Stop Unwanted Messages from Reaching Your Inbox

In addition to helping you save time while cleaning up your mailbox as efficiently as possible, Clean Email provides a variety of tools you can use to prevent unwanted messages from ever reaching your inbox in the first place.

Clean Email can quickly and easily help you with all of the following scenarios:

Screening All Messages from New Senders Before Deciding to Block or Allow the Senders

If you want Clean Email to stop incoming messages from senders who have never emailed you before, and set them aside for your review, use the Screener. You can then review the senders and see previews of their messages, before deciding whether to allow their future messages or block everything they send you.

For more information, please see Screener.

Blocking or Muting a Sender

Suppose you want to block all messages from a specific sender.

Using Clean Email, it’s easy to block the sender so that all of the sender’s future messages will be delivered to the trash instead of your inbox.

Alternatively, you can mute a sender so that their messages will still reach your inbox, but will be marked read automatically to prevent you from getting notifications about new mail from the sender.

For instructions on blocking or muting a sender, please see Block or Mute a Sender.

Blocking All Messages Sent from a Specific Domain

If you receive spam messages from randomized addresses that have a common email domain, you can block the entire domain to have all messages sent from that domain delivered directly to the trash instead of your inbox.

For instructions on blocking a domain, please see Block All Messages Sent from a Specific Domain.

Blocking All Messages Containing a Specific Word in the Sender Address or Subject

To block all messages that include a specific word in the sender address or subject line, you can create an Auto Clean rule to deliver those messages to the trash.

Auto Clean is a very flexible tool that lets you control which messages Clean Email will automatically send to the trash, based on a number of criteria.

For more information, please see Auto Clean Overview.

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