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I deleted lots of emails but i can still see them in my email app. Why?

Actions are still being applied

Sometimes it takes a while for email servers to reflect changes made to your mailbox. It's especially valid for large email accounts or actions applied to many emails at once.

Clean Email might still be working on applying your actions as well. Removing thousands of emails from your server might take hours to complete.

Your device has a local copy of emails

Clean Email works directly with your email server and all actions started in Clean Email reflect directly in your email account. However, that may or may not also reflect on your local devices, being a phone or a computer. It all depends what kind of app/software (email client) you are using to read your email and how it is set up.

The email clients can be set up to access the email server in 2 ways: using POP3 protocol and using IMAP protocol. Both protocols serve the same purpose but they are working in different ways. POP3 is a protocol which downloads emails from the server to the device (phone/laptop) while IMAP shows emails directly from server.

If your email app/software was set to use POP3 protocol to access your email Clean Email is unable to access those emails. If your email app/software was set to use IMAP protocol, it is always showing the emails as they are on the server, so any changes made by Clean Email will be reflect on your device as well.

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