Previewing Messages

In Clean Email, when you click any item in a list, the preview pane opens on the right-hand side of the pane. The contents of the preview pane depend on what type of items are displayed in the list.

For example:

Unsubscriber overview

Using the Preview Pane Controls

You can use the controls in the preview pane to organize, display and manage your messages.

Here are the controls available in the preview pane; for each item in this list, there is a separate section of this article below.

Selecting Detailed or Compact View

To choose between the detailed view and a more compact view that does not include the Preview button, click the Detailed drop-down.

Click the Summary drop-down

Controlling the Sort Sequence

You can control the sequence in which the message groups are sorted by clicking the default sort sequence Newest on Top and selecting the desired sequence from the drop-down list.

Controlling the Sort Sequence

Previewing Message Contents

Clean Email protects your privacy. By default, Clean Email does not download your email message contents. We use information from the message headers (such as the subject, sender name, and sender email address) to display email groups and previews of individual messages.

However, you can choose to view the full contents of any message by selecting a message group and then clicking the Preview button for the desired message in the preview pane. The message content is loaded and cached temporarily, so that we can show you the preview. In accordance with our strict privacy policy, the content of your messages is kept private.

Clean Email protects your privacy

To close the message content preview, click Hide at the bottom left-hand corner of the preview.

Click Show Less

Accessing Sender Settings

Context-specific actions for the sender appear in the Sender Settings section of the preview pane. If the message group consists of messages sent as part of a mailing list, the Mailing List Settings section appears instead.

Accessing Sender Settings

You can also access the Sender Settings or Mailing List Settings dialog for more advanced options by clicking the Settings button to right of the group name, or the triple dot icon inside Sender Settings.

Sender Settings dialog

For more information about Sender Settings, please see our article Sender Settings.

Toggling the Multiple Message Selector

You can select multiple messages in the preview to quickly take an action on all selected messages at the same time.

One way to select the messages is to click Select... near the top of the preview pane, to the right of the number of messages.

Click the multiple message selector

Clicking the button replaces all sender icons with blue selection buttons.

Clicking the button replaces all sender icons with blue selection buttons

Alternatively, clicking any sender icon also selects the message group and toggles all other sender icons to blue selection buttons

Clicking any sender icon also selects the message group

You can click each blue circle to select one or more message groups. If you click Clear Selection next to the Select All button, the selection buttons are once again replaced by sender icons.

At the bottom of the preview pane, the action bar provides shortcuts to various actions you can take on all selected messages in the currently previewed group (such as moving all selected messages to the trash). If you do not select individual message groups, the buttons in the action bar apply to all messages displayed in the preview pane.

Click each blue circle to select one or more message groups

For more information, please see Smart Folders.

Closing the Preview Pane

To close the preview pane, click the X at the upper right-hand corner of the pane.

Closing the Preview Pane
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