Forgot AOL Password? How to Reset AOL Password

Have you forgotten your AOL password and are now unable to access your email? Don't worry! You just need to change your AOL password by following the instructions provided in this article.

Step-by-Step AOL Password Reset Instructions

Performing the official AOL password recovery procedure when you have forgotten your AOL email password is straightforward and won't take you more than a couple of minutes from start to finish:

  1. Open your web browser of choice.
  2. Go to the following address:
  3. Select one of the following recovering way from the list below by entering the required data and click Continue.
  4. Entering the required data and click ContinueEntering the required data and click Continue
  5. AOL will need to verify your identity by sending you a verification code.
  6. AOL will need to verify your identity by sending you a verification codeAOL will need to verify your identity by sending you a verification code
  7. Enter the verification code you've just received and press Verify.
  8. Enter the verification code and press VerifyEnter the verification code and press Verify
  9. Create a new password. Avoid using a variation of an old password or any personal information.
  10. Create a new passwordCreate a new password
  11. Sign in to your AOL account using the new password.

That's all it takes to perform the AOL password reset process. To ensure you'll be able to perform it again in the future, we strongly recommend you update your recovery information by adding an up-to-date recovery email address and phone number.

Now It's Time to Improve Your Email Privacy and Security

Another common reason to reset your AOL password is to improve your email privacy and security. As you may know, cybercriminals perform many large-scale data breaches every year, so it's only a matter of time before your email address is included in one of them.

When that happens, the likelihood of someone attempting to breach your account using bruteforce methods goes up dramatically. To protect yourself, you should change your password immediately.

That's why we recommend all AOL users take advantage of Clean Email's Privacy Monitor feature. With its help, you can regularly check your AOL address against known data breaches. That way, you will know exactly when it's time to reset your AOL password, and you will have plenty of time to do it before cybercriminals attempt to recover your AOL password.

In addition to improving your email privacy and security, Clean Email can also make you more organized with its Auto Clean and Unsubscriber features.


Anyone can forget their AOL password, so all AOL users should learn how to reset it. With the step-by-step instructions provided in this article, you should be able to reset your forgotten AOL password in no time. And with the help of Clean Email's Privacy Monitor, you will know exactly when you should change your password for privacy and security reasons.

Reset forgotten AOL password – FAQs

What happens when you change your AOL password?

When you change your AOL password, you will have to sign in again on all devices.

Why am I not getting my AOL verification code texts?

If you're not receiving text messages with AOL verification codes, then we recommend you use email for verification. If there's no recovery email address associated with your AOL account, then you can try waiting for a while before requesting another verification code text.

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