Keep Your Mailbox Clean and Organized Automatically

To keep your email account clean and organized automatically, so you do not have to clean it out on a regular basis, we recommend using the following tools:

Sender and Mailing List Settings

With sender and mailing list settings, you can quickly and easily configure Clean Email to automatically clean certain messages as soon as they arrive in your email account.

For example, with Sender Settings, you can easily configure all future messages from your boss’s email address to be starred or flagged automatically upon receipt. (Or, if you would prefer to have your boss’s email messages marked as read automatically, Clean Email can do that too; we are not judging.)

As another example, you could have all messages from your investment advisors moved to a specific folder automatically as soon as they come in.

Or, unsubscribe from a newsletter that you no longer need to keep receiving. Even if the sender does not honor your unsubscribe request, Clean Email will ensure that the sender’s messages are delivered directly to the trash instead of your inbox.

For more information on sender and mailing list settings, please check out the following articles:

Auto Clean

Clean Email has been helping our customers keep their mailboxes clean for years, and we have learned a great deal about what kinds of cleaning tools and actions people like to use. We are constantly evolving and adding new capabilities to the service, but in some cases you might have a unique cleaning need that is not covered by the other features in Clean Email.

If this happens, you can use Auto Clean to create your own custom automatic cleaning rules, so your mailbox will stay clean all the time and you will not have to spend as much time cleaning out unwanted messages.

An Auto Clean rule is kind of like a recipe or a script for Clean Email to follow. You can use our intuitive rule creation interface to first identify the specific messages you want to clean based on almost any criteria, and then instruct Clean Email what to do when matching messages are received. This can be any action from starring or flagging the messages, to moving them to a specific folder, to moving the messages to the trash or deleting them outright–all automatically, and often before you ever even see the messages.

For more information, please see Auto Clean Overview.

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