Help and Support for CleanEmail

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Welcome to Clean Email – a set of powerful yet easy to use tools to clean and manage your mailboxes.

1. Start with Quick Clean!

We've combined most frequently used tools under "Quick Clean". Quick Clean's approach is "get rid of lots of things with one click". Social notifications, emails with delivery errors and other junk like that can be cleaned with a single click.

To use Quick Clean first log in to Clean Email and tap or click QuickClean card.

2. Take a closer look with pre-created Views

The power of Clean Email is in its ability to present your mailbox through pre-created views driven by smart rules. Go through those rules to remove old and large emails, get rid of selected emails from a specific sender and more – recognizes and presents you with lots of different types of emails. Unlike Quick Clean, this gives more control to you and helps you get rid of hundreds and thousands of emails quickly.

To go through all the views Clean Email prepared log in to Clean Email, scroll the cards, and tap or click the one you are interested in. We recommend reading more about Rules and Groups to better understand how they work.

3. Unsubscribe, Block, and make sure your mailbox stays clean

Clean Email is built to save you time – including going forward. As you delete, move, archive, or label emails with Clean Email you can choose to apply the same action to matching emails in the future using our Automation features. To automate your rules choose to "Automatically apply to matching emails in the future" when you confirm any rule action.

You can also use Smart Unsubscribe to prevent marketing emails and newsletters from ever reaching your mailbox. This way Clean Email will make sure that matching emails won't stay in your Inbox – even if the sender does not provide an option to unsubscribe. To use Smart Unsubscribe choose it as an action to be applied to a group of emails. For more information about how it works please check out our Smart Unsubscribe guide.

We recommend reading a short summary, a step by step guide, and watching an introductory video to get an idea about how Clean Email works.

Clean Email was created in California and is run by a small team from all over the world . Read our story