Apple Hide My Email: What It Is And How To Use

Let’s learn 3 different ways to use Apple’s Hide My Email feature, along with the importance of protecting your personal email address and online privacy.

What is Hide My Email?

Have you ever needed to use your mail account to sign up for a new subscription, but you didn’t want to use your personal one? If the answer is yes, Apple Hide My Email is the perfect service for you.

Hide My Email is a feature from Apple that allows you to create a new, random, and unique mail address to use in these situations where you need to provide a mailbox, but would like your personal mail address to remain private. If an email spammer gets your address, this tool will protect you since they don’t have your real mail address anyway!

It’s the perfect feature to use when signing up for new apps, subscribing to newsletters, or sending a message to someone you don’t know very well. The best part is, the emails that are sent to these burner addresses are automatically forwarded to your real address.

For people wondering how to delete digital footprint, understanding the Hide My Email tool from Apple is a great place to start.

How To Use Hide My Email On iOS 15

Now that you understand what this feature can do for you, you’re probably wondering, how does Hide My Email work? Let's go over the step-by-step instructions on how to use this exciting tool. 

1. Sign In With Apple

The most common way you will encounter Apple Hide My Email is through the option to sign in with Apple. It’s important to note that before using this method to gain access to this privacy-enhancing feature, you must have an Apple ID.

  1. When you’re on your iPhone, open the app that you’re trying to sign up for.
  2. During the signup process, choose the option that says, “Sign In With Apple.” This will allow you to use your Apple ID to sign in to the app and gain access to this feature.
  3. After choosing to sign in with your Apple ID, you will be given two options: Share My Email and Hide My Email. Choose “Hide My Email” then “continue.”
  4. How to use Hide My Email on iOS 15How to use Hide My Email on iOS 15
  5. You are all set! This means that any emails the app sends to your burner mail address will be automatically forwarded to your real mailbox, but the app will never know what your real mail account is.

Thankfully Apple offers widespread access to this tool, as anyone who has an Apple ID will be able to take advantage of it via this method.

2. Hide My Email on iOS 15 for iCloud Users

When learning how to use Hide My Email, it’s important to know that in order to use this method, you must be an iCloud user.

When filling out online forms, like when you sign up for newsletters and subscribe to your favorite blogging site, iCloud users are easily able to hide their personal address from semi-trustworthy eyes.

Let’s review step-by-step instructions for using Hide My Email on iOS 15 for iCloud users.

On your iPhone or iPad, go to the website you are wanting to give your address to in order to subscribe to their newsletter.

  1. Tap the box that is asking for your mail address.
  2. Your iPhone or iPad should recognize what the website is asking for, and “Hide My Email” should show up as an autofill option.
  3. Choose “Hide My Email.”
  4. Hide My Email on iOS 15 for iCloud usersHide My Email on iOS 15 for iCloud users
  5. iCloud will pop up with a unique, alternative option for you to use. Tap “Continue” to proceed. 
  6. Then you will be given the option to save this burner mail address under a label. This is recommended so you know what it’s corresponding to, whether it’s a website or app. This could be helpful information for you later.

3. How to Hide My Email Address in Gmail

Apple also allows iOS 15 users to use these fake email addresses directly from the Mail app on their iPhones and iPads, including from their Gmail account. Let’s review the step-by-step instructions for composing a message in the Mail app with a burner address. 

  1. Open the Mail app and tap on the icon to create a new message. 
  2. Tap the “from” field, and instead of choosing your personal address, choose “Hide My Email.”
  3. How to Hide My Email address in GmailHow to Hide My Email address in Gmail
  4. Your phone will then provide a unique, fake address for you to send your message from. Any replies you receive to this new address will automatically forward to your personal address.

How To Turn Off Hide My Email On iPhone

If you want to turn off this feature, you will need to deactivate the specific addresses you no longer wish to use.

Let’s review the step-by-step instructions on how to deactivate them.

  1. On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  2. Tap your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap “iCloud.”
  4. How to turn off Hide My Email on iPhoneHow to turn off Hide My Email on iPhone
  5. Tap “Hide My Email.”
  6. The app will list all of the burner addresses you created along with the app or website they’re linked to. Choose the mail addresses you would like to deactivate.
  7. Turn off Hide My Email on iPhoneTurn off Hide My Email on iPhone

    💡 Note: Deactivating an address does not delete the address itself, but it will stop the emails from being forwarded to your real address.

  8. If you’ve mistakenly deactivated an address, you can always reactivate it under “Inactive Addresses.”

💡 Note: There are similar alternatives to Apple’s Hide My Email feature, however, Apple’s feature is the most trusted and recommended. Here are two of the most popular options for a Hide My Email alternative: Email Protection from DuckDuckGo and Bump.

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Apple Hide My Email - FAQs

How do I hide my email address?

When signing up for an app, choose “Sign in With Apple” and then “Hide My Email.” When subscribing to a newsletter as an iCloud user, tap the mail address field and choose the “Hide My Email” autofill option.

How do I hide my email on my iPhone?

When sending a message on your iPhone, tap the “from” field and choose “Hide My Email.” Continue writing your message and your iPhone will insert a fake mail address into the “from” field for you.

What is Hide My Email used for?

This helpful feature is used for websites and apps that are asking for your personal mail address, but you don’t trust the source enough to provide it. More specifically, it’s used when subscribing to newsletters, creating a new account on an app, or sending a message to someone you don’t know.

Is Hide My Email free?

Yes, it is free. This feature is available to all iOS 15 users.

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