What is Gmail Snooze? How to Use it and Customise

Learn how to use the Gmail snooze feature to organize your time and never forget to respond to an important message again. Snooze in Gmail helps tidy your inbox by removing emails until you need them.

What is Snooze in Gmail?

You can snooze Gmail emails to ensure you're focusing on the messages you need right now, and to keep your inbox decluttered.

But what is snoozed in Gmail?

Gmail snooze settings allow you to choose when to receive the message again at the top of your inbox by selecting a date and time.

You will then receive a notification as if the message is brand new! This is handy if the email has a deadline, or you're not ready to respond.

When you postpone a message, you can find it within the snoozed folder in the Gmail app sidebar. All snoozed emails will be kept in here until you need them.

How to Snooze Emails in Gmail

The process of using Gmail snooze feature is very easy (learn more about other Gmail features and Gmail tips and tricks). Follow the steps below to postpone a message on the web, Android, or iPhone.

Snooze Gmail emails on the web

  1. Login to your mail account on the web.
  2. Point or hover over a message you want a reminder for.
  3. A clock icon will appear to the right. This is the snooze button.
  4. Click it and choose a date and time to receive the email back into your inbox.

To postpone more than one message, select them all first, then hover over emails and click snooze.

When a snoozed email reappears in your inbox, you will get a notification, if you have turned them on!

How to snooze Gmail notifications on mobile

The process of Gmail snooze is very similar on Android and iPhone.


To set a reminder to a message using your Android device:

  1. Open the Gmail app on your device.
  2. Open a message you want to postpone until later.
  3. Tap More at the top right, then choose snooze.
  4. Here, choose a date and time to receive the email again.

Select multiple messages to postpone more than one email.


To snooze an email using your iPhone:

  1. Open the app on your mobile.
  2. Now open the message you want a reminder for.
  3. Tap More in the top right corner and click snooze.
  4. Choose the date and time you want to receive the message again.

Select multiple messages to postpone more than one email. You can also change your Gmail app snooze settings to allow you to slide an email left or right to show the snooze option. This is handy if you postpone a lot of emails.

How to Turn Off Snooze in Gmail

You may decide to turn off snooze on a particular email if you want to respond now, or do not need it to arrive later.

Again, this process is easy.

On the Web

  1. Open your mail account on the web.
  2. Locate the snoozed folder in the sidebar.
  3. Open the message you’d like to unsnooze.
  4. At the top right of the opened email, you will see ‘unsnooze’ written in blue.
  5. Click Unsnooze!

The email will be removed from the folder and will appear back in your main inbox.

In Mobile App

The process of turning off snooze on iPhone and Android is the same.

  1. Open the mobile app on your device.
  2. Head into the snoozed folder found in the menu.
  3. Open the message you’d like to unsnooze.
  4. Tap the three dots in the right corner.
  5. Choose unsnooze.

This will remove the email from the snoozed folder and replace it in your main inbox.

How to Find Snoozed Emails in Gmail

To find snoozed emails in Gmail you can do either of the following methods.

  1. Open the snoozed email folder within the Gmail sidebar. All snoozed emails will show here.
  2. Or search in: snoozed. All snoozed messages will show within your search.

From here you can choose to turn off the snooze.

Best Gmail Snooze Extension

Gmail’s snooze feature is good and easy to use. However, there are some Gmail add-ons you can download to add to your mail account which will support snoozing emails.

Here are a couple of good ones:

  1. CloudHQ
    • With CloudHQ you can also postpone emails by a specific date and time.
    • If the email is unopened, it will be snoozed again, so you receive another notification.
  1. Boomerang
    • With Boomerang you can add a note to your returning emails, so you don’t forget something important.
    • Again, you can choose to snooze if the email is unopened.

Want a Tidier Inbox? Choose Clean Email

Clean Email cannot help you with snoozing emails, but you can use this app to create a clean and organised inbox!

With a clean mailbox, you can achieve more. You’ll have less distraction, less clutter, and be able to keep up with the important tasks instead.

Some benefits of using Clean Email are the super handy features. Here are a few:

Auto Clean

This feature enables you to create automated email tasks instead of having to waste time manually performing them.

For example, you can automate sending emails directly into a different folder, rather than your main inbox.

Automatically move emails with Auto Clean in Clean EmailAutomatically move emails with Auto Clean in Clean Email

This is handy if you want to separate work emails from your personal messages.

Smart Views

Smart Views will automatically categorise your emails into smart easy bundles. You can choose which view to use when using Clean Email. For example, emails will be bundled into social media notifications, or emails older than one year.

Smart Views feature in Clean EmailSmart Views feature in Clean Email


With Unsubscriber you can quickly remove yourself from unwanted mailing lists or spammy subscriptions.

Simply click unsubscribe to stop emails from landing in your inbox.

Unsubscribe from emails with Clean EmailUnsubscribe from emails with Clean Email

You can also choose to Read Later; this option moves your subscriptions into a different folder for you to read when you’re ready. You can see more cool features Clean Email has to offer here.

Wondering to learn more about Gmail customization? Check out our other articles on how to use Gmail effectively and how Gmail keyboard shortcuts can help.

Gmail Snooze Feature - FAQs

What does snooze mean in new Gmail?

It means you can have the message redelivered to your inbox on a date and time you choose. This ensures you don’t forget anything important!

How do I turn off snooze in Gmail?

Head into the snoozed folder, open the message you want to turn off snooze and click unsnooze in the top right corner.

How do I Unsnooze my Gmail?

To unsnoozed the message you need to open the snoozed folder, open the email, and click unsnoozed in the top right corner.

What are snooze settings in the Gmail app?

Snooze settings allow you to reschedule when an email appears in your inbox. You can choose a date and time.

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