Best Free Email List Cleaner In 2022

If you want your email marketing campaign to be successful, then you need to take the steps necessary to ensure high email deliverability, which is the ability to deliver messages to your subscribers’ inboxes. To do that, you need to periodically clean your mailing lists in order to get rid of invalid addresses, and that’s where free email list cleaners come in.

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What Are Email List Cleaners Used for?

As their name suggests, email list cleaners are used to remove invalid addresses from mailing lists.

It turns out that sending messages to invalid addresses can have many negative consequences. For starters, the fewer emails you’re able to successfully deliver, the lower your email deliverability rate will be. If you allow it to become too low, your ISP may think that you’re sending out spam and blacklist you, stopping your marketing efforts dead in their tracks.

Even if you avoid blacklisting, any decrease of your deliverability rate is guaranteed to impact you financially since virtually all major mail service provider marketers rely on every day charge based on the size of your lists.

Last but not least, not eliminating invalid email addresses using an email list cleaner tool can screw up your key email marketing metrics and make you think that you’re doing something wrong when that’s not the case at all. If you don’t realize what’s going on, you can easily spend a lot of time and effort trying to improve what doesn’t actually need to be improved.

Fortunately, there are many free email list cleaner software tools to choose from these days, so you just need to know how to distinguish those that deliver great results from those that are best avoided.

How to Choose a Free Email List Cleaner?

When choosing software to verify email lists, it’s easy to focus only on the number of free email verifications, which typically range from 100 to 1,000. However, there are many other factors that are just as important, including:

By keeping in mind these selection criteria, you shouldn’t have any trouble selecting an email list cleaner that is capable of significantly improving your deliverability rate.

Top 5 Best Email List Cleaners

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best solutions currently available.

1. ZeroBounce

Free credits: 100 a month

ZeroBounce is hands down our top free email list cleaner software tool because it meets all of the above-described selection criteria. What’s more, ZeroBounce gives all users 100 free verifications each month, so you can keep using the service for as long as you want to keep your mailing list in pristine condition.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Monthly free credits
  • Excellent performance
  • Amazing customer service
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Nothing important

Enter the email address using the form below and enjoy how ZeroBounce validation system easily works.

2. NeverBounce

Free credits: 1,000

With over 125,000 users, NeverBounce is one of the most popular free email list cleaners, and it’s easy to understand why. The service integrates with over 80 marketing platforms, and it gives new users 1,000 free verifications. Its easy-to-integrate API lets you perform real-time verifications and automate your list cleaning, allowing you to use your time more productively.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Easy to navigate and understand
  • Lots of free credits
  • Snappy verification process
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Not as accurate as ZeroBounce

3. Bouncer

Free credits: 100

If you have customers who are based in Europe or are located in one of the 27 member countries of the EU, then Bouncer should definitely be on your shortlist because it’s fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation and is hosted in EU AWS data centers. The first 100 credits are free, and you can purchase more on a pay-as-you-go basis.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Based & hosted in European Union
  • Easy-to-integrate email verification API
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Sometimes takes too long to respond

4. EmailListVerify

Free credits: 100

EmailListVerify is a feature-packed free email list cleaner that accepts lists of addresses in CSV, XLS, TXT, and other formats. It verifies addresses by performing domain and SMTP validation, checking for spam traps, validating syntax errors, and much more. The service is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 on Capterra, which says a lot about its ability to meet users’ expectations.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Supports multiple list formats
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Clean user interface
👎🏼   Cons:
  • XLS lists can be a hit or miss

5. DeBounce

Free credits: 100

DeBounce is a fast and accurate email validation tool that cleans your lists by detecting invalid, spammy, or non-operational addresses. To use it, you simply need to upload your mailing list in a TXT or CSV format and a short while for DeBounce to process it. Once verified, you can download a clean version of the list and use it to instantly improve your deliverability rate.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Powerful integrations
  • No credit card required
  • One of the most straightforward email list cleaners online
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Somewhat limited API


An email list cleaner deserves a place in every marketer’s toolbox. Each of the five solutions described in this article can be used to eliminate invalid addresses for free, so there’s nothing stopping you from giving them all a try and deciding for yourself which of them works best for you.

Wondering to learn more about email validation? Follow our guides on how to test email deliverability and how to check an email address.

Best Free Email List Cleaner - FAQs

What is the best free email verification service?

Based on our experience, as well as online reviews published by real users, the top 5 best free email verification services are:

1. ZeroBounce
2. NeverBounce
3. Bouncer
4. EmailListVerify
5. DeBounce

How can I find the owner of an email address for free?

You can often find the owner of an address just by entering the address into service providing reverse email searches, such as the one from AddressSearch.

How do free email list cleaners differ from the paid ones?

Free email list cleaning tools can typically verify only a relatively small number of addresses, such as 100. On the other hand, paid email verification services are happy to verify as many addresses as you’re willing to pay for.

What happens if you send an email to an address that doesn’t exist?

When you send a message to an address that doesn’t exist, the email server the domain (the part that comes after the @ symbol) is associated with responds with a 500-series permanent error status. If the email domain doesn’t exist as well, your own mail server will bounce the message back to you, informing you that it couldn’t be delivered.

David Morelo Updated on Jan 17, 2022