How to Forward Multiple Emails in Gmail

Forwarding individual emails in Gmail is quick and simple, but this isn’t an efficient solution if you need to forward a large number of emails at the same time. Like many aspects of email management, being able to streamline forwarding can contribute significantly to your productivity and reduce the time you spend on these tedious tasks. If you’re wondering, is there a way to forward multiple emails in Gmail, you’re in look. Fortunately, there are a number of email programs available to forward multiple emails Gmail, making this process easy and quick. Multi Email Forward, a Chrome extension for cloudHQ, allows you to forward as many emails as you want in a single click.

What Is Multi Email Forward?

Multi Email Forward is an extension specifically designed to work directly with Gmail without the need for any additional applications or other email software. If you’re wondering how to forward multiple emails at once in Gmail, Multi Email Forward is an accessible one-step solution.

How to forward multiple emails in Gmail with Multi Email Forward

You can download Multi Email Forward from the Chrome Web Store if you’re using Gmail forward multiple emails. CloudHQ offers a wide selection of Chrome extensions intended to aid Gmail productivity, including add-ons allowing users to save emails as PDFs and embed Youtube videos in a Gmail message.

The Limitations of Forwarding Multiple Emails in Gmail

If you’re wondering how to forward multiple emails in Gmail, you probably won’t run into any limits in the course of using Multi Email Forward. That said, Gmail does impose some limits on the capabilities of these applications which may affect users searching for how to forward multiple old emails in Gmail.

If you’re using a trial Google Apps account or a free Gmail account, you’ll be limited to 500 forwards per day. This maximum is increased to a total of 2000 images for paid Google Apps users, although users can also queue emails to forward in advance when the limit is reset once every 24 hours. The limit will likely be especially relevant for those wondering how to forward multiple emails in new Gmail.

Using Multi Email Forward

Once you have downloaded the Multi Email Forward tool from the Google Web Store, using it to learn how to forward multiple emails in Gmail is incredibly simple.

  1. Select the emails you want to forward
  2. Click the forward icon and select the desired option
  3. Enter the target email address

Multi Email Forward offers a number of helpful tools intended to allow for flexible use depending on the unique needs of each user. When forwarding multiple emails, you can choose whether to send them as a single email or keep them separate for the recipient. Emails can also be sent as a single PDF attachment if necessary.

The tool is also capable of forwarding large sets of emails, such as every email you have marked with a given label. To forward all labeled emails, simply click the correct label on the left sidebar, select all or any of the displayed messages, and use the Multi Email Forward function as normal.

Troubleshooting to Forward Multiple Emails Gmail

If you’re having trouble using the Multi Email Forward tool as intended, the cloudHQ website provides a variety of troubleshooting tips and tutorials for both new and experienced users. This is a great first step if you find yourself stuck in the application and aren’t able to find a solution yourself.

On the other hand, if your problem is more serious, you may prefer to receive personalized support from cloudHQ. Simply contact their support email at with details of the problem.

What about Email Migration in Gmail?

While the ability to forward multiple emails at the same time in Gmail is an exciting feature, the Multi Email Forward extension can also facilitate migration to a new email account. Migration options are easy to spot and conveniently located directly below forwarding options in the dropdown menu after emails have been selected.

Depending on your needs and the nature of your new account, you may want to migrate every email from your existing inbox or only a smaller portion of them. Multi Email Forward allows you to migrate emails based on filters if necessary along with an option to migrate all messages at once.

Forwarding Multiple Emails with a Chromebook

Multi Email Forward will function on any computer running the Chrome browser, and its cloud capabilities are one of its key benefits, especially for users with less powerful machines. As all email forwarding takes place in the cloud, Chromebooks and budget PCs will work seamlessly with Multi Email Forward.

For the same reason, forwarding emails using this extension doesn’t require that your computer be on after beginning the process. This makes it easy to forward a large number of emails overnight without worrying about your progress being interrupted.

How Clean Email Can Help to Keep Gmail Organized

Whether you’re migrating to a new account or sticking with your existing one, Clean Email is the perfect email tool to help clean up your inbox and cut down on clutter. Its robust set of filtering features will continually remove spam and other unwanted content from your Gmail account and allow you to focus on the important messages.

If you’re subscribed to a large number of useless email lists but don’t want to go through the effort of unsubscribing individually, Clean Email’s Unsubscriber feature is the perfect tool to end all of your subscriptions in one place. And while the program gives you as much control as you want over your own filtering settings, it can also work automatically based on your preferences.

How Clean Email can keep Gmail organized

Forwarding multiple emails at the same time can be a pain, especially if you’re dealing with a large number of messages. Luckily, Multi Email Forward makes it easy to forward as many emails as you need in a single click, giving you the time you need to focus on more important parts of your workday.

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