Email Verification And Validation Service

Make it easier for your marketing team to reach more customers with our real-time and bulk email address verification service. Clean your email lists by validating every email address, prevent bounces, and save money while keeping your sender's reputation on the peak.

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Real-time Email Verification

Fine-tune your email list collection process early in the funnel with our real-time email list verification API. Just add our Email Verification Tool to your registration forms, lead pages, or any places you collect emails to stop dross and misspelled emails to appear in your lists.

  • Bulk Verification

    Verify your emails in a batch by using our bulk email verification tool. Just upload your list and we'll do the rest.
  • Custom API

    Connect our real-time email list verification API to check and verify every single email submitted at the point of entry. Follow the real-time stats available on your dashboard.
  • JavaScript Widget

    Drop-in our JavaScript code snippet for quick and robust integration. Control and manage API usage, stats, and more.

Bulk Email List Cleaning

Ensure the highest possible inbox deliverability and protect your sender's reputation. Remove invalid email addresses, those that don’t exist, and misspelled ones, from your list to prevent bounces and therefore to save money, time, and improve email marketing campaigns performance.

Upload your email list and hit the Clean Email List button. See and download your already clean email lists in no jiffy. Alternatively, use our API to verify bulk lists.

Automate Your List Cleaning

Validate email addresses across your entire database automatically on a quarterly basis to ensure your email list is clean and up-to-date.

Why us

  • More than 5 years on the market working with emails

  • We hear your feedback

  • Always updated database

Included free with every account:

  • Instant Bounce analysis

  • Testing for new users

  • Awesome support & security

Verify and Validate Your Email List In No Time

Save money, keep your high sender reputation, and improve the performance of your marketing campaigns by using our email verification and validation solution.
Coming soon. Be the first to use.