relevant groups, allowing you to quickly identify useful and clean up useless emails with a few clicks.

Clean email organizes your mail in rules

You are in control with our Inbox Cleaner

Instead of relying on simple automation scripts to auto-clean your mailbox (which may result in loss of important emails), CleanEmail's email inbox cleaner utilizes sophisticated algorithms to identify and categorize emails, giving the end user all the power to complete the task.

“CleanEmail doesn't automatically remove anything! Instead, it groups and suggests, giving users the 'helicopter view' of their mailbox so they can decide what's useful and what's trash”

- Kyryl, CleanEmail Founder

See your whole email inbox in a different light

Instead of focusing on individual emails (which is the very reason mailbox cleaning is so time-consuming),
CleanEmail segments your mailbox using rules and filters.


Permanently delete spam and unwanted emails in the groups you choose to be removed.

Apply Labels

Apply or clear labels to and from multiple emails at once.

Move or Archive

Conveniently move, store and archive important emails easier than ever before.

Protect the emails you need

You can also define what types of emails you think important in the 'Protected', the 'Friends and Family' lists and the 'Coworkers' sections, further improving the engine and saving you more time.




Setup aliases to improve results

If you are using multiple email accounts or aliases, you can make the email cleaner app engine even smarter and save even more time by instructing CleanEmail to capture and group all emails send by you and to you by addresses that are directly associated to a specific mailbox. Add a single address, -, or a whole domain -, and CleanEmail will do the rest.

Clean email app allows you to enter your other email addresses to be treated as aliases
Easy to clean gmail inbox with Clean Email

Quick and effortless removal

Moving, deleting, and unsubscribing from emails in email clients or web interface is very slow and limiting. CleanEmail is the best email cleaner app and is able to remove thousands of emails by directly communicating with your mailbox "server-to-server". No need to download everything to your phone or desktop anymore, move to trash and delete page by page.

Complete multiplatform support

CleanEmail is built to work from any major browser, on all email clients and on all devices, with additional functionalities and support added on a regular basis as new services emerge and new devices become available. One CleanEmail subscription covers your mailbox across ALL your devices!

Inbox cleaner works on all devices

Constantly evolving 🚀

CleanEmail is, and will remain in active development. Our team works hard to change the way we do emails, and with every new development in online technology, CleanEmail is improved too, so YOU get to enjoy the most powerful email cleaning solution.

Our commitment to Security and Privacy

Here at CleanEmail, we are committed to your security and privacy. In short: we don't keep, sell, or analyze your data for the purposes beyond our public features. Read below for more details.

Your access to this website is encrypted with 128 bit encryption provided by Comodo certificate. Hover the "Comodo SSL Certificate" logo for more information.

Mailbox access on your terms

Gmail uses a protocol called OAuth2 to control access your Gmail mailbox. You "grant" CleanEmail access to your mailbox and you can "revoke" it any time. All access tokens are encrypted and only used to perform operations related to our features. Access tokens will never be shared with any third party.

iCloud does not support OAuth2 but you can use Apple's "App-specific Passwords" feature for additional layer of security. With App-Specific Passwords you can create a separate password to be used just with CleanEmail. It can also be "revoked" at any time.

Your credentials are encrypted

Mailbox access details are encrypted. They are not available to anyone at CleanEmail and they are only used to scan your mailbox and perform selected actions.

Minimum Data, Maximum Security

CleanEmail never downloads full emails. Our algorithms only analyze email headers that contain subject line, sender and recipient information, dates, email size, and similar metadata. We do not access email contents or attachments contents. After your data is indexed it will be stored for 24 hours allowing you to use CleanEmail to clean and organize your mail. After 24 hours all the data is removed and cannot be recovered - next time you log in the scan/index process will start over.

CleanEmail is a paid service and we don't sell or keep your data

CleanEmail will never share, give away, sell, analyze, "anonymize", or otherwise use your data including but not limited to your email address, email addresses found in your mailbox, email contents, email attachments for any purpose beyond our core functionality.

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