Best Email Organizer for Mac in 2023

Finding an email organizer for Mac doesn't have to be difficult or overwhelming. We've figured out the top 6 email management software for your Mac to help you organize email inbox, reduce clutter, and increase productivity at work.

6 Best Email Organizers For Mac

1. Clean Email

Clean Email keeps proving itself to be the best email manager for Mac (macOS 10.13+ including macOS 12 Monterey). Its ability to simultaneously declutter over 1,000 emails on Mac while separating them into categories so you can pick and choose what you want to delete, simplifies cleaning the mail storage on Mac.

Clean your inbox with Clean EmailClean your inbox with Clean Email

Unlike other Mac organizer software, you don't need the Clean Email app open for it to work. It continually runs in the background without draining your battery to organize your emails. The app also has top-notch security so your information won't be sold or breached while using it.

Yes, Clean Email is one of the best organizer apps for Mac, but it does have opportunities for improvement just like any other Mac organizer. Our biggest issue is that it can be time-consuming when you're first setting up rules depending on how many emails you have to sort through.

Price: Free trial. Subscription.

2. Canary Mail

Canary Mail is another great Mac organizer software to consider. It keeps your inbox simple with its sleek design. You can rely on this Mac email cleaner to keep your inbox secure and alert you when you have a new message with push notifications. Don't worry if you no longer want to receive a newsletter, Canary Mail allows you to unsubscribe from them within the app.

Canary Mail email organizer app for Mac

Canary Mail has a lack of automation to organize your inbox so this is not exactly an email cleaner for Mac. It's more of an upgraded inbox.

Also, you get charged for upgrades to the software, and charges apply to each device you download Canary Mail on. This can become costly for companies that have multiple devices that connect with each other.

It's good that it can connect with social media accounts, but it may be counterproductive because it can add to the clutter especially when you can't separate your inbox into categories. That's why we've added it as a con.

Price: Free. Has In-app purchase for $20.

3. Spark

Automating emails on Mac becomes simple with Spark. It allows you to create rules to automatically separate them into personal, notifications, and newsletters categories. Spark goes one step further by adding a built-in calendar and the option to schedule your emails instead of sending them instantly.

Spark email organizing app for Mac

As a business professional, it may be important for you to have all of your team look at a response before it is sent. Spark provides a real-time editing function where everyone on the team can edit the email at once. No more sending a draft back and forth to make sure everyone gets a chance to read and make suggestions about an email.

When using Spark, we think that the real-time edits with your team can sometimes be counter-productive because edits could clash with each other. We also dislike the limited automation abilities and the inability to create new folders for optimal organization.

Price: Free

4. Unibox

We like how Unibox integrates all of your email accounts and can show them in a combined inbox or as traditional separate inboxes. This feature helps with sorting and Unibox also gives you the option to distinguish correspondence by unread, starred, messages with attachments, and by contacts. Alternatively, Unibox has a visual browsing feature to find your emails on Mac.

If you like to organize your messages by date then you'll be disappointed because Unibox only sorts by the sender. This can be frustrating if you don't remember the sender's name or email address in order to find what you're looking for. We also wish there were more categories.

Price: $13.99

5. Shift

We like that Shift gives you access to Google Drive without leaving the app. That makes it easier for teams to collaborate and share Google docs to increase productivity. Shift also gives businessmen and businesswomen the ability to connect with IM apps so you don't have to email all of the time.

On the downside, Shift doesn't have automation to organize emails on Mac and only supports a select number of providers like Google and Microsoft.

Price: Free for Basic, $99.99/year for Advanced, Personalized Quote for Businesses.

6. Spike

Spike is an email organizer for Mac that is meant to make emailing similar to a chat room where you can see when others are typing and have read your messages. Spike eliminates the question "did you get my email"?

Also, if you get tired of having to download unwanted attachments to view them then you'll love Spike's ability to let you view the attachment within the message. This makes downloading the attachment optional so you can save space on your Mac and keep the most important attachments on your Mac.

If you like to customize your inbox with folders to keep things manageable then you're not going to like that Spike doesn't have this feature. We also feel that the two sorting options Spike has are very limiting. There are no ways to create multiple rules and new folders to subcategorize to make your inbox cleaner like our number one Mac email cleaner.

Price: Free for personal accounts and $5.99 per account/month for pro accounts.


Now that we've shared the 6 best organizer apps for Mac in 2023, it's time for you to decide which one you'll use. We think your business will have more success with Clean Email because it works seamlessly in the background and breaks down your inbox into a variety of categories that you get to create. Bottom line, if you want to kick up your productivity for your team without the social media distractions and needing costly add-ons then get Clean Email organizer for Mac.

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