How to Delete All Emails on iPhone In 2024

A chaotic inbox can not only be overwhelming but make it hard to stay organized and find what you need. Our guide shows you how to delete all emails on iPhone at once as a way to solve the problem. We’ll also explain how to use tools in the Clean Email mobile app to remove specific messages in bulk instead of all emails.

Declutter by Deleting Emails on iPhone

You can easily end up with a muddled mobile inbox by letting messages linger rather than deleting emails on iPhone. For instance, you might have messages that you can delete but have yet to take the time to do so. Or, you may have emails you no longer need, but can’t find them in the clutter to delete them.

The problem is that inbox overload makes it easy to miss new messages and hard to find previous ones that you need. By learning how to delete email on iPhone, you can eliminate the issues that come with a messy inbox.

One way to do this is to delete all emails in your inbox. This is effective if you know for sure that you won’t need any of them again. However, you can also accidentally remove an important message with this method, so you must proceed with caution or consider deleting multiple messages at once as an alternative.

Let’s look at how to delete all emails in Apple Mail and Gmail on iPhone along with how to only remove particular messages using the Clean Email mobile app. With the latter, you can remove emails in bulk instead of all which reduces the risk of losing a crucial message.

How to Delete All Emails in Apple Mail on iPhone

Because Apple includes the Mail app on iPhone by default, it’s likely that you use it for email management. Whether for a single email account or multiple different accounts, you can delete all messages in Apple Mail in just a few steps.

  1. Open the Mail app and select either All Mailboxes or a specific mailbox if you prefer.
  2. Tap Edit on the top right and then Select All.
  3. Tap Edit on the top right and then Select AllTap Edit on the top right and then Select All
  4. Pick Trash on the bottom right.
  5. Select Trash All in the pop-up window to confirm.
Select Trash AllSelect Trash All

📌 Tip: Look at ways to delete iCloud emails specifically on your device and with Clean Email.

How to Delete an Email Account in Mail on iPhone

Are you regularly deleting all messages from a particular account? If you have an email account that you no longer want to use in the Mail app on iPhone, you can remove it. This doesn’t erase the account itself, but simply removes it from the Mail app.

  1. Open the Settings and select Mail.
  2. Tap Accounts and pick the email account.
  3. Choose Delete Account at the bottom.
  4. Choose the option to Delete AccountChoose the option to Delete Account
  5. Confirm with Delete from My iPhone or Delete Account.

You can then access the email account using the service provider’s mobile, desktop, or web app.

How to Delete All Emails in Gmail on iPhone

Prefer to use the Gmail app on your iPhone instead of or in addition to Apple Mail? While it’s not obvious, there is a way to delete all Gmail messages in your inbox or using a category.

  1. Open the Gmail app and select your inbox (click Primary) or a category in the menu.
  2. Select an email in the list by tapping and holding the message or clicking the sender's icon on the left.
  3. Choose Select all on the top left. You’ll then see the number of messages selected which is initially a maximum of 50.

    If you have more than 50 emails that you want to remove, scroll down past 50 and then tap Select All again. You should then see a new number of messages selected.
  4. Tap Delete (trash can). Note that you will not be asked to confirm!
Tap DeleteTap Delete

How to Delete Emails on iPhone Using Clean Email

While the Apple Mail and Gmail apps give you tools to delete messages on iPhone, Clean Email provides more options and flexibility. You can easily remove all emails, those from a particular sender, or multiple messages you no longer need.

How to Delete All Emails on iPhone

To delete all emails, open the Clean Email app and follow the steps below.

  1. Select All Mail in the menu.
  2. Tap Select at the bottom and then Select All.
  3. Select all emails to delete with Clean EmailSelect all emails to delete with Clean Email
  4. Choose Trash to move the messages to the Trash folder where you can recover them later if necessary or MoreDelete to permanently remove them.
  5. Pick Confirm.
Delete Emails From One Sender on iPhone with Clean EmailDelete Emails From One Sender on iPhone with Clean Email

How to Delete Emails From One Sender on iPhone

Wondering how to delete all emails from one sender on iPhone? This is easy to do in Clean Email because your messages are grouped by sender by default.

  1. Select All Mail or a folder in the menu containing the messages.
  2. Tap a group of messages from the sender to select them all. You’ll see the number of emails selected at the bottom.
  3. Choose Trash or MoreDelete per your preference and pick Confirm.
Delete Emails From One Sender on iPhone with Clean EmailDelete Emails From One Sender on iPhone with Clean Email

How to Delete Multiple Emails on iPhone With Clean Email

Another way to remove emails from iPhone with Clean Email is by selecting multiple messages. These might be related mail like those for previous food delivery orders or older messages for a past event.

Using Clean Email’s features like Smart Folders, Cleaning Suggestions, Auto Clean, and Keep Newest you have a variety of ways to remove many emails at once.

Smart Folders

Clean Email automatically filters emails into 33 Smart Folders making it easy to view or delete multiple messages. You’ll see folders for Food Delivery, Online Shopping, Newsletters and Magazines, and more.

Expand Smart Folders in the menu and choose a folder to see the emails. You can then follow the same steps as earlier to select and trash or delete the emails.

Automatically filters emails in Clean EmailAutomatically filters emails in Clean Email

Cleaning Suggestions

Another smart feature of Clean Email is the Cleaning Suggestions. The app groups messages and recommends ways to clean them up like sending them to the trash or archiving them. This is ideal when you aren’t quite sure the best way to declutter your inbox.

Select Suggestions in the menu and simply tap to take the suggested action.

Cleaning Suggestions the smart feature of Clean EmailCleaning Suggestions the smart feature of Clean Email

Auto Clean

An additional way to keep your inbox tidy and delete unwanted emails on iPhone is with Auto Clean. Using this tool, you can set up rules to automatically erase messages or move them to the trash. For example, you can automatically delete old messages in bulk.

Select Auto Clean in the menu to create a rule using the conditions you like and the action you want to take.

Create Rule in the Clean Email Mobile AppCreate Rule in the Clean Email Mobile App

Keep Newest

One more feature that can help rid your inbox of outdated emails is Keep Newest. As new messages arrive, older ones are deleted automatically. This means you’ll always have the most up-to-date emails.

Select a favorite, tool, or folder in the menu and pick a group of messages. Then, tap More and choose Keep Newest.

Keep Your Inbox Under Control

Once you use a method above to delete messages on iPhone, it’s the perfect time to establish email management strategies to stay organized.

Along with Clean Email’s robust feature set for managing your mailbox, consider these tips:

  • Create rules to automatically move messages to folders as they arrive. Not only does it keep your inbox tidy but gives you a single spot to find messages faster. Remember, Clean Email’s Auto Clean tool helps you do this easily.
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists. Newsletters, marketing messages, and promotional emails can fill your inbox fast. If you no longer want to receive them, you can unsubscribe from emails in your preferred email client or with Clean Email’s Unsubscriber feature.
Unsubscriber feature in Clean EmailUnsubscriber feature in Clean Email
  • Perform inbox triage to quickly handle messages. One method used in reaching inbox zero is to decide what to do with emails as they arrive. After using the above tips, try the Do (take an action), Delay (decide later), Delegate (forward), and Delete (remove) strategy with each message you receive.

📌 Tip: If you’re receiving troublesome messages, you can also block emails on iPhone.


Knowing how to delete all emails at once on iPhone can help you do a clean sweep of your inbox. With Apple Mail and Gmail, you can remove unwanted messages in a few steps.

But it’s also important to know how to delete emails from iPhone in bulk or from certain senders. For easy ways to do these things along with maintaining an organized inbox moving forward, look to Clean Email.


How to delete multiple emails on iPhone?

To delete multiple emails on iPhone using Apple Mail, select the email messages you want to delete, then tap the trash icon. For a more advanced sorting experience, Clean Email offers a streamlined solution: open the app, navigate to the folder containing the emails you want to delete or search for them in All Mail, select the email group, and choose to move them to Trash or delete them permanently.

How can I delete all emails on my iPhone at once?

To delete all messages on iPhone at once using Apple Mail, go to "Edit" → "Select All" → "Trash". However, Clean Email offers a more efficient solution: open the app, select "All Mail," choose "Select All," and move the emails to the Trash or delete them permanently.

How to delete all emails from one sender on iPhone?

To delete all emails from one sender on iPhone using Apple Mail, search for emails from that sender, select them, then tap "Move" → "Trash". Alternatively, in Clean Email, open the app, select the messages from the sender, and choose the appropriate action.

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