How to Stop Spam Emails

Do you find it difficult to be as productive as you would like to be because you are constantly interrupted by spam emails? In this article, we explain why spam always finds its way into your inbox and teach you how to stop getting spam emails using a combination of best email practices and Clean Email, a powerful email cleaner that can empty your overloaded inbox with a few clicks.

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What Is Spam and Why We Get It?

Spam emails are any unsolicited messages that are sent by email. The very first spam email was sent in 1978 to 600 people, and it wasn’t intended to cause any harm. Today, spam emails account for nearly half of all email traffic worldwide, and they fall into several different categories: advertising, phishing scams, 419 scams, adult content, malware, and others.

What all categories of spam email have in common is the reason why they are sent: to make money. Even though spammers receive only 1 reply for every 12,500,000 emails sent, they can still earn up to $7,000 per day because over 14 billion spam messages are sent on a daily basis.

You might think that sending countless spam email messages every day is a terrible job, regardless of how much it pays, but that’s really not the case. Spammers use sophisticated tools to automate their work and launch massive spam email campaigns with a click of a button. The only thing spammers struggle with is finding valid email addresses.

That’s why they often purchase massive email databases from websites that don’t care about the privacy of their visitors or purchase long lists of email addresses on digital black markets from hackers who have obtained them illegally. The next time you sign up for an email subscription, keep in mind that your email address may end up offered for sale somewhere on the internet.

5 Tips on How to Stop Spam Emails

Some of the most effective ways how to stop junk email messages are surprisingly simple and intuitive. Let’s look at five tips on how to stop spam emails in Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and other email service providers.

Set Up Spam Filters

All popular email services let you set up spam filters to prevent spam emails from reaching your inbox. In Gmail, you can manage your incoming email messages using Gmail spam filters to send email to a label, or archive, delete, star, or automatically forward your email.

  1. Open your Gmail inbox.
  2. Click on the Down arrow in the search box to access Gmail spam settings.
  3. Click Create filter at the bottom of the search window.

Create spam filter to stop spam

  1. Choose what you’d like the filter to do.
  2. Click Create filter.

Email spam filters can be extremely powerful when it comes to stopping unwanted email messages, but they are also a double-edged sword because they can catch even legitimate emails that meet certain criteria. As such, we recommend you use spam filters sparingly and mindfully.


Marketing emails are required by law to give you the option to unsubscribe, and you should use this option as often as possible. When you unsubscribe from a company newsletter, you stop receiving marketing emails but can still receive emails from other departments of the company and individual employees. For this reason alone, it’s better to unsubscribe from spam marketing emails than it is to block them entirely.

If you’re not keen on manually unsubscribing from dozens and dozens of different email newsletters, you should consider using an email cleaner such as Clean Email, which allows you to easily unsubscribe from multiple newsletters and unwanted subscriptions.

Unsubscribe from spam emails with Clean Email

Feel free to skip to the last section of this article to learn more about Clean Email and the numerous ways it can help you organize your inbox and finally the daily flow of spam.

Use Alternative Email Addresses

It’s a good idea to have multiple email addresses and use each for a different purpose. Reserve your main email address only for work, family, and friends and have at least one more email address ready for online shopping, entertainment, and other purposes. It’s also handy to have a junk email address that you can use whenever a shady website wants you to register. If worst comes to worst and that shady website turns out to be a source of spam emails, you can just create a new junk email address and forget about the old one.

Create a Temporary Email Address

There are many online services that let you quickly create a temporary email address that you can use instead of your main one. Temporary email addresses are automatically destroyed after a while, making them perfect for registering on sites that are known for sending spam emails and don’t offer any email unsubscribe option.

Web administrators sometimes blacklist domain names used by the providers of temporary email addresses, so you may have to try multiple temporary email services before you find one that works for you. We recommend because it’s available in multiple languages, has a clean user interface, and works with most websites.

Don’t Respond to Spam Emails

Don’t waste your time by responding to spam emails. No matter how nicely or menacingly you ask them to stop emailing you, you will only make the situation worse. When you respond to a spam email, you’re automatically flagged as a responder. Spammers will then focus their attention on you, trying to continue the communication and make you click on malicious links or send them money. Instead of responding, simply move the message to the spam folder and forget about it.

Use Clean Email to Stop Getting Spam Emails

In the previous part of this article, we’ve mentioned how Clean Email can unsubscribe you from multiple email newsletters thanks to its sophisticated algorithms and Smart Unsubscribe features. But Clean Email can do a lot more than that.

Clean Email email cleaner to eliminate spam

Clean Email is an intuitive inbox cleaner that knows how to block spam emails from cluttering your inbox. Its Automation features allow you to apply any action to new emails automatically. You can move emails from social networks to a single folder, mark daily reports from your superior as read as soon as they arrive, or keep your inbox clean by automatically archiving all emails from spammers.


The sad reality is that spam emails are not going away anytime soon. If you don’t want to see your inbox slowly turn into a cesspool of spam, you need to be proactive and protect yourself with spam filters, temporary email addresses, and other best practices. You should also take advantage of tools like Clean Email to ensure that your inbox always remains well-organized and usable.

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