Help and Support for CleanEmail

How to clean up mailboxes with tens of thousands of emails

If your mailbox contains more than 10,000 of emails we recommend following this guide to make sure that your experience is as smooth as possible

  1. Clean Email will do its best to index your mailbox as fast as possible but providers like Gmail limit the speed of our access and this process might take some time. You can safely close Clean Email and we will send you a note when the index is done.
  2. Make sure you return to review and clean your email within 24 hours. Due to our privacy policy we only keep the index for 24 hours and it will be removed if you don't log in again. If you log in after 24 hours Clean Email will have to start over.
  3. When you apply actions to emails (especially to thousands of emails at once) Clean Email will work in background to process your emails one by one therefore changes might not be immediately visible to you in your email client. We noticed that working with large mailboxes is even slower than usual and providers like Gmail often instruct us to wait a certain amount of time before applying the next action. Clean Email will follow these instructions but you can be sure that all actions will be applied as quickly as possible.
  4. Buy Clean Email. We don't say this often but paying a small fee to manage your emails will pay off in the long run.
  5. We recommend reading a short summary, a step by step guide, and watching an introductory video to get an idea about how Clean Email works.

Clean Email was created in California and is run by a small team from all over the world . Read our story