I Am Missing Important Messages. Why?

Missing messages are usually messages that have been processed by an Auto Clean rule, by the Unsubscriber, or via Sender Settings. This can happen when you create overly broad rules like "Archive all messages in the Social Notification folder”, “Delete all Notification messages”, or Remove all Unread messages", (just to name a few examples of rules we have seen over time).

Unfortunately, the Clean Email software does not “know” which messages are important for you and which are not, it only performs actions exactly as you have instructed it.

Although most of the time social notifications are useless, there may be cases when they are not. The same applies to online shopping messages. Most notification messages are useless, but they can also be bank notifications or other messages that you may actually want to receive. Likewise, even though there may be situations in which someone would want to remove all unread messages, most of the time that is not something you want to do.

The same concept applies to Unsubscriber rules. A sender like "name@somesender.com" may send mostly useless messages, but might occasionally send important ones.

Resolving Missing Messages

If you find that you are missing messages that may have been removed by Clean Email, please check the Trash folder. You may be able to recover the messages from there.

If you have emptied the trash and the missing messages are no longer in the Trash folder, you may still be able to recover the messages with assistance from your email provider’s support team.

Preventing Future Occurrences

There are a few ways to prevent this kind of issue:

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