What is "Index"

To work, Clean Email needs to build an index of your mail – a temporary database which contains certain information about emails in your mailbox. Index is built at the first login and then updated regularly, including every time you log in to Clean Email.

⚠️ Attention: Please be aware that based on your email server and your account size, index can take more time. Read more about it here.

Once you login for the first time and indexing starts, you can close your browser or an app and come back later. Indexing will continue running in the background and we will notify you once it’s done.

What is being stored?

Clean Email only indexes email sender, recipients, folders and labels, date and time received or sent, size, information about attachments (their number, type and size), and subjects.

What is not stored?

Everything else. For example, Clean Email ignores email contents (that's why we don't have any rules that are applied to the email body) and attachments.

When is index deleted?

If you log out (or simply close your browser) and do not login for 45 days, index will automatically be purged. Index is also deleted when you remove your account from Clean Email using an account removal feature. You can also contact support and request for your account to be deleted.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.