Best Practices for Using Clean Email Efficiently

Unlike a regular email client, Clean Email is designed to help you clean your email inbox, and then keep it clean automatically. With all the features and options available, we understand that new users may be a little overwhelmed upon accessing Clean Email for the first time.

We have gathered practical recommendations from our team and power users to help you make Clean Email work for you.

Log In Regularly

Consider logging in to Clean Email every day for at least one week. Review the messages in your inbox and in your favorite Smart Folders, but rather than simply moving the messages to the trash, deleting them entirely, or moving them to specific folders, ask yourself if you would like to have that mail handled by Clean Email in the future.

Let Clean Email Clean Future Messages For You

Example: Email Receipts

For example, suppose you frequently purchase content from a media provider, and you do not want all of the provider’s receipt messages cluttering up your inbox. However, you also do not want to delete the messages in case you need the receipts later on. In this case, you want future messages from them to be “delivered to” another folder.

Best practices for using Clean Email efficiently

In the example image above, the highlighted group contains 3 messages from the sender App Store.

Clicking the message group lets you preview each of the messages in the group.

Clicking the message group lets you preview each of the messages

By clicking the Inbox drop-down in the Sender Settings section of the preview pane, you can quickly and easily configure Clean Email to deliver all future messages from this specific sender to a folder named App Store. As part of creating that setting, you can apply it to the existing messages, and Clean Email will clean the existing messages at the same time.

This setting is a part of what we call “Sender Settings” – controls you can use to adjust behavior for mail from each sender.

Example: Daily Notifications

As another example, suppose you subscribe to daily notifications from the postal service about new mail and packages to be delivered each day. You do want to receive these messages every day, but older messages become irrelevant once the new one is received, and you also do not need to be notified about them – just to have them available for your information.

Clean Email helps you solve that with only a few clicks.

You could start by selecting the message group containing these daily notification messages.

Daily informed delivery notifications

Then, move the mouse cursor over the group in the center pane, and click the More button to see options for cleaning current and future messages.

Click the More button

A menu appears with available actions related to the sender and the messages in the group.

A menu appears with available actions related to the sender

By choosing Mute in the menu, you will instruct Clean Email to mark all incoming mail as read. By choosing Keep Newest in the menu, you can configure Clean Email to automatically delete all but the single newest message from that sender, with just a few clicks.

For more information, please see our article Keeping Only the Newest in One or More Groups of Messages.

But what if you want to keep mail from the service for a couple of days to make sure you have received everything? In this case, rather than using Keep Newest, use the Trash After and set it to a few days (say, a week). Trash After will instruct Clean Email to delete mail from the sender automatically after the timeframe.

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