How to Block Someone on Gmail

In this article, you will learn how to block emails on Gmail and mass unsubscribe from unwanted emails. Prevent inbox clutter by reporting spam and blocking unwelcome senders, prompting Gmail to direct those messages to your Spam folder. Furthermore, you will discover how to block someone on Gmail using Clean Email.

Block Emails and Ignore Unwanted Messages

Is your Inbox full of messages that you don't want to read? Would you rather not see those messages? We have a quick video tutorial that shows how to block unwanted emails in Gmail so that you won’t see them in your inbox again:

You can block an email on Gmail from your computer, iPhone, or Android device. In addition to blocking emails from specified addresses, you can stop messages above or below a certain size and emails containing attachments.

📌 If you receive spam messages from multiple email addresses or subdomains and find it time-consuming to manually block each sender in Gmail, you can use Clean Email's automation features to keep your account organized and free from unwanted and unnecessary messages.

Keep reading to learn how to block an email address on Gmail, how Clean Email can simplify this task, and more, making your digital life easier to manage.

How to Block Emails on Gmail on a Computer

There are two methods to stop unwanted messages from arriving in your Gmail Inbox.

Here's the quickest way to block an email on Gmail:

  1. Open a message from the person you want to stop.
  2. Select More (the three vertical dots next to the Reply button) and choose Block "sender's name" from the menu.
  3. How to block emails on Gmail on a computerHow to block emails on Gmail on a computer
  4. In the ‘Block this email address’ dialog, select Block.

When you stop someone from emailing you on Gmail, a message appears above the email that gives you the option to unblock Gmail sender.

If you can't find an email from that person, here's how to block emails on Gmail by going into your Gmail settings:

  1. Open the Gmail settings and choose See all settings option.
  2. How to block emails on GmailHow to block emails on Gmail
  3. Then, go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab. Select Create a new filter.
  4. Go to the Filters and Blocked AddressesGo to the Filters and Blocked Addresses
  5. Enter the address you want to be blocked in the From field. Select Search.
  6. Enter the address you want to be blockedEnter the address you want to be blocked
  7. Gmail searches your messages and displays those that match your search parameters.
  8. Open a message, then select More and choose Block "sender's name" from the menu.
  9. When asked to confirm, select Block.

Blocking emails on Gmail based on the sender's address isn't the only way to send messages to the Spam folder. When creating the block filter, you have two more options:

  1. To stop messages of a specific size, go to the Size field, enter a file size, and choose whether to look for messages that are greater than or less than the specified size.
  2. Blocking emails on GmailBlocking emails on Gmail
  3. To stop messages that have attachments, select the Has attachment checkbox.

Unsubscribe From Newsletters and Other Mailing Lists

If your inbox is full of emails from a mailing list you no longer read, unsubscribe from mass emails on Gmail instead of blocking them to keep your inbox clean and uncluttered.

To use Gmail to mass unsubscribe from emails, open a message from a list you no longer want to receive emails from. Then, next to the sender's name, click Unsubscribe. This change does not take place immediately. It may be a few days before the email stop.

Unsubscribe from newsletters on GmailUnsubscribe from newsletters on Gmail

Report Spam and Phishing

If blocking someone on Gmail isn't enough to keep those annoying messages out of your inbox, you can also report spam and phishing email messages to Google.

When you report these messages, they are moved to your Spam folder, and an email is sent to Google. Google uses the information in your report to block spam and phishing mail for other Gmail users.

Here's how to file a report:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Open the spam or phishing message.
  3. If it is a spam email, click the exclamation mark icon in the toolbar and select Report spam in the pop-up menu that appears.
  4. How to report spam on GmailHow to report spam on Gmail
  5. If it is a phishing email, click the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the message window and select Report phishing. Then, select Report Phishing Message.
How to report phishing on GmailHow to report phishing on Gmail

How to Block Emails on Gmail on a Mobile Device

There's only one way to block email on Gmail using the Gmail mobile app, and that's from an open message. So, you can only block emails by email address. You can't stop messages of a specified size or those with attachments.

The steps to block email on the Gmail mobile apps for iPhone and Android are similar to blocking email on a computer. Here's how to block an email address in Gmail using the mobile app:

  1. Open a message from the sender you want to stop.
  2. Select More (the three vertical dots next to the Reply button) and choose Block "sender's name" from the menu.
  3. If you selected the wrong message and blocked the wrong person, tap Unblock sender in the warning dialog box that appears above the message.
How to block emails on Gmail on a mobile deviceHow to block emails on Gmail on a mobile device

💡 Note: Do you have other email apps on your phone or tablet? In addition to blocking emails in Gmail, you can block emails on AOL, iCloud Mail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other accounts. Discover how to block email on iPhone and how to block emails on Android.

Unsubscribe From Mass Marketing Emails on a Mobile Device

When using your phone or tablet, you can quickly remove your name from the sender's mailing list. Here's how to mass unsubscribe from email on Gmail using the mobile app:

  1. Open an email from the mailing list you want to unsubscribe from.
  2. Go to the bottom of the message and tap the Unsubscribe link or Manage email preferences.

Report Spam on iPhone, iPad, and Android

It's also fast and easy to report spam messages from the Gmail mobile app. Just open the message, tap More (the three horizontal dots), and tap Report spam. After that, the email from that address goes to your Spam folder. If you receive a phishing email that asks for personal information, tap More and then tap Report phishing.

How to Block Emails on Gmail Using Clean Email

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that enables you to block individual contacts as well as entire domains by incorporating advanced filters and automation features, whether you are using a desktop or wondering how to block someone on Gmail on your phone, Clean Email is the ideal choice.

Clean up your inbox with Clean EmailClean up your inbox with Clean Email

This app provides tools that help you unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and promotional messages, set rules to manage emails automatically, block unwanted senders so that those emails never reach your inbox, and much more.

Here's how to block on Gmail using Clean Email:

  1. Sign in to your app’s account and go to your Inbox.
  2. Choose and open the message from the person you want to stop from emailing you.
  3. Click Block under the Sender Settings section in the top right corner.
  4. Automatically block incoming emails with Clean EmailAutomatically block incoming emails with Clean Email
  5. In the appeared dialog box, select the option to Move existing messages to Trash if desired, and click Confirm.

If you get spam emails that come from different addresses, but those emails have the same domain name, you can stop all emails sent from that domain.

Here's how to block emails from a domain in Gmail using Clean Email:

  1. Launch the application and navigate to the left-side panel to access Auto Clean. Then, click the ✚ icon at the top.
  2. Automatic rules with feature Auto Clean in Clean EmailAutomatic rules with feature Auto Clean in Clean Email
  3. Give a unique name to the new rule and opt for Any sender or recipients.
  4. Locate the available options in the dropdown menu and choose Sender Domain. Type the desired domain in the search box below and select it from the displayed results.
  5. Select the action you wish to apply to emails coming from this domain (or domains), such as moving them to the Trash folder. Finally, click Create Rule to confirm.
Sender domain in Clean EmailSender domain in Clean Email

The app also has an Unsubscriber feature that stops marketing emails and newsletters from ever reaching your inbox. The app identifies these messages so that you can unsubscribe from several subscriptions at one time.

Remove your unwanted newsletters with UnsubscriberRemove your unwanted newsletters with Unsubscriber

You have choices to unsubscribe or keep receiving the newsletters, temporarily pause your subscriptions, redirect them to a Read Later folder, choose Keep Newest to retain only the latest message from the sender while deleting previous ones, and more.

How to Protect Your Gmail From Suspicious Emails With Screener

Signing up for mailing lists and newsletters can result in the sale of your email address to third parties, leading to unsolicited emails that may contain malware or attempts to obtain personal information.

Gmail automatically warns you when it finds untrustworthy messages and moves them to the Spam folder. Gmail also alerts you when you attempt to download attachments that may contain a virus or other suspicious files or click links that lead to unsafe websites.

For enhanced security protection, you can use the Clean Email’s Screener feature. With Screener enabled, all emails coming from new (‘unknown’) senders are quarantined for your review instead of delivering them to your inbox. Then, you can easily review all the messages in quarantine and decide whether to accept these senders or block them.

Filter your Inbox from Spam Using Clean Email's Screener FeatureFilter your Inbox from Spam Using Clean Email's Screener Feature


Blocking unwanted emails from reaching your inbox is a quick and straightforward way to declutter your inbox and stay organized. Now, when you know how to block someone on Gmail, you can stop newsletters you no longer read, unsolicited emails containing harmful links or attachments, and messages from people you don't want to associate with.

The Clean Email app is a great inbox management solution not only to block multiple senders but also to keep your inbox decluttered and organized. With the app’s Unsubscriber, Screener, and Auto Clean features, you won’t need to perform routine email tasks manually anymore.

Follow our other guide on how to block email on Mac.

How to Block Emails on Gmail – FAQs

How do I block emails on Gmail?

To block email on Gmail, open the unwanted message, then click on the three dots next to the reply button and select Block [Sender's Name]. This will automatically send any future emails from that sender directly to your Spam folder.

Can you block someone on Gmail permanently?

Yes, you can permanently block a specific email address on Gmail. However, a persistent sender may simply switch addresses and continue spamming. To tackle this, it's often more effective to block the entire domain, which can be efficiently done using tools like Clean Email.

How to block spam emails on Gmail?

To block spam emails on Gmail, open the spam message, click on the three dots next to the reply button, and select Report spam. This trains Gmail's algorithm to identify similar future messages as spam. Additionally, you can block the sender's address or, for persistent spam, use tools like Clean Email to block the entire domain.

Why am I still getting emails from blocked senders on Gmail?

One reason you may still get emails from someone you blocked on Gmail is that the sender changed their email address. Another reason is that the sender used email spoofing to hide their actual email address.

How to block emails on Gmail without opening them?

In Gmail, you typically need to open an email to block the sender. However, using tools like Clean Email, you can automate this process and block emails without having to open them. This ensures your inbox stays clean and free of unwanted emails while enhancing online security.

How to block an email address in Gmail without an email?

You cannot directly block an address through Gmail's interface without a specific email. However, you can create a filter in Gmail settings that automatically discards or sends to spam any future emails from a particular address.

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