Searching and Filtering

Clean Email allows you to search for groups in any Smart Folder, search for senders/mailing lists in the Unsubscriber, and search for rules in Auto Clean. You can also filter the list of message groups to help you narrow things down and find the messages you are looking for.

Searching in Clean Email

To search for message groups in Clean Email, click the search bar at the top of the main view and enter the word or phrase you want to search for.

📌 Note: If you enter more than one word in the search bar, Clean Email searches for results containing any of the individual words.

Searching in Clean Email

Enter at least two characters of the search term or phrase, and Clean Email immediately begins filtering the list of groups displayed.

📌 Note: Clean Email only searches the sender and subject fields of your messages. For your privacy, message bodies are not downloaded, so Clean Email cannot search message contents.

Filtering Message Groups

Every folder listed in the left-hand navigation pane is considered a Smart Folder, and automatically includes certain filters by default. For example, the Inbox folder only shows groups of messages that are in your inbox. Likewise, some other Smart Folders automatically apply the “In inbox” filter by default, for your convenience. As another example, the Top Senders folder is limited to groups of messages from the senders who have sent you the most messages. All Smart Folders exclude messages marked as spam. For more information about Smart Folders, please see our Smart Folders article.

You can apply additional filters on top of each Smart Folder’s default filters to further narrow the list of message groups displayed. You can even do this after using the search bar, to filter the search results.

For example, you could perform a search for “Google” and then filter the search results to include only messages that are older than two years.

You can apply additional filters

Clean Email provides several frequently used filter options for quick access just above the search bar.

To apply custom filters, click the Filter button to the right of the Large Mail filter button.

To apply custom filters, click Filters

In the drop-down menu, you can apply various filters to help you find the messages you are looking for. To clear any filter, click the X in the updated filter button above the search bar.

📌 Note: Some filters are not applicable to certain Smart Folders. For example, when viewing the Inbox folder, the label filters are not applicable. Depending on what you are currently viewing, some of the filtering options described below may not be available.

Click the Star drop-down
Click the Labeled As drop-down
Click the Not Labeled drop-down
Click the Status drop-down
Click the Older than drop-down
Filter of message size

For information about message grouping, please see Smart Folders.

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