How to Block Emails on AOL Mail

To avoid being overwhelmed by spam and other unwanted email messages in your AOL inbox, you might be wondering how to block an email on AOL. In this article, we explain how to use native AOL features as well as Clean Email to block emails on AOL.

How to Block Emails in AOL: 3 Methods

If you're not well-versed in blocking emails on AOL, chances are you're expending a substantial amount of time daily just deleting AOL emails manually. This routine is crucial to maintaining an organized inbox and preventing important messages from getting lost amidst a sea of junk mail.

That's where learning how to block emails on AOL becomes a game changer. It's a straightforward process, devoid of the need for any advanced technical skills. All you have to do is follow our simple, step-by-step instructions using one of the methods described below.

Method 1. How to block an email address on AOL

Classic Mail on the Web

Here are the steps to block emails in AOL Classic Mail:

  1. Login to your inbox. Then go to OptionsMail Settings.
  2. Learn how to block emails on AOL
  3. Look for the Block Senders option and choose.
  4. Enter the username or email address you want to block and add it to the Block List.
  5. Click the Save Settings button.
  6. Block senders on AOL

New AOL Mail on the Web

To block a sender in the New AOL Mail version, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open an email or select it from your mailbox.
  2. Locate the …More icon available in the toolbar above the message.
  3. Click on the Block Senders option.
  4. (Optionally) choose to delete emails you've received from this sender by clicking the relevant checkbox.
  5. Click Ok to confirm the changes.

Alternatively, you can update the AOL spam settings and configure blocking filters:

  1. Click on the Settings gear located at the top right and select More Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Security and Privacy section, then click on the Add button under the Blocked addresses section.
  3. Blocked Senders in AOL
  4. Enter the email address you want to block.
  5. Click Save to activate the filter.
Enter the mail address you want to be blocked

How to Block Emails on AOL in a Mobile App

Currently, the AOL mobile app does not provide a direct option to block unwelcome senders. Although it's possible to block senders by opening AOL Mail through a web browser on your mobile device, this method can be a bit inconvenient.

To simplify this process and effectively manage your emails on the go, we recommend using the Clean Email app, available for both iOS and Android devices. In the next section, we will discuss in detail how to utilize this app to easily block AOL emails.

Method 2. How to block emails on AOL using Clean Email

Utilizing inbox management apps like Clean Email to block unwanted emails can offer a more streamlined and efficient process. These apps not only provide a user-friendly interface for email management but also allow you to block emails on the go, saving you valuable time and enhancing the overall experience.

To block an unwanted sender in Clean Email, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and sign in with your mail account.
  2. Navigate to the Inbox folder from the left-side panel.
  3. Click on the email from the sender you wish to block.
  4. At the top, under Sender Settings, select the Block option. If it's a subscription, you will see the Unsubscribe button instead of Block.
  5. Automatically block incoming emails with Clean EmailAutomatically block incoming emails with Clean Email
  6. Click Confirm to approve the action.

The app also provides a convenient feature that allows users to block all emails originating from a specific domain, which is especially useful when dealing with spammers who employ multiple addresses and subdomains.

To block an entire domain, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app and select Auto Clean from the left-side panel. Then, click on the icon at the top.
  2. Automatic rules with feature Auto Clean in Clean EmailAutomatic rules with feature Auto Clean in Clean Email
  3. Assign a name to the new rule and select Any sender or recipients.
  4. Locate the drop-down list of options and choose Sender Domain. Type the desired domain in the search box and click it from the results found. Decide on the action you wish to apply to emails from this domain (or domains), such as moving them to the Trash folder.
  5. Sender domain in Clean EmailSender domain in Clean Email
  6. Finally, click Create Rule to confirm.

Clean Email is 100% secure and designed with your privacy in mind. It works with all major email services, including AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others. To understand more about what this inbox cleaner has to offer, explore the wide range of features Clean Email provides.

Method 3. How to stop spam emails on AOL using Mark as Spam

One of the other ways to ensure you don’t get future messages from a specific sender is to mark an email from the sender as spam. Here’s how:

Classic Mail on the Web

  1. Open your web browser of choice and go to:
  2. Log in with your email address and password if asked to do so.
  3. Select any message from the sender whose emails you want to mark as spam by clicking an empty checkbox near the message.
  4. Click Mark as spam button on the top bar.
  5. Click Mark as spam button on the top bar
  6. You will be asked if you'd like to stop getting emails from this sender with an option to Report as Spam or Unsubscribe. Choose the action that suits best for this specific email sender.

💡 Note: If you accidentally marked the wrong message as spam, check out our guide on how to mark emails as not spam in AOL.

New AOL Mail on the Web

To stop AOL spam messages in the New AOL Mail, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your mail account.
  2. Choose a message from the sender you wish to block.
  3. Click on the Spam button located on the top bar.
Stop AOL spam messages in the New AOL Mail

How to Stop AOL Spam Emails on Mobile

To stop AOL spam email messages on mobile, take advantage of the app's native features that enable you to effectively manage and control the influx of unwanted messages.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

  1. Launch the AOL app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap an email from a sender whose messages you want to mark as spam.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu at the bottom-right of the screen.
  4. Select the Mark as spam option.
  5. How to block emails in AOL mobile app
  6. Repeat the process for other senders if you want to.

To enhance the effectiveness of your AOL spam filter and prevent an accumulation of unwanted messages in your inbox, we highly recommend marking spam messages as spam as soon as you receive them. By doing so, you train the spam filter to better identify and stop spam in the future.

Stopping Unwanted AOL Emails: Unsubscribing and Beyond

While blocking is an effective method to stop receiving unwanted emails, there are other strategies you can deploy to clean your AOL inbox and keep it clutter-free.

For on-the-go email management that surpasses the native features of AOL, the Clean Email app is a game-changer. This tool allows you to unsubscribe from newsletters and promotional emails in batches, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, it can help you categorize, label, and archive emails automatically, creating an organized and clean inbox with ease.

The app’s Unsubscriber feature is a powerful tool that helps you declutter your AOL inbox by managing email subscriptions effectively. It aggregates all your subscriptions in one location, allowing you to manage them effortlessly and simultaneously.

Unsubscribing from unwanted AOL emails using Clean Email is straightforward:

  1. Head to and sign in with your mail account.
  2. In the left-hand panel, click on the Unsubscriber tool.
  3. Select the subscriptions you want to terminate, then hit the Unsubscribe button located on the blue action bar at the bottom.
Remove your unwanted newsletters with UnsubscriberRemove your unwanted newsletters with Unsubscriber

💡 Tip: You also have the flexibility to pause subscriptions, redirect them to a ‘Read Later' folder, or use the Keep Newest option to retain only the most recent message from a sender, among other features.

When the built-in AOL spam filter falls short, the app’s Screener feature can offer an enhanced shield against spam emails. Once activated, Screener isolates all messages from new senders, allowing you to vet them before they reach your inbox. It serves as an exceptional tool in the fight against unwanted emails.

With these simple steps, you can learn how to stop spam emails in AOL using the Screener tool:

  1. Navigate to: and log in with your email address.
  2. From the left pane, select the Screener tool.
  3. Click the Enable Screener button.
  4. Confirm your understanding of how the Screener works and click Continue.
  5. Customize your Screener settings and click Enable Screener.
Filter your Inbox from Spam Using Clean Email's Screener FeatureFilter your Inbox from Spam Using Clean Email's Screener Feature

Another impactful tool is the Auto Clean feature. This tool allows you to set up rules that instantly apply specified actions to incoming emails. For example, it can automatically mark promotional emails as read or move frequent, non-essential updates to a specific folder.

Auto Clean feature with Clean EmailAuto Clean feature with Clean Email

In the battle against unwanted emails in AOL, a blend of tactics like unsubscribing and setting up automated rules using third-party apps like Clean Email provides a comprehensive approach.

How to Block Emails from All Senders Except for Contacts

There are many AOL users who use the email service just to communicate with a small handful of known contacts, such as their friends, family members, or work colleagues. If you count yourself among them, then you should consider blocking emails from all senders except for contacts. Fortunately, AOL makes this very straightforward.

Here are the steps for Classic Mail:

  1. Open your mailbox.
  2. Go to Options → Mail Settings → Block Senders.
  3. Check the Only accept messages from senders in your contact list option.
  4. Block senders on AOL and save settings
  5. Click Save Settings.

For more information about blocking all senders except for contacts on your mobile device, refer to our comprehensive guides on how to block emails on Android and how to block emails on iPhone.

How to Block Images in Emails on AOL

By blocking images in emails on AOL, you can save precious storage space and better protect yourself from certain email threats, such as those involving malicious links disguised as innocent background images.

Follow the steps below to block images in emails on AOL Classic Mail:

  1. Open your email account.
  2. Go to Options → Mail Settings → General.
  3. Select the Hide images in mail from unknown senders option in the Reading section.
  4. Reading section in AOL Mail settings
  5. Click Save Settings.


In wrapping up, mastering how to block emails on AOL equips you with the power to manage your inbox effectively, ensuring only wanted messages capture your attention. Additionally, knowing how to block someone on AOL can significantly reduce unwanted interactions and clutter. The utilization of third-party apps like Clean Email takes this process a step further, providing an extensive range of features to keep your AOL inbox organized, efficient, and devoid of spam.

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How to Block Emails on AOL - FAQs

How to block spam emails on AOL?

To block spam on AOL, you can add spam senders to your block list, mark suspicious emails as spam for improved filtering, and consider using tools like Clean Email's Screener for added protection against unwelcome senders.

What is Desktop Gold on AOL?

Desktop Gold in AOL is a premium software application that offers users a unified interface for accessing AOL services such as email, web browsing, and security features. To block emails on AOL Desktop Gold, sign in to your account, open the read email view, right-click on the email address, select "Add to Blocked Addresses", and confirm by clicking Ok.

How do I block AOL email on my iPhone?

Learning how to block AOL emails on iPhone can be tricky as the AOL mobile app for iPhone doesn't support direct blocking of specific email senders. To block AOL emails on iPhone, you'll need to access AOL Mail through a web browser and follow the steps to block senders as you would on a desktop. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like Clean Email, which provide options to block unwanted emails directly from your mobile device.

Can I instruct AOL automatically delete spam?

AOL Mail automatically moves detected spam emails to the Spam folder, but it does not provide an option for automatic deletion of these spam emails. Spam messages in the AOL Spam folder are automatically deleted after they've been in the folder for 30 days. For enhanced control over automatic deletion of unwanted messages, consider utilizing the Auto Clean feature offered by Clean Email app.

Why am I getting so many spam emails on AOL?

It’s possible that you’re getting a lot of spam messages on your AOL because your email address is publicly visible. If that’s the case, consider hiding it from view or at least obfuscating it.

Where is the spam folder in AOL Mail?

The AOL spam folder can be accessed from the left pane when using the web version of AOL. If you’re using the mobile, then you need to swipe from the left to reveal the folder pane.

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