How To Create a Group Email In Gmail

It is common knowledge that Gmail has the highest number of users. Creating an email group in Gmail will help you save money and time when reaching out to a group of users, as you don't have to pay for autoresponders. This article will also teach you how to create a group email list in Gmail, how to create a group Gmail account, and more.

When to Create a Group in Gmail

If you are asking how to create a group email list in Gmail, you most likely already use this service provider as your primary mail. In that case, you would want to create a group email in Gmail for several reasons.

Since it is the most common email service on a global scale, you don't have to worry about needing another provider for the sole purpose of sending bulk messages/setting up a group email in Gmail.

Benefits of creating a group email

Benefits of creating a group email include but aren't limited to:

How to Create a Group Email Account in Gmail

Google provides a feature called Groups to enable project teams, clubs, and classes or people within any other group to communicate and share content with. One way to use a group is to set it up as a collaborative inbox. Your team can use this account to read and reply to messages posted by group members or even customers.

To create a group email account, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Google Groups and click "Create Group."
  2. Enter a name for the group and type in the email address you want to use, which will end in ""
  3. Enter a description of the group for members to view
  4. Select "Collaborative Inbox" from the Select a Group Type drop-down list.
  5. Choose the types of members you want to authorize to access inbox features.
  6. Pick the necessary permissions you want to apply, such as allowing the public to view topics or allowing all members to post messages.
  7. Click "Create," then "OK" to manage inbox settings.

How to Create a Group Email in Gmail

To create an email group in Gmail, follow these steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Log in with your preferred account
  3. Once logged in, click on the menu at the top left
  4. Click "create contact."
  5. The option will be expanded into two options: "create contact" and "create multiple contacts."
  6. Click create multiple contacts
  7. On top of the next window, you will find a label where you can add a name to that contact list. So if you are wondering how to create a group email in Gmail and label it with a name, here is how you set a label name. Click the no label text and set a preferred name for that email group. If you had already set up labels/groups, you would be given the opportunity to select from a list of created names.
  8. The next step is imputing names and addresses. To do so, you can either add each name and address individually or add them in bulk.
  9. To add individually, simply type in each user name and address separating each with a comma. You can either add only name or address or address and name together.
  10. To upload an email list in bulk into a group, you must first have it saved as a CSV or vCard file. If you do, at the bottom of the create multiple contacts, you will find import contacts.
  11. Once you are done importing or manually adding your contacts, simply click create at the bottom to save the email list.

How to set up an email group in Gmail mobile app

Since mobile apps are what most people use on a daily basis, you might be asking how to set up an email group in Gmail using the mobile app. The short answer is that you can't because the Gmail app is quite limited. However, there is also a way to get this done using an app.

To do this, simply login to your Gmail mobile app and on the menu option look for contacts. On mobile, if you click on contacts, you will be redirected to a contact app on Google Play marketplace if you use an Android device or App Store for iPhone users. If the contact app is already installed on your device, it will simply pop up. The contact mobile app is where you can create an email group if you decide to create one using a mobile device.

The method of creating a contact group on the contact app is the same as the steps above.

How to Send Email to a Group in Gmail Without Showing Recipients

When sending group emails on Gmail, without the proper settings, all list members will see the address of every other person in the group. This might not sit well with people who are conscious about their privacy. So, if you are wondering how to send email to a group in Gmail without showing recipients, here is how you can do this.

How to send a group email

After attaining an understanding of how to create a group in Gmail contacts, the next step is how to send messages to groups/labels.

To do this, whenever you want to compose a message, simply type in the set list name on either the To or Bcc field.

How to Clean your Gmail Inbox Using Clean Email

Google provides 15-gigabyte storage for its users. However, this storage is shared between Google Mail, Google Photos, and Google Drive. While 15 gigabytes might seem like a lot, it really isn't, especially since it is shared storage. With billions of emails being sent daily on promotions and spam, it is only a matter of time before your mailbox is filled.

It is also becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of important emails. While you can clean up your inbox manually, it takes time and effort. Third-party apps like Clean Email help make the process faster and effortless.

Clean Email will help you delete messages in bulk, set parameters on what to do with newly received emails, unsubscribe from newsletters, and so much more. While some third-party apps read and analyze your emails, Clean Email has a strict privacy policy. It does not read nor analyze your emails. Effectively making it the best inbox cleaner in the market.


Knowing how to create a group in Gmail contacts will not only save you time but effort. You don't have to manually type in addresses whenever you have to send mail to a large audience. With a label group on Gmail, you can be rest assured of prompt and effortless communication. In cases where you would like to exempt a few people from a list when sending a group mail, you can always edit your list by removing a particular mail before sending it.

Using Clean Email can help you transcend the boundaries of your Gmail. You can do way more for very little cost, and with less effort and time.

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