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Smart Views

Smart Views are predefined filters applied to your mailbox. Clean Email uses “Smart Views” to display emails, making it easy to go through your mail in minutes. Instead of presenting your mailbox as folders or labels we find emails matching views like "Travel", "Finance", "Social notifications", "Subscriptions and Newsletters" etc and organize your mail by date, size, senders and recipients, and other factors.

Instead of presenting your mailbox as folders or labels we find emails matching views.

As a result, you can easily see emails across all folders or labels and clean them (delete, label, move etc) by group eliminating the need to go through each email one by one. This approach helps you quickly find old and large emails or remove or archive all emails in a folder or label with a single click.


Emails in the smart view can be grouped by a number of parameters. Clean Email supports grouping by:

  • Sender – sender’s name (for your convenience emails from the same email with 2 different names will be shown as separate groups)
  • Email - takes into consideration only the email address
  • Subject - the subject of the emails
  • Time – Month and year when email was sent or received
  • Size – emails are grouped into size ranges like "Less than 1MB", "1-5MB" and others.
  • Labels (or Folders)
  • Sender/Recipients – group is a unique combination of a sender/recipient pair – useful if you'd like to find all emails from one of your emails to a friend or coworker or a correspondence between specific coworkers where you were just CC-ed
  • Recipients – emails of recipients

For example, you can see your “Top Senders” grouped and ordered by "Time" and easily delete emails from years ago.

You can see your 'Top Senders' grouped and ordered by 'Time' and easily delete emails from years ago.

Or in “All Mail” group emails by "Labels":

Or in 'All Mail' group emails by 'Labels'

The numbers listed for each Group represent number of starred emails (if exists), the number of unread emails (with a blue background) and the number of total emails (with a gray background). If all emails in a group are Unread, only the Unread number will show (which is also the total)

For more details about Smart Views check out all types of emails Clean Email recognizes.


For any selection you would make, the right side of the computer screen will show a preview of the emails in that group as shown in the image above. For smaller screens, like phones and tablets, there will be an arrow at the end of each row that opens a separate screen with the preview. The preview contains only email meta- data (sender, recipient, subject, date, etc). You can not see full email content there (as Clean Email does not download it for privacy reasons) and you can’t make a selection of the emails (this may be possible in future updates) but for Gmail and Outlook we support direct linking to emails from here.

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