Connecting your mailbox

First, you need to connect Clean Email to your mailbox. No need to worry – we are very concerned with your security and privacy and will never use this access for anything outside our core features. Our approach to your security and privacy is explained on our homepage and detailed in our privacy policy.

Clean Email is verified by Google, Yahoo, and AOL as a trusted application. Clean Email is also an A+ rated BBB Accredited business.

For your convenience, we have hardcoded dedicated buttons for email providers which allows us to do that so the login screen will look like this:

Login screen with dedicated buttons for email providers

If you are a Gmail or GSuite user, use the Google button to login. For Yahoo and other providers powered by Yahoo (like SBCGlobal net), use the Yahoo button. The last dedicated button is for emails from Microsoft’s suite of products (,, and any custom domain powered by Office 365.

For any other email provider you will have to add your email address in the text field and click continue. Based on your email provider you will be asked for more information, like an IMAP server address or just a password.

Here is some important things to remember in order to avoid login and indexing issues:

  1. Do not confuse the Outlook app/software with an email. Outlook button is only for emails (and other emails powered by Microsoft). If you have an email address (for example) you will need to use the Google button to login, even if you are using the Outlook app/software as your email client.
  2. Use Google button only for emails or custom domains powered by GSuite.
  3. iCloud and AOL users must generate an app-specific password in order to be able to login. Using your main iCloud or AOL password will not work.
  4. Clean Email works with any IMAP-enabled mail server. If your server only has POP3 access, unfortunately Clean Email will not be able to access your email. Although most email providers have also IMAP servers, there are cases when access is disabled by admins for security reasons.

Once connected, Clean Email will create an "index" (analyze the headers) of all emails in your mailbox. This process is usually quick but if you have thousands of emails it might take some time. It's safe to close Clean Email and let it continue in background – we will let you know when the indexing is complete and your mailbox is ready for you.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.