Free Bulk Email Verification: All You Need To Know

Email marketing is a must have for nearly every business out there, but not all companies understand the nuances of bulk verification. This article explains how to verify email lists, including all of the free bulk email verification platforms available to you.

What is Email Verification

Email verification is a way to check the validity of an email address. Without it, a business may have a mailing list of a hundred thousand addresses, and they could all be irrelevant. It helps you identify which emails are functional in order to maximize delivery effectiveness. This process can be done for a single address or in bulk.

Why You Need Bulk Email Verification

Bulk email verification can make or break your email marketing campaigns so that your business can achieve its revenue goals. When you use a bulk email verifier to clean up your list, you essentially remove all invalid addresses so that your marketing emails make it to the eyes of potential customers. This increases your odds of a successful email campaign while also helping you target your ideal audience.

Free bulk email verification tools also help you maintain a healthy sender score by removing spam traps from your list. Since spam traps (or honeypots) essentially monitor email distributions to look for spam, emailing these addresses can quickly land all of your marketing emails into the spam folders of everyone on your distribution list, which hurts your overall marketing efforts. By simply removing honeypots from your list, you can easily maintain a healthier sender reputation.

Of course, a bulk email verifier can also help your budget. Since most email marketing platforms charge based on the number of addresses you send each email to, you want to make sure you’re not paying for addresses that won’t net you any returns on your investment. Cleaning up your list will save you money in the long run, which makes it a wise investment.

How Bulk Email Verification Works

Each free bulk email verifier has its own algorithm for performing the validation process. It makes use of multi-layer testing to check irregularities, intricate algorithms, and artificial intelligence in identifying fake mail addresses or spam traps. After a successful validation, fake emails are weeded out of your mailing list.

The validation process involves a mail address syntax check following IETF standards, domain/mx record check, role based account detection, disposable address detection, spam trap detection, DNSBLs and URI DNSBLs for blacklisting, and simple mail transfer protocol.

In other words, free bulk email verifier software takes the mailing list you provided (either as a .CSV document or as a list of mail addresses separated by commas) and removes all of the following:

Once the bulk email verifier has completed its job, you can then re-export your list so it’s ready for your next marketing campaign.In the end, your mailing list will only have addresses that are worth marketing to, which will hopefully net you increased conversion rates and higher profit margins.

Free Bulk Email Verification Tools

There are quite the number of free email verification services to choose from which makes the decision process all the more daunting. However, you can easily determine which free email verification service is best for you once you understand what to look for.

When selecting a free bulk email verifier software, you want to look for one that offers a high accuracy percentage so that you maximize on your returns and don’t miss any addresses that should have been removed. You may also want features like real-time verification or automatic typo fixing, as these can help you gain the most up-to-date distribution list and maintain addresses that are genuinely valid.

Of course, you want the best email verification service you can get without increasing your expenses beyond the increased profits you’ll net from an efficient email marketing list. This means you’ll also want to compare tools in terms of affordability and find the best tool for the job based on the type of business you run and your exact needs.

Here are 16 great free bulk email verification tools we’ve found after careful research:

1. ZeroBounce

Price: $65 for 10,000 credits | Free trial: 100 free monthly validations

ZeroBounce is one of the most popular free bulk email verifiers in the world, and it’s also our favorite bulk email verify tool. This tool is packed with features, offers great customer support, and is easy to use no matter how tech savvy you are.

ZeroBounce best email verifier tool

ZeroBounce offers numerous verification processes and deliverability tools that can help you ensure that your emails make it through email provider servers and at the top of your customers’ inboxes. This bulk email verifier also helps you collect key customer data, such as the customer’s geolocation, gender, name, and IP address.

Want to try out ZeroBounce for yourself? Enter your email address below!

ZeroBounce also provides API and integrates with many of the most popular third-party applications you may use in your work day, like Asana, Google Sheets, ConvertKit, and more. This easy integration can help you maximize your productivity and save you time.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Feature-packed
  • GDPR and SOC 2 compliant
  • Easy to use
  • Great support team
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Sometimes runs a bit slow

2. Pabbly Email Verification

Price: $25 for 10,000 emails | Free trial: free trial for 14 days

Pabbly has been around for almost a decade now. Over the years, they have pride themselves for creating software that meets the needs of businesses. Today they offer one of the best email verification tools for free.

Pabbly best email verification tool

Pabbly’s email verification removes hard bounces and spam traps from your mailing list (learn more about what bounce checker is). Furthermore, Pabbly’s API key can help you connect their email verification service with your existing website or software, which makes the verification process that much easier.

Pabbly also offers added features beyond email verification. You can also use Pabbly’s email marketing software to send your own email campaigns, or even use their Form Builder to send out surveys and other forms of data collection. All and all, Pabbly is a great solution for companies who would like a single tool for multiple jobs.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Superb customer service
  • Generous free trial
  • Plain and simple user interface
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Not all features are explained as clearly as they could be

3. Email Verifier from Hunter

Price: $65 for 10,000 credits | Free trial: 100 free monthly validations

Email Verifier from Hunter is one of the fastest and most precise email verification tools that allows to verify validity of any professional mail address. Email Verifier makes validations at multiple levels: format, domain information, response of the mail servers and comparison with Hunter’s unique base of 100+ million professional email addresses.

Hunter best email verification tool

Email verification can be performed for a list of mail addresses with the Bulk Email Verifier. Upload your file in the dashboard and watch it being enriched with the email validations. The main services of Hunter are also available directly through their API.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Generous free trial
  • Simple UI
  • Offers a very quick and precise process of verification
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Free plan doesn’t allow to do bulk verifications

4. AeroLeads

Price: starts at $49 per month | Free trial: 10 credits

AeroLeads is one of the best free bulk email verification tools out there according to user reviews. Like many of the other email verification tools on our list, AeroLeads makes validations through a multi-stage check of formatting, domain validity, and server response. In fact, AeroLeads boasts a 98% accuracy rate, which is great.

AeroLeads bulk email verification tool

However, address validation isn’t the only thing this tool can accomplish. In fact, AeroLeads helps businesses find emails and phone numbers for prospective clients based on the type of business you run. This data can easily be exported to other marketing tools like HubSpot, MailChimp, or Salesforce to help you achieve your overall marketing goals.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Quick and accurate
  • Integrates with popular CRM tools
  • Easy to use
👎🏼   Cons:
  • The UI could use an update

5. MyEmailVerifier

Price: $36 for 10,000 credits | Free trial: 100 free verifications

MyEmailVerifier is a simple email verification tool that helps businesses weed out invalid addresses in order to increase campaign effectiveness. MyEmailVerifier effectiveness is up to 99%.

MyEmailVerifier email verification service for 2024

Like most of the other free bulk email verification tools on this list, MyEmailVerifier verifies many of the popular mail providers, like Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail. However, MyEmailVerifier is the only software on this list that boasts the ability to identify if a Yahoo! or AOL mail address is active but disabled.

MyEmailVerifier also offers its users a tremendous knowledge base, so even email marketing newbies can learn how to use this software and maximize their email distributions. Furthermore, MyEmailVerifier provides significant discounts to nonprofits or companies that work in specific sectors (like education), which gives it a bit of a boost in comparison to other bulk email verifiers on this list.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Useful bulk export feature
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Offers large discounts
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Customer support sometimes takes a while to respond

6. Mailfloss

Price: starts at $17 per month | Free trial: free for 7 days

Mailfloss is a free email verifier software solution that can quickly and reliably detect all fake emails in your list and remove them to prevent them from hurting your business. Because it supports most popular mail service providers, you can get started in less than 60 seconds, and you have up to 30 days to cancel your subscription and ask for a full refund.

mailfloss tool to verify emails in 2024

Furthermore, this bulk email verifier offers an API that will easily connect to popular email marketing services like Constant Contact, ConvertKit, HubSpot, MailChimp, and more. Once connected, Mailfloss can also run a fully-automated email verification, meaning you can just set it and forget it.

Mailfloss offers real-time email verification, so you don’t have to worry about them updating their verification database and missing bogus emails. This email verification service also fixes typos with popular mail providers, which can help save some of the addresses on your list.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great functionality
  • Excellent support
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Some features take awhile to figure out

7. MailerCheck

Price: $64 for 10,000 verifications | Free trial: 200 free credits for email verification

If you’re looking for free bulk email verifier software that offers a very quick process of verification, then look no further because MailerCheck guarantees a 98 percent delivery rate after completing just three simple steps. It integrates with multiple leading email platforms and offers straightforward and fair pricing.

MailerCheck bulk email verifier software

You can choose between a flexible pay-as-you-go model or a cost-effective monthly subscription. The latter option is great for seasoned marketers who understand their needs and appreciate any discount they can get.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Generous free trial
  • Offers a very quick process of verification
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Rather expensive

8. SendGrid

Price: starts at $14.95 per month | Free trial: 100 emails/day

SendGrid is a reputable provider of email services with more than 80,000 paying customers from around the world. Its email validation API is powered by advanced machine learning algorithms and capable of instantly improving email deliverability.

SendGrid service for email list verification

But SendGrid’s biggest attraction is the free email list verification plan, which lets you perform 100 checks every single day. That’s right, the free plan is essentially unlimited (at least if you’re okay with waiting until it restarts). For this reason alone, SendGrid is a wonderful choice for entrepreneurs who don’t have that many addresses to check.

👍🏼   Pros:
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Documentation is sometimes weak

9. Emailable

Price: $30 for 10,000 verifications | Free trial: 250 free credits

While most bulk email verifier free tools let you check only around 100 emails before requiring you to spend money, Emailable gives you more than double the number of free verifications, 250 to be exact.

Emailable service for email list verification

You can use the software to detect and get rid of undeliverable, risk, unknown, and duplicate emails without any special knowledge because its user interface is simple and straightforward. If you’d like to take things to the next level, then there’s nothing stopping you from setting up Emailable’s list cleaning automation features.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Validation is quick and accurate
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Can be a bit spare on documentation

10. Email Hippo

Price: $85 for 10,000 emails | Free trial: 15 free validations

Email Hippo offers a free email verify software solution intended for people who need to check and clean lists of up to 500,000 addresses.

Email Hippo tool to verify emails in 2024

After creating a user account and logging in to the admin dashboard, you can upload your list as a .CSV file. Email Hippo will then tell you how much the verification of your list will cost and let you choose how to pay. Users who would like to check over 500,000 addresses can upgrade to a subscription plan or inquire about custom enterprise pricing.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Great performance
  • Integrates with other Email Hippo products
  • Can process multiple lists at once
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Expensive
  • Only 15 free email validations

11. DeBounce

Price: $15 for 10,000 verifications | Free trial: 100 free credits

DeBounce is one of the most affordable free bulk email validation tools out there. For just $15, you can check 10,000 emails, and you even get 100 free credits when you sign up.

DeBounce best email verification service

DeBounce offers both single and bulk validation options, as well as a great API. In fact, DeBounce offers a nice WordPress plugin as well as an easy-to-install Java widget so you can use it with any HTML-based code.

Also, DeBounce offers useful anti-greylisting capabilities that reduce the number of unknowns by simulating a well-configured email engine. You can also use DeBounce to generate more email leads, meaning you can add to your list while you verify addresses.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Inexpensive
  • Extensive API
  • Nice user interface
👎🏼   Cons:
  • No integration for Acumatica ERP and CRM

12. Proofy

Price: $29 for 10,000 email checks | Free trial: 100 free email checks

Proofy may not be the biggest name in the verification game, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the best options available. As is so often the case with smaller companies, its customer support service really goes above and beyond to make you feel appreciated and cared for.

Proofy best email verification service

All new users get 100 free email checks, but you can get 500 extra checks just by allowing Proofy to occasionally send you marketing emails. The good news is that your email validation credits, so you can stretch any number of credits you purchase as far as you want.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Great accuracy
  • Not too pricy
  • Excel files not supported during import
👎🏼   Cons:
  • No option to download past invoices

13. EmailListVerify

Price: $24 for 10,000 verifications | Free trial: 100 email verifications

EmailListVerify presents itself as a full-featured bulk email verifier that does everything competing verifiers do while costing only half their price. You can upload your lists as CSV, XLS, or TXT files, and EmailListVerify will happily analyze them.

EmailListVerify best service for email validation

The tool consistently achieves great results because it has a spam trap checker, disposable email cleaner, catch-all domains checker, syntax errors validator, email duplicates remover, and several other checks.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Fairly priced
  • Helpful customer support
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Inconsistent use for terminology
  • The process of cleaning lists can be time consuming

14. Clearout

Price: $58 for 10,000 verification credits | Free trial: free demo version

Trusted by over 10,000 multi-sized businesses, Clearout is one of the most accurate free bulk email verification tools out there. Its high accuracy doesn’t, however, come cheap. To be more specific, it costs nearly $60 to verify 10,000 addresses using Clearout.

Clearout best tool for email validation

There are several competing services that can verify twice as many emails for the same price. It’s also worth noting that you can’t really test the tool by yourself. You can only request a 30 minutes demo with a Clearout’s product specialist.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Delivers on what it promises
  • Google Sheets integrations
  • Really quick & accurate verification
👎🏼   Cons:
  • The free demo lasts only 30 minutes

15. NeverBounce

Price: $50 for 10,000 emails | Free trial: 1,000 free credits on successful signup

NeverBounce is trusted by over 125,000 users, including many successful organizations and enterprises. NeverBounce users appreciate its extremely fast and thorough verification capabilities, but they agree that the tool could be less expensive. The steeper price is somewhat justified by the fact that NeverBounce offers an extensive API that lets you verify emails at the point of entry and track progress with real-time statistics.

NeverBounce email verification tool for 2024

You can also simply drop in its JavaScript code snippet to quickly and easily add NeverBounce real-time verification services to your online forms.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Easy to navigate and understand
  • Extremely fast and thorough
  • Frequently updated
👎🏼   Cons:
  • Pricy

16. Bouncer

Price: $20 for 10,000 verifications | Free trial: 100 credits for free

Bouncer is a free email verification service that’s based and hosted in the EU, protected by strong data security and privacy protection laws, such as the GDPR. All new users get 100 free email verification credits, which they can instantly use to see what Bouncer is all about.

Bouncer best email verification service

Customer support is provided via email or chat, and Bouncer doesn’t distinguish between small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in any way, so you can always expect your questions to be answered promptly and in a friendly manner.

👍🏼   Pros:
  • Excellent success rate
  • Cost-effective
  • Intuitive documentation
👎🏼   Cons:
  • The user interface could be improved


Wrapping it up, using free email validation tools is a smart move for any business. It's like giving your email list a good spring cleaning – you get rid of the bad addresses and keep the good ones. This means your emails actually land where they should, and you're not throwing your time and money into a black hole. The cool part? There's a bunch of these tools out there, each with its own perks.

Whether you’re a small startup or a big company, you’ll find something that fits just right. Bottom line – picking the right email verifier can really boost your email game, making sure you’re talking to the right people and upping your chances of getting a response. It’s a small step that can make a big difference in your email marketing.

Free Bulk Email Verification - FAQs

What is bulk email verification?

Bulk email verification helps you analyze the validity of your entire email address list by running it through various validation checks. This process essentially helps you clean up your email distribution list so you aren’t wasting time and money by sending marketing emails to addresses that are no longer valid.

How do I verify email addresses in bulk?

To complete a bulk email verification, you simply upload your mailing list into an email verification tool using the preferred file format. Typically, all verification tools accept xls and csv files.

What is a bulk email verifier?

A bulk email verifier is a tool that verifies the validity of an entire email distribution list at one time. These tools verify each address's functionality while also checking for spam traps and other types of bots. This increases your marketing campaign effectiveness and reduces bounce rates.

How can I bulk verify my email for free?

Believe it or not, there are many great free bulk email verification tools out there today that help businesses check their email distribution lists for free, depending on the size of the list and other factors.

What are the best free bulk email verification tools?

We recommend Pabbly, MyEmailVerifier, and AeroLeads. While they may not all be totally free, they offer free trials for all new customers without requesting for your card details. These free tools offer great features and up to 98% effectiveness.

What are the benefits of using a free bulk email verifier?

Using a free bulk email verifier comes with a lot of benefits for businesses that run a lot of email campaigns. Without testing your mailing list with an email verifier, your business address can be flagged as spam when emails are sent to spam traps. It will also help you filter emails that are incorrect or do not belong to any user.