Account Preferences

You can access your Clean Email account preferences by clicking your email address at the top left-hand corner of the page and then clicking Preferences in the menu.

Clicking Preferences in the menu

The Preferences page consists of five tabs:

The Preferences page

General Tab

The General tab contains a variety of preferences settings, including which page appears each time you log in to Clean Email, and which language is used in the Clean Email interface and communications.

The General tab

Start Screen

In the Start Screen section, you click the drop-down menu to select which page appears each time you log in to Clean Email.

The Start Screen section


In the Language section, you can click the drop-down menu to select which language is used by the Clean Email interface and communications.

The Language section

Display Cleaning Suggestions in Smart Folders

In the section labeled Display Cleaning Suggestions in Smart Folders, you can click the toggle to control whether or not relevant Cleaning Suggestions will appear in Smart Folders. The toggle is enabled by default.

Display Cleaning Suggestions in Smart Folders

Default Action

The Default action section lets you control which action is displayed by default when viewing a group of messages in a Smart Folder. By default, this field is set to Trash, but you can click the drop-down and choose a different default action.

The Default action section

For example, if you select Archive as the default action, when you view a smart folder, the Archive button will appear for each message group instead of the Trash button.

Select Archive as the default action

Quick Cancel

In the Quick Cancel section, you can control whether or not Clean Email will present a cancel button briefly before executing cleaning actions. This option is disabled by default, as shown in the following illustration.

The Quick Cancel section

For more information, please see Canceling an Accidental Action with Quick Cancel.

Reset “Confirmation Required” Dialogs

In the section labeled Reset “Confirmation Required” Dialogs, you can optionally reset the status of all confirmation dialogs in the system back to their default settings.

Reset Confirmation Required Dialogs

For example, when applying a cleaning action, you may see a confirmation dialog that asks you to verify the action you want to perform. In many of these confirmation dialogs, you can toggle on or off the option Do not ask for confirmation again.

A confirmation dialog asks you to verify the action you want to perform

If you want to reset all confirmation dialogs to their default statuses, click Reset.

To reset all confirmation dialogs click Reset

Aliases Tab

On the Aliases tab, you can enter any email aliases that can be used to send mail to your primary email account.

An email alias is an address that is different than your primary email address but is configured to automatically forward messages to your primary address. For example, suppose you have a special address that you only provide to certain people. When someone sends a message to that address, the message is automatically forwarded to you at your primary address. Enter the forwarding address–that is, the alias–in this field so that Clean Email can receive, display, and process messages sent to that alias.

You can add individual addresses or the whole email domain.

The Aliases tab

Pinned Tab

On the Pinned tab, you can control your pinned messages. When you pin messages (e.g., all messages from a given sender), the messages are not affected by any automated cleaning rules at all.

The Pinned tab

For more information about pinned messages, please see our article Pinned Messages.

Sender Groups Tab

On the Sender Groups tab, you can define groups of contacts and optionally pin messages from the email addresses of the members of those groups.

The Contact Groups tab

For example, you can enter your friends’ email addresses in the Friends group. Press Enter to start a new line after each address, and click Save to save your changes.

Click Save

For each contact group (Friends, Family, or Coworkers), you can optionally click to enable the Pin messages switch. Turning this on automatically pins all messages received from members of the selected group, so that Clean Email will not apply any cleaning actions (other than pin rules) to those messages. For more information, please see our article Pinned Messages.

Click to enable the Pin messages switch
The switch is enabled
The switch is turned off

Data Removal Tab

On the Data Removal tab, you can completely delete your Clean Email account data from our service.

📌 Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions or problems with Clean Email, please reach out to our Support team for assistance. However, if you need to delete your account data from our service, you can do so on the Data Removal tab.

The Data Removal tab

If you do not see a button to delete your data, this means your subscription is still active. In order to prevent future automatic payments, please cancel your subscription before deleting your account data. For more information, please see Canceling Your Subscription.

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