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Using the Smart Unsubscriber

The Unsubscriber is accessed by clicking a Smart Unsubscriber button.

The Unsubscriber is accessed by clicking a Smart Unsubscriber button

The number that shows up on the button includes subscriptions that are “new” for the system. These are subscriptions that do not yet have a Keep or Unsubscribe rule.

Here is the main interface you will see after entering the Unsubscriber menu.

Main interface you will see after entering the Unsubscriber menu

This is just part of the subscriptions this example account has. As you can see, there are 229 New, and 4 were marked as Keep before the screenshot was taken. The other buttons, respectively Unsubscribing, Read Later and Keeping show the number of senders this account has chosen to Unsubscribe from, Read later or Keep so far.

You may notice in your account that some emails have multiple senders, like Alexander and Andrei from SeoPowerSuite in this example.

Some emails in your account have multiple senders

That is because there are many cases when an email shows as sent from the same email address, but a different person or entity. Many emails received from newspapers and other contributing platforms, forums, etc. are sent this way. Unsubscriber works by blocking or keeping Name+Email pairs. Sometimes you may want to read emails sent by some people, but not others.

To Unsubscribe from a sender you press the ‘Unsubscribe’ button. This will instruct the system to automatically send any new emails from that sender to Trash, as explained in the article about how Unsubscriber works.

If you want to Keep emails from a specific sender, have them delivered to your Inbox, then you press the ‘Keep in Inbox’ button.

After you have decided which emails to Keep or Unsubscribe from, you can view all of those senders by pressing the buttons at the top.

Going to Unsubscribe, you will see something similar to this:

Going to Unsubscribe, you will see something similar to this

On each row you will see:

  • the sender name and email which you Unsubscribed from,
  • the number of emails the Unsubsciber filtered for you since you unsubscribed (if any),
  • an option that specifies if you want to receive Summary notifications about emails removed for this sender,
  • the Read Later and Resubscribe buttons if you’d like to begin receiving emails from this sender again.

The Keep and Read Later screen is similar, with a button to Unsubscribe from senders if you’ve changed your mind.

Read Later

The “Read Later” option allows you to stop receiving selected emails in your Inbox, while also not sending the emails to Trash either. This feature is useful to keep a clean Inbox while also saving emails you may want to read for a later time.

Emails marked as Read Later will be automatically moved from Inbox to a folder named Read Later in your email account. If there is no such folder in your email, it will be automatically created by the system. If you already have such a folder, the emails will be just moved there.

To move emails in the Read Later folder just click the appropriate button on the sender row. You can always go to the Read Later tab in the Unsubscriber and either move email to inbox or unsubscribe.

Read Later option allows you to stop receiving selected emails in your Inbox

On Unsubscribed and Read later tabs on each sender row there is an “Include in summary” option. This is checked by default and it means that information about actions taken on those emails will be sent to you in a periodic summary, if you have opted to receive such summaries. This is done from account Settings → Notifications, where you can decide how often to receive summaries and for what kind of automated actions

You can decide how often to receive summaries on Unsubscribed and Read later

The options for each type of summaries are: Every Day, Every Week or Never.

Note: To make it easier to navigate through the Unsubscriber list the senders are now listed in alphabetical order. The top of the list are senders that do not have names associated with emails or their names start with special characters or numbers.

Although some users requested a multiple selection for senders to unsubscribe from, we think that will not really make things easier and will even introduce more clicks. While now is just 1 click to unsubscribe from a sender, with multiple selections beside a click to select each sender to unsubscribe from, you will also need to make some clicks to select action to apply.

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